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'I Joined the Wrestling Team'
Michael Collins' Bully Odyssey Part 2
© 2021 James LaFond
[James' comments are in brackets.]
I joined the wrestling team. My dad wrestled for 4 years and was a varsity wrestler. I was an ok wrestler. I made JV the first year and varsity the second year. 135 1st year and 145 second year.
[This was a good showing. I joined a wrestling team at age 11 and found that I had started too late to get to a high level as the other wrestlers had been doing it since 5 to 8 years. You obviously, along with your dad, were well suited for wrestling and skinny, which is good. Thin wrestlers adapt well to striking arts and hold up longer as adult combatants than big wrestlers.]
I was bullied all the time by seniors on the team. During PE class a football linemen and varsity heavy weight wrestler ( above 6 foot and over 200 pounds) came in and started hitting kids including me in the balls.
[Our gym teacher at Trinity High School was the football coach, a fat ϲunt named Coach Bob, and should have been slain by a father of one of his students. But alas, our parents support our institutional abuse, being slaves and all. Coach Bob used to let the football players come to gym class and skip regular classes so that they could pick on and beat up kids who were younger and smaller and not on the team. They did not mess with me even though I was a welterweight and they were heavies, because I had been on the team as a freshman until I threatened to stab the assistant coach, a big greasy loud-mouthed Dago, and walked off. The toughest dude on the team, a polish kid, told me that he respected me and that my mind was not right for team sports and I should focus on boxing. If I fought this dude 100 times he'd have won every time. His name was Merski, a real good guy, a middle weight with a brain, and his advice stuck with me.
[I point this out to show that American school athletics are incubators for mob abuse, hierarchy rape—yes, rape, four freshman athletes were raped by senior athletes in a locker room last year in Washington D.C. Just like the English boarding school, the American football team in high school is a place to break young men's spirit's. This is relevant to the wrestling team discussion, as athletes in high school play both of those sports very often. When I am in Utah I will have Lynn record a podcast with Bob about his football experiences in high school, noting that he was an apex physical specimen. It was only a good experience for him because of that. The Colonel, who Bob grew up with, and was a bad-ass, who beat up men when he was a teen, and who is still a very dangerous fighter in his mid 60s, did not join football because he knew he would end up savaging upper class men who tried to haze him.]
I felt such like a pussy and angry with myself for not fighting back but I felt that the only way to win was with extreme violence because he was bigger than me and I didn’t want to get into trouble by the system.
[You were outnumbered as well and the bosses would side with him. This is the same theme you ran into in normal class situations.]
2 years later that same heavy weight threatened another wrestling on the team. This Indian kid who was not very good at wrestling, even I beat him and he weighed more than me, though he had a good jab, we boxed a few times together. But this Indian kids just punched the heavy weight in the balls and the heavy weight backed down.
[I fought wrestlers in high school as well. It is an important part of our development, though it does destroy the academic part of schooling. But hell, the academics is all bullshit brain washing, so be thankful for these experiences now—you had them and those others who have not been attacked, and hated and abused in institutional settings as hated youths are the weaker for it in the clutches of The System.]
During PE class this big tall guy would always verbally bully me and other kids. This continued for months. One of his friends one day kept calling me a bitch. So I said fuck you lets go fight on the football field. He refused. So I challenged the tall bully to a fight. He said ok. I got one or two hits on him in the face. He got like 10 hits on me.
[If the team is really a moral sink hole to hell, this will cause escalation by groups against you for being a stand-up guy, which requires you to cut a throat or bite off a nose or stab someone. If it is a decent team with bad actors, this will be the end of the abuse.]
I went for a double leg takedown and he got a hand lock around my back. I thought about punching him in the balls but didn’t. I am not sure why. Maybe I felt like it was dishonorable, maybe I was scared that if I did that he was hurt me really badly, or maybe both. But then the PE teacher broke it up. About 15 second fight. This same kid a few months later picked on this Mormon kid in basketball PE class. The Mormon kid just elbowed the bully in the balls and the bully did nothing about it.
[You fought to a draw against a bigger bully. When you meet these one-time bullies as men, you generally find that they are diabetic shitbags scooting around in a power chair or being bullied by their wife. These guys never maintain their menace long into adulthood, yet they sharpen us twerps for the long fight against the savages that await us within The Evil American Machine. My high school fights served me well, not then, but when challenged to fights in the workplace in my 20s and 30s and even 40s.]
A kid from middle school during high school kept tapping me on the shoulder with his other friend. So I started tapping them on the shoulder. His friend pushed me so I pushed him so hard he slammed into a wall. I didn’t fight the other kid because once again I was scared of getting into trouble.
Once during wrestling practice, a varsity wrestler kid came up and started to grope me right in the middle of practice. And he put his finger to his mouth and went, “Sh sh sh” telling me to be silent, and he literally said “ just accept it” I gave him a disgusted look and got up and moved to another part of the room. At the time I wished I could have killed him but once again fear of the system and also the fact I am a pussy prevented me.
[There were accounts in Ancient Greece of older wrestlers training together at pan-Hellenic games actually murdering younger wrestlers from smaller towns. Wrestling is a great art for learning dominance in man-to-man combat. However, in a team structure, with a hierarchy, any combination of a wrestler being subjected to an older team member, who is higher in the system, and who is larger, is liable to produce predation.]
That same kid who is much bigger than me came into my hotel room during wrestling camp and wanted to spank me. He said if I didn’t go along with it things would get worse. It almost didn’t feel real and it felt like this was some stupid joke. I told him I would fight him and to fuck off. He then got this one kid, another senior varsity wrestle but shorter than me to sneak into my room and hit me and then run away. I ended up punching the short kid in the nose and making him bleed. That kid lost a wrestling match at the camp because of blood time and the rest of the team hated me for it because we lost the match against the other team.
[Your wrestling team was a pack of ϲunts who should have been lined up against a wall and had their throats cut in front of their fathers. The coaches should have had their genitals cut off and burned before their eyes before being fed alive to dogs. So would have Achilles judged them. However, we do not live in a just world where such a thing can be done, but in a field of evil where the bully is sacred and serves the unholy sepulcher of The System as his paid creature, his snarling dog. Walking away from this as you did, having struck a blow, if you can prevent the bitterness form becoming an inner acid and bank it like a fire to fuel a future defense, then makes such past events our fuel for the hate-filled future that awaits us.]
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