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Dear Mister Jimmy
Ether Letters from Viking Age Barbarian, Brian Jewell and WF
[I will comment in brackets.]
[A friend texted me last week that some guy named MacAfee was dead under auspicious circumabulation. Now, having met him posthumously, I like him.]

of course they had to Epstein him a James Lafond with dollars!!!!
Sat, Jun 26, 10:31 PM (12 hours ago)
to me
How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus - Featuring John McAfee himself
-Viking Age Barbarian

Sat, Jun 26, 8:56 AM (1 day ago)
Hope all is well. How are your eyes? I almost feel bad giving you even more to read. Yet I've still my latest blog as well as well as a copy of my poetry book Meditations On Madness. My wife has always believed that poetry is my most natural talent when it comes to writing. Marketing poetry may be another story... This will be my last book where I used KDP Amazon. I've looked into Lulu and have set up my account already. Thanks for your guidance with that.
Shameless Self Promotion…
What is wrong with shameless self promotion? How will people know what products or services we offer if we don’t promote and advertise? Is it only acceptable when promotion is governed through a th…
[Brian, through sleeping 10-16 hours a day, medicine, low activity and dunking in the cool waters of my Kind Host's pool, I have averaged 2.5 1,200-word chapters a day this month. I also take every 6th day off. Reading is still mostly out. I spend about 6 hours a day listening to audio books, mostly history. I will read a few of your poems when I get to the Rockies and let you know what I think. Oh, I arrive in Baltimore City by train on July 7. I am set to spar with the Brick Mouse and his friends and to play Korea [as the Chink Hordes, of course], against Sensei Steve. Baltimore must be a shit show, because Steve actually said he would pick me up and save me from dodging asagi's along Charles Street with a 70-lb rucksack on. Poetry does not sell in the now, but it lasts and to me, that is the only real reason to write. If I had any poetic ability I would be writing it rather than novels and history.]

Sat, Jun 26, 9:51 PM (12 hours ago)
Dear Mr Jimmy,
(by the way, I believe your mother in law was correct Mr <insert given name> is a southern thing. Only time I have seen it in yankee-land is by blacks.)
I commend you on your refusal to beg and scrape for SS disability. A previous, less prosperous time saw me working in such an office and you would indeed have to beg and scrape. I say without hyperbole that I was the only white man in that office. It was something like 90% women and the few men were every flavor but white. You would almost certainly be denied the first time you came in for your interview and your only hope would be one of two paths—sheer persistence or one of the bureaucrats taking pity on you. A gentleman I once knew, his mother had lupus. Had all the symptoms, her life was misery and incapable of work. Like a good legacy American, she applied, was denied, and thought her betters in government just knew better than she did. I told this fellow that she needed to reapply to a different office; such advice was ignored.
As much as I loathe such an attitude I can see how it will still exist, as legacy America is running on fumes and some people are still drunk on them.
Anyway, bravo for keeping your dignity.

[Thanks for your kind words. I also appreciate the people who have suggested disability, and those who have tried to talk me into getting my grocery pension, which I am eligible for but unwilling to establish a bogus address and spend all the time on the phone to get. I also do not plan on collecting my social security for the same reason. I will make an exception in the pension or SSI. Since MacAfee's whores are seemingly unemployed, if one of them would be willing to do the paper work and make the phone calls they can have the money so long as they cash the checks with a kiss for Mister Jimmy.]
[Now, I have had a doctor and a lawyer both, tell me that I would be able to get disability. The lawyer told me that "You would be inviting them into you life—the government you hate would be your constant companion and you'd need some prick like me to sort it out." Overall, my opinion is that the only value of our hallowed institutions, from president on down to police, is entertainment, not care. I value presidents as comic relief and cops as actors in minor tragedies that can have only one legitimate purpose—to make me laugh. Enjoy the comedy of modernity—it is kicking into wry gear.]
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Terres RougesJul 1, 2021

You've written about your antipathy towards weed, but low-THC, CBD-rich strains have a good reputation against seizures, or simply stress, and will not screw with your head. Plant them somewhere in May, come back for harvest in September. Just ingest instead of smoke if you want to spare your lungs.

Even within the psychoactive ones, there's a difference between the powerful party stuff you see sold in cities and what an old hippy cultivates on his mountain, or what the founding fathers smoked.
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