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The Proof about Slavery
Snub Nose Joe Cues the Crackpot on Truth about Slavery
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Slavery PCR
Thu, Jun 3, 9:28 AM (13 days ago)
to me
I thought you might find this essay by Paul Craig Roberts of interest.

So sorry for taking so long on this, Joe.
I saw Paul Craig Roberts five or six years ago discussing the Ukrainian situation and have a vague idea that he was somehow involved in a Republican administration when I was a young man. Now I'll click to see what he has to say about slavery.
Roberts has very slim knowledge.
He is correct that the major source of slaves for the English Plantations of North America was an African kingdom. However, the thirst for African slaves among the English aristocracy went back to about 1560 when English Sea Dogs, such as Hawkins, raided coastal African villages and brought back exotic slaves that were better behaved than English slaves because they had no low class English family to run to. Robert E. Howard documents this behavior in his Solomon Kane stories set in Africa, a poem and a short novel. Hawkins received a crest of nobility that included a negress. Thence it was a high status symbol among the elite to own an African. French were raiding themselves down into Senegal as late as 1720. Thomas Pellow, Welsh slave of a Muslim sultan in Morocco, was on a slave raiding expedition with Muslims when they enslaved some French who had come to a river to capture some Senegalese...
Now that is funny.
Roberts then goes on to state that Africans were needed for labor in America and that there was no other available labor. In fact, with 2-4 million European slaves shipped to the English Plantations between 1585-1804 and only 400k of Africans shipped over the same period, that is quite wrong. This brings us back to the original reason for African slaves in 1500s England, where roughly a third of the English were enslaved to the Anglo-Norman elite, that being status and obedience. In circa 1700 inventories of chattel in Maryland, I found Africans valued between 40 and 80 pounds and Europeans between 5 and 20 pounds. By the early 1800s, Africans were valued up to $1000 and Europeans were bringing $20. This divergence was partially because Africans did not have free family to flee to, where the Europeans could run to the hills and hide out among people who, if not family, were of the same culture and ethnicity. This brings us back to the second appeal of alien slaves among the elite other than status, that such slaves are culturally isolated from the indigenous working class and tend to form a sub-culture aligned with their elite masters, not the hillbillies and white trash. The desire for such an alien workforce is augmented by the peril felt by the elite in employing an underclass of unfree or simply exploited people of their same racial stock. This brings the threat not just of uprising and revolt, but of revolution and replacement.
So Roberts statement that "There was no other work force. " other than Africans, is a lie and is simply one of the many lies used by the white elite such as him to erase the great crime that was Plantation America, a myriad of unmarked mud tombs housing the exploited and slain orphan boys who cleared the greatest forest in the world as pint-sized lumber jacks and established all of the slave traditions that would only be handed off to Africans in the final act of the veiled process of population replacement that was Plantation America.
Roberts then goes on to excuse slavery on two counts, that it was economically necessary [which, since that is our only American God, economics, I suppose he has a valid point] and that the slaves and owners did not think it was wrong. In period parlance, some owners and many slaves thought it was wrong, as expressed in their own words in surviving documents. Such men as Thomas Pellow, Peter Williamson, William Garrison and Metacomet thought slavery was wrong. Now, Benjamin Franklin thought it was wrong for him but right for others...
Overall, this Roberts article proves that the bedrock lies of America are held jointly by liberals and conservatives, forming a false polarity, with both sides agreeing in the false claim that there was no other forced labor pool other than Africans, available to or used by the Anglo-American Planter Class. These lie covens disagree only on whether working Africans as slaves were wrong, ignoring the 10% of Africans in America who were free and sometimes slave holders, as well as erasing one of the greatest crimes of Modernity, the extermination of multitudes of the European underclass, often in their childhood. In this way, the current attack on whites about black slavery is just an extension of the original purpose for bringing Africans to America, where they can't get enough Vitamin-D and suffer all kinds of chronic health problems, which was to drive the working class European Americans to the brink of economic extinction, then and now.
I am now going to finish reading the article and see if this cuck knows that the term "slave" meant Eastern European, was Arabic and was based on the ethnic term "Slav." Isn't it funny that Slavic folk [such as Russians] are demonized in politics and movies to this day.
Roberts explores the subject, but has a hopelessly American lie-based perspective and misses the significance of the label in his discussion of the Barbary Pirates. He also misread the 14th Amendment and seems to share the common delusion that it ended slavery...
The great lie that is America has spun on its false polarity now for about a hundred years largely because men like Roberts agree with men like the advocates of the bogus 1619 Project, that those 20 unfortunate and thrice captured Africans sold in Jamestown some 402 years ago did all of the work in Virginia, at the direction of the hundred or so slave masters and their few thousand forced laborers [mostly English children] who simply stood around taking turns cracking the whip as those 20 African who had become 200 by 1644 and 2,000 by 1675, cleared all the land and planted and harvested all of the tobacco while the crackers who multiplied to some 40,000 without wives [riddle me that cuckbro? Only the rich men could breed, so how did these thousands breed?] did nothing but force those few mighty, laboring, ebony machines to their task?
No wonder Americans believe so many lies, if they can choke down that one.
The Sponsors of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold would like to recognize Paul Craig Roberts as a worthy purveyor of their Wares.
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