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Divine Prejudice?
What Would Herodotus Say About Saint George of I Can't Breathe?
© 2021 James LaFond
God has smote the George Floyd mural
1:53 PM (7 hours ago)
to me
You just can’t make this shit up.
-Guailo Girl, 7/14/21

The article cited here from Toledo Ohio, which is quite a shithole, where smokers stepping off the Amtrak train onto the platform on the Capital Limited at 3 AM look furtively around, awaiting doom to rise up out of the gutters, discusses whether the George Floyd Mural in Toledo collapsed from a lightning strike caught on doppler radar hitting that block, or the deteriorating condition of the building, resulted in the profane collapse of this holy relic of moral antiquity.
It is so like Americabots to insist that either decay or lightning caused the event, when it seems quite likely that lightning assisted decay in its duty to return our arrogant self-worship to the clay out of which we molded it in our ascension to self-beautification and aspirational godhood.
I would like to state, that there is ample evidence that times of great human upheaval are accompanied by the harrying of our kind by the Higher Powers.
In his Inquiries, Herodotus, who is not nearly the boob of a folklorist that academics insist he is, but is of a scientific mind, records numerous storms, floods, droughts, eclipses and earthquakes that actually had a significant effect on the Greco-Persian Wars. In addition, Thucydides, writing a few decades later, also cites various natural calamities as impacting the wars of men, of men very like those today who generally believe themselves above the gods rather than below them.
In one episode, in Book 7 I think, Herodotus cites the claim by the Potideans [or some nearby Hellenic tribe] that Poseidon [Latin Neptune] “Earth-shaker,” “wave-maker,” and “horse-breaker” slew a Persian force with an earthquake. Herodotus does not judge, but repeats their claim and then comments, “If one accepts that Poseidon is the “earth-quaker” then it is a statement of fact that Poseidon slew the invaders.”
I see Poseidon as a waking power being prodded from his slumber by the easing of Helios, at this, our later blind time. But that is simply my anti-science hunch. Do not worry—it is not like I have ever predicted anything that has come true. I am anxious about getting back across the Mississippi before the New Madrid Fault lifts the Mighty Miss out of its bed again, an event that is due. Indeed, an earthquake hit West Baltimore a few weeks ago, not a regular event.
Does or squabbling awaken the Old Powers?
Almost daily thunderstorms much depressed the emergence of the 17-year locusts here in the mid-Atlantic in areas such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Those same locusts came out at the very time that Bacon's Rebellion was ignited in 1675 Virginia, as a comet passed in the southern skies, and King Phillips War broke out in New England, all a year after a corn famine in Maryland in 1674, and a Dutch Naval Victory off these very shores in 1673.
Or perhaps, since Modern man regards himself as a collective risen god reaching for the stars with at once the asking hand of Man and the finger spark of God, we have elevated our own power above us.
Recall how Yahweh placed the stars and moon and sun in the sky after he formed the earth out of the void.
When we lie about almost everything, to shape the world those below and around us perceive according to our manipulative plots and utopian fantasy, are not we playing at being a bipolar deity?
Recall also, about 14-months ago, how the Orange Usurper—since deposed—once crowed on TV about how he had done more for Martyr Race folk than any other recent president, and further declared that Floyd Christ, “George” as he called him, was looking down upon us from heaven with angel wings, glad for the Orange Usurper's shepherding of his Chosen People.
What I am suggesting, is not that Poseidon, or Zeus with one of his thunderbolts, or Yahweh smote that mural, but that George Floyd, the New Christ, was displeased with having his memorial writ upon some substandard building and wished to have it toppled and replaced with an epitaph of bling before which his worshipers might sing.
Science is fake.
God is real.
Floyd has spake.
Crackers must kneel.
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