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Chinese Collins?
An American Expat in Chicomistan Clues in the Crackpot
[Crackpot comments in brackets. I was looking into my Michael Collins files and have had trouble with losing material after a computer meltdown and am not sure if I addressed this email before. If I have, hopefully I contradict myself below. This file is dated 4/29/21. His Bully Odyssey will begin posting on 7/20/21]
Email from Michael Collins:
Thank you for your reply James!
I wrote this last night and I was a little tired and I didn’t want to write too much like I have in the past, so I left out some details about the police presence here. Now that I know you are interested, I want to give you a few more relevant details.
I consider China a civilization not a country. Everything is regional. So take everything I say with a grain salt. I have lived in China off an on since 2018. I don’t know Mandarin.
In some major tier 1 cities like Beijing or Shanghai, you have to provide a passport or ID card to even purchase a kitchen butchers knife in the grocery store. The knives are locked up. In a sense it makes very little difference. Just show ID and you still get the blade. Also though I have never tried, you can buy practically anything you want online in china. Including knives, swords which appear to be real swords. I don’t read Chinese but my expat friend who can says that they are real swords. You can also buy bowie knives online.
[The difference in municipal and state codes in America concerning edged weapons is only surpassed in complexity and idiocy by the case law.]
Once I had 2 folding pocket knives from home depot in my suitcase going through a metal detector at a train station. The guards found them. Confiscated them. Made me show id and sign my name. No fines, no arrest, no interrogation, they just let me go. I have been arrested, (or maybe detained would be a better word) in China for teaching while my work permit was still being processed. That was a close call. I almost got kicked out of the country.
[You know that the U.S. Has more prisoners in jails and penal institutions percapita than any nation on earth? I think we do more solitary confinement than all other nations combined. That factoid is 3 years old, so might be out of date. This is an impulse of democratic governments that can clearly be seen in the ancient sources. I'm sure the chinks kill a lot more prisoners than in the U.S. Many tiny ancient Greek democracies had prisons run by slaves to lock away their own people. My point is, I think in a democracy, state functionaries develop a mania for wielding power on a small scale to its potential, like cops getting blow obs at traffic stops. A woman I know who was traveling with her husband and children and is very feminine of form and dresses conservatively, was singled out to be felt up by TSA agents this summer. They just had to cop a feel in front of her family. Darius, King of Kings, would have had a soldier of his that did this executed for dishonor.]
I have seen armed police/military guarding important infrastructure like train stations or airports. And also armed guards transporting money, or at least what appeared to be money.
[Note that in the U.S. The police mainly watch people, not crucial facilities. Indeed, national guard is mostly used for acting against U.S. Citizens not securing power plants and water sources. Is it interesting that the military is not allowed to use force against invaders that hop the border fence? But they can be brought into keep citizens from gathering to protest government actions? Our water and power is very unsecured. I see these as simply different styles of oppression based on the instincts engendered in system functionaries by the mechanisms of power they operate.]
In most cities tier 2 and tier 1 there are subways with metal detectors. I read that you can get hard plastic knives through these detectors but I have never tried. My city doesn’t have a subway, that’s how small this city is. But even in the big cities you could still carry a knife if you just used a taxi or walked everywhere. I don’t recall metal detectors for just normal stores and things like that.
[Cary a rolled up magazine with a rubber band fixing it into a baton.]
Below are ramblings, only read if your eyes are good and you find it of interest.
In regards to delusional americans. I was talking to an expat friend of mine here. He complains about china all the time and he can’t wait to go back to florida because America is still the best country in the world. We started talking about gun laws and self defense. I mention the legal nightmare of defending yourself in America and then he says, in florida we got stand your ground laws. In my mind I wanted to say, laws don’t matter, who interprets the law matters and what agenda they have matters, but I just grinned and nodded my head and then changed the subject.
[This is why TV drama is so important in forming the American Mind. The good guy, at some point, in many TV dramas and movies is locked up and handcuffed and surrenders to the state. He is then acquitted in court. Even if it is a movie about a guy doing 30 years and then being exonerated, the focus on American entertainment media is the day in court where we will be acquitted. Every person who knows Maryland law, for instance, knows that even if he is a cop and he is attacked by a gunman in his house, that he must surrender his weapon to responding officers. Then, if he is not a cop, he will be handcuffed and processed like a criminals. If he is a cop—and this happened to a cop neighbor of mine—he will be relieved of duty and assumed guilty until proven innocent until he is exonerated. The promise of exoneration, is made by the media to get us all to accept temporary incarceration. Thus we have been inculcated with the slave mind set that being in chains is only bondage if it is forever. This same mind set underpins our false view of the history of forced labor in the U.S.]
I realize I was wasting my time and acting feminine by trying to convince someone of something. Also he is kind enough to invite me into his home with his wife and daughter, I don’t want to be some asshole contradicting him all the time in front of his family. He studied Chinese martial arts in china, traditional soft arts and the hard kickboxing sanda art for 5 years. He’s really a blessing to have as a friend because we both try to train once a week. He also wants to get into weapons training. But we are both debating on what protective gear to get and what to use as a weapon, what should our budget be etc. We also are going to start grappling in the future.
[With such a good friend I would never wish to waste time discussing anything but immediate concerns like how to hit harder, train safer, find the best wife for you, etc.]
Taking the different seasons into account, how would you conceal 1 or 2 butcher knives?
[You can do this, and I have, but it is something you only do if you intend to slaughter someone, not for defense. Keep the big knives for home defense.]
I personally am thinking that at the moment butcher knives are for home and I am going to pick up some type of stiletto or thin but long switch blade.
[I like a small skinning knife. Your carry knife has to work good for your hand and attire and mindset, so get what feels right.]
I am also considering getting a hatchet, a quality steel hammer and maybe a machete.
[Great weapons and great tools. Always opt for something that is not just a weapon, so you get duel use, more practice in the hand and have an excuse for having it.]
But I wonder if this is feminine, maybe I am buying too many tools. I only have two hands.
[This tool gathering behavior is masculine hoarding at its finest. Assign each tool or weapon a place and two purposes in your home.]
But these tools stroke my already fragile ego what can I say I got a problem.
[We all have a problem the day we get bio-wrecked on this shithole planet. I have lots of problems.]
What would you rather have 2 butcher knives or a butcher knife with a hatchet or hammer.
[Screwdriver and hammer from under a high guard.]
I was also thinking of ditching the hatchet for a 2 handed ax, mag light and fire extinguisher in case of a fire which in my opinion is more likely than a home invasion, especially the way these yellow bastards drop burning cigs on the ground and walk away.
[If you have a hammer, get an ax instead of a hatchet as it will round out your tool kit and will be handy in case of a building collapse or fire.]
I plan on eventually buying combat gloves that look like motorcycle gloves. This tool basically strengthen my hands and I can wear them basically at all times.
[Great idea. Against a knife attack, practice slapping the blade back down with the back of your left hand that has that hard plastic knuckle guard and than grabbing his wrist with the right hand.]
And then I also want to pick up some type of boots that weaponize my feet. But I need to find something comfortable.
[Try Keene hiking boots with rock guards. They are heavy and there is no rim between the sole and the upper to trip you up. They wear like sneakers for Frankenstein.]
Take care James,
Michael Collins.
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NCJul 13, 2021

Court in the street
Sam J.Jul 14, 2021

I've said this before but I think a long handled sharp shooter or Drain Spade is great weapon for the house. It has a folded straight guard that you put you're foot on. Grind that off and sharpen it up so if someone tries to grab the end (the foot rest you push down on)it will cut their hands. It's like a spear so no one can get close to you. That sharpened point will fuck someone up. No one can say that it's anything but a tool.

If you get one spend some money and get the strong fiberglass handle and a long one.
DvFJul 16, 2021

If you grind and sharpen that thing, somebody will say it is a weapon.
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