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April. April? April!
Don Quotays Cues the Crackpot on the Future of the American Police State
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Federal fuzz
Thu, Jul 15, 7:29 PM (4 days ago)
to me
People are figuring out things you've said for years. Granted, they may not replace local cops directly, but once they purge any feebies with scruples, they'll be off to the races.
Don Quotays

Oh Don,
Hither strode Yoman...
No, not going there.
Synchrony means a lot to a crackpot. When I noted, in April 2020 that the Brovid Jiveteen Shamdemic was being managed by the media, at the exact same time as the defund the police campaign, it was clear to see the same power behind both. I had been on the ground in Baltimore with a friend in late April of 2015 when military contractors warned us off the street we were walking at 10:10 PM.
The entire Baltimore Purge-Riot-Unrest-Uprising-Rising cycle was clearly manged by the Creep State, coordinated with three street gangs, and conducted in such a way as to gut the actionable cohesion of the Baltimore Police Department. That was a clinic, a test, just like August 2017 in Charlottesville was a clinic run to determine the viability of the January 2021 shit show in Dee Cee.
Consider, that in April 1968, the nation was ignited and crackers driven from their hereditary homes by Bantu riots, supported by military intervention. The story goes that the military came in to crush the Bantus. But what they did most crucially in Baltimore was rescue the Bantus from the counter attacking crackers. This last action was prominent in Baltimore, a nearby laboratory of social engineering for the Creep State. While in more distant and prominent places, like New York, LA, Detroit, the military sided with the citizens against the rioters.
Then, in April of 2015, the Baltimore Purge by three gangs was coordinated with the redaction of the BPD mission and authority by the DOJ and the Mayor, supported by the media, which declined to cover any of the Purge violence by the gangs and focused only on the defamatory hostage siege of the BPD, who would be rescued very publicly by the the military. The Feds took over police oversight in Baltimore the very next week and murders and other violent crimes increased by 40% to 100%.
Then, in April 2020, a month into the Shamdemic, 1968 is repeated almost exactly, except that the media and government treated all police departments just like the DOJ and the Baltimore City Government had treated the BPD in April 2015.
The resulting high crime rate, with the doubling of homicides that followed the April 1968 unrest, and the 2015 Baltimore Purge, has come about after the 2020 unrest, with Philly having 300 killed in the first 6 months of 2021 and 318 people shot in the Bronx alone since January.
These events occurred 5 years after the Baltimore riots, which suggests a 4 year clinical model for social engineering trials. Like wise, the 2017 and 2021 political street theater in Charlottesville and Dee Cee were separated by four years, which is our national political cycle.
The hand is cloaked in the plaid glove of the media. But its nefarious actions are easily observed.
From May through this month of July 2021, I have observed the following police dynamics in Baltimore:
-Police visibility at 20% of 2020, being 10% of pre 2015
-All visible police activity is medical: securing EMT and fire department scenes to aid citizens in distress and processing murder scenes and securing the corpse.
-Of visible, deterent police activity, all consists of parked officers in upscale white neighborhoods.
-Armed private security are active, visible and even killing criminals with no social backlash.
-Unarmed private security have been doing street patrols with or without government sanction. Yesterday, Sunday, at 11:00 A.M. a Nigerian man in a security uniform was patrolling the Lauraville neighborhood of Northeast Baltimore where West Indian and African businesses are prominent.
In the future I look to see Military Contractors and even Chinese Corrections Corporations, operating as police in American cities.
As for traditional American police, as these forces were organized to oppress white working men in the 1800s, before being repurposed to inflame racial hatred among blacks in the 1900s, I suspect that they will gradually merge with the blooming medical establishment to become the orderlies of city-sized asylums—to make sure you take your meds, to bring you in for the mandated gender reassignment surgery, and abide by the corporate quarantine orders...
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