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Michael Collins and Viking Age Barbarian Wonder about Global Sterilization
© 2021 James LaFond
9:44 AM (7 hours ago)
to me
China and Russia are both trying to increase their population. They have changed laws to promote population growth. China in particular has a 3 child policy now and is even considering getting rid of all child limitations.
So I don't understand why china and russia are promoting the vax? When the vax very likely makes you infertile. Maybe its just about money for these countries while the western countries want to sterilize their citizens as well as make profit. Do you think the chinese and russia vax is less dangerous concerning fertility? Not that I really trust the chinese vax, they had a baby milk formula that caused severe health problems in babies but on a happy note the owner of the company got the death penalty in china.
-Michael Collins

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Tue, Jun 15, 11:51 PM (17 hours ago)
to me
If Mike Adams and Dr Mercola are right, the vaϲϲines are set to polish off most of the human race.
Some see this as part of a transhuman agenda. It won't happen in time, systems breakdown will kill off all the IT slaves before their work is completed. So, we will be vindicated, as ageing warlords in our glorious post-apocalyptic wasteland.
The old gods are laughing, as the filth of the world go back to compost!
Viking Age Barbarian

First, note that in the second email, that my leviathan publisher is making more money then ever off the masses and that they and every other infotech giant like having vast herds of mindstock to fleece.
Note that nations with more people still enjoy bossing lesser nations and that nations remain as actors almost important as their international masters. The nation state and the global infotech-banking hold positions similar in dynamics to the world population as the aristocracy and the Church held over the serfs of the medieval order. Indeed, we are mind serfs as much as the medieval slave was a body serf. Both Infotech and banking concerns have bought up publishing to better herd their mindstock.
Police defunding, non-medical lock-down and experimental vaxx have all come as one campaign to improve social control mechanics and increase steerage cult power.
There is certainly a desire among the elite to reduce human population to industrial levels, now that automation has rendered masses of industrial and agricultural workers uneccassary. However, we are still valued as consumption vectors, as eaters. Recall, that it is the international order, for which the U.S. is merely an enforcement arm and eater farm, which wants world population reduction. Traditional nation states [keeping in mind that as nation states the current polities of Russia and China are young, having evolved out of various failed empires] still value population. Those are all-time high numbers of bring it to my door mind whores.
We should also keep in mind that there is competition, cross-purpose interference and resistance from we eaters and nature to the plans of the elite. I suspect that the various and sometimes cross-purpose agendas for the experimental vaxxing are:
-Short term profit
-Long term profit
-The use of the vaxx as a platform for injecting emergency euthanasia boosters in case there is a crucial need to reduce population radically.
-Use of the vaxx as a platform for wiping out Africans globally.
-Use of the vaxx as a platform for injecting mind control boosters to gain 100% compliance instead of the 90% the media has achieved.
-Use of the vaxx to serve as a platform for switching from military-based to medical based law enforcement, turning the world into a great mental health farm.
-Infertility problems to promote medical-corporate control of more and eventually all human reproduction. The NYT has already reported on anxiety-based infertility and is laying the media foundation for the worship of the Medical Creator Mother State.
-Transhumanism agendas are certainly part of this.
-Reduced population, not extermination, but enough of a reduction to permit a smooth transition into returning ice age conditions. Did you know that cool weather and moist ground has prevented many of the 17-year locusts from emerging? Did you know that the U.S winter wheat crop failed, that soybeans are in short supply and that grain shipments are being amalgamated in the U.S.?
-Ultimately, the return of Gaia to Her throne, and Her worship through the Infotech priesthood—the fuckers who had this vaxx platform ready to license to the various medical corporations, who will one day be Gaia's midwives, overseeing the birthing of maximally compliant mindstock in accordance with Her high priesthood, such as Brill Yates and other of the Young Gods who attend her like the nymphs of Oceanus once attended Her when Time overcame Sky and cast the titans down.
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