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'I Didn't Know We Were Knife Fighting'
The Crackpot Critiques a Stabbing
© 2021 James LaFond
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Jul 11, 2021, 2:05 PM (2 days ago)
to me
James thought you may find this interesting

Sir, thank you for this uplift.
I love stabbings.
The key to this encounter, as discussed in detail in The Logic of Steel, is the fact that the unarmed party assumed that the armed aggressor was unarmed. This is a crux concept in Americana that gets more people killed than most of our implanted delusions.
One should always assume that the aggressor is armed.
This assumption will lead us immediately to the realization that our boxing and grappling postures and our MMA doctrine is suicidal against the knife.
The people best equipped to translate their sports combat doctrine into an empty hand verses knife situation are non-Muay Thai—kick boxers and southpaw boxers.
Everyone else is crucially fucked by their doctrine.
Oh yes, and it was not a fight, but an attack. We are so brainwashed into falsely characterizing violence that we misname our own misfortunes in service to the slave mind matrix.
Always adopt a right hand lead posture when being attacked, unless you have a weapon that you are accessing or deploying from the right side and are using the left hand for checking and measuring.
As a moral actor of righteousness, for he is using the most taboo weapon in our sissy society, a weapon that requires one to be within grappling range, rather than the dastard gun, and is a Kang besides, I side with the armed man, who is outnumbered by the busy bodies of the state, out there trying to be Dudley Doright en shit...
The knifer here had an easy target very much like the target of the Baltimore man I helped convict of first degree murder in 2017, and likewise, simply tracked up from the same angle, three pronated stabs, kidney, lung and head. [1] In the future, when he stabs people in prison, he should, track, in the pronate laterally from kidney to lung, then index with the left hand against the target's chest and hyper-pronate a stab not to the head but down into the neck.
But, how could he have more quickly disabled this first target in such a way as to enable him to take out the other firemen?
By doing the same exact first stab, then indexing with the left hand against the target's right shoulder with his left hand, while twisting the blade while still in and ripping along under the cage through the oblique, the spleen, across the gut and out the liver. He would then shove inward with the left hand to collapse the gutted target, using that push as momentum to lunge at the fireman coming up on his left. That lunch would serve well a downward stab to the side, into another traveling rip-cut and index lunch, propelling the hero towards the fire truck in hopes of getting an axe to deal with the PIGs that would soon respond.
As for the target:
-He should have stepped back along the railing on approach by shifting the left floor behind, the right foot between the left rear foot and the attacker, and guarding with two extended hands, looking for a high line rear hand punch or stab from the aggressor as he gave ground.
The fence, rather than making him easy prey by squaring against it, could have been used as a slide barrier.
-1. If you score the kidney that is a near instant kill because of the bleed. The sucking chest wound is a great disabling device. But my man Big Ron took a sucking chest wound in a fight, prevailed, and then got back in his car, drove over the antagonist, picked up his babe at the strip club, and drove himself to the hospital, so I like the kidney for being under the cage and more immediately disabling.
Check Out Let the World Fend For Itself for Big Ron's safari of a life.
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