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Pigskin Feud
Yeti KO's Kang in Low IQ Higher Education Beach Debate
© 2021 James LaFond
How can people who fight all the time be so bad at it?
Sat, Jul 10, 12:44 PM (3 days ago)
Rutgers receiver Carnell Davis knocked out in vicious street fight video (
-Juan Stabone

Let me get this straight, two graduates of U.S. Indoctrination Centers, who had advanced to System of Control Induction Centers as social diversion interns, had an actual fight—and this is news?
Okay, Eternity just yawned for our spawn with a rare hunger...
Two ways of looking at this provide themselves, individual, and systemic.
As for the mechanics of this encounter between two individual functionaries of the same system, one master one slave, I believe that Juan and myself, 58 and 68 winters respectively, could take these two in a group fight, Juan Kayoing the Kang while I survive the Yeti assault long enough for us to double team him. This would end with Juan hip-throwing the beast and me leaping up and double jump stomping his head.
The scalps thus taken would be unfortunately without glory. I would be certain to stomp the jaw so I could make a drinking cup of that impressive Yeti skull.
With a stick, I take these two out myself in 7 seconds.
The posture of the Kang in all phases of his demise is the opposite of what one wants in combat. His raised chin spells disaster against the Yeti hulk.
The preliminary posturing and pushing is something I abandoned at age 14 as ineffective in such events.
The un-indexed punch of the Yeti works easily as his man stands face to face, which permits any punch thrown from the shoulder inward, without reaching or swinging but in chopping wise, to land near the center line: chest, throat, chin, nose.
So much for the brutal mechanics.
Why don't Kang's hardly ever do well in single combat against yetis?
Two reasons:
First, most yetis bend the knee to their Kangs, giving the element of surprise to the yeti that fights.
The other reason is that Kangs generally only fight other ineffective prancing Kangs and when attacking yetis usually use pack tactics which do not translate well to such stark confrontational events.
Now, the Yeti, according to the news cast, was arrested and charged.
Here, is how I think the damages should be decided, as combat is against the law in this insane sissy nation:
As the Yeti rates a 20 on the social justice scale for 2021, if he had been defeated by the Kang, said Kang should have been forced to give $20 to Black Lives Matter. As a Kang, whipping would not be his lot, only if he had affronted a Quean.
As the Kang rates a 900 on the same just scale, after the example of the venerable Hammurabi who rightly assigned varying penalties for damage done against master and slave, than the Yeti should receive 90 lashes and be fined $900 dollars to be paid to the court, and also be made to pay $900 to the Kang who he wronged in this way.
Ye Kangdom cum,
On urff az in Heaven,
May juzdezz be done.
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D L Wheeler     Aug 9, 2021

nog gotta nog
Juan Stabone     Oct 21, 2021

Gold, as usual!
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