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'Why Mug You'
Mary Biscoti and Betty Manicotti Wonder at the Aggression Dynamics:Dateline 5/24/21
In Jersey, Mary Biscoti asked me if I thought that the masks would go away once the vaccines had been taken, and I said, “No.”
She asked why and I said, “People don't give up power willingly, it's addictive.”
She dismissed this as not making sense, because, as she pointed out, she could not see how the government was making money off of masking and that she suspected tax revenues would be falling. I pointed out that the real currency of government was power, not money and she drew a blank. End of conversation.
In another brief she wondered why, knowing how poor I was during most of my life, that so many people attacked me in Baltimore, as it did not seem profitable.
Then, as I drove into Baltimore with Mary Manicotti, she asked me if the corner of Harford Road and Northern Parkway, where we were making a right turn, was as nasty as it looked in terms of safety—a corner where two “mask up or kill children” billboard signs loomed and where every person on the street, in the 80-degree clear sunny day, was masked up in the Mid-may sun. I responded, “I can specifically recall five attempts to mug me right here at this corner over the past ten years.”
Mary Manicotti then exclaimed, aghast, “That makes no sense—you don't have anything. I'm sorry, but it's obvious that you're not a well-heeled white man?”
Simply put, these two women, express what most Americans believe, and they believe this because they have been constantly told by the media priesthood and the politicians that poverty causes crime, that the only incentive to commit acts of aggression is monetary gain. This is a brilliant way to lie to and enchant money cult members, by giving the same motivation to violent actors as they possess as domestic actors. This naive belief in a consumptive Faith of money-getting flies in the invisible face of Truth.
Did the dirt-poor serf attack the knight,and abduct his lady out of the Proud Tower, or did the knight attack the serf and take his fairest daughter to rape?
Did penniless Algonquian warriors paddle their great coastal canoes from the Chesapeake to Liverpool and conquer England? Or did English lords and merchants sail the ocean blue, within in ships, each of which exceeded the material assets of any Indian nation, and then descend with their slaves like locusts upon North America?
Except for the 2 in now 30 cases of police aggression I have faced where I was a store manager, making money roughly equal to the offending cops, I was a poor pedestrian, and they earning 2-to-5 times my wage and driving a car while I walked. None of these cops attacked my bosses Mister Greeley, or Mister Silverstien, or Mister Zigline, or Mister Ryder—who made six-figures and had the backing of all of society.
Most crime victims, since 2000, in Baltimore City, are lone, male pedestrians, almost always black males, who possess a slim backpack and a phone and work a minimum wage job. Their attackers, almost universally, are car-loads of older black males, numbering 2 to 5, and driving a vehicle. The car, the clothes, the wallets, the phones, that are being risked in this attack on the pedestrian amount to at least ten times the value of that pedestrian's meager possessions. At least one of these attackers will have more than the target. Further, most of these men will have higher social status, simply by virtue of their age of majority and their target's youth.
The prime motivation for aggression is a desire to impose one's will on another.
A key precondition for a specific act of aggression is the perception that society at large, will sanction this aggression. Such sanctioning guidelines do change over time and do not remain constant. It is simply important that the target of the aggression is a taboo breaker or a member of a group that is regarded as deserving punishment for some constant wrong, such as uncleanliness, racial stigma, ancestral wrongs, failure to economically thrive or undeserved privilege.
The specific trigger for an act of aggression by an aggressor motivated by a desire for increased power and justified in his antipathy towards the target by prevailing or even waning social convictions, is that he CAN impose his will. Is it possible?
The simple fact that most violent crime does not even involve asset aquisition from the target, and that almost all of extremely vicious violence involves no robbery or despoilation at all, is unseeable by the American Mind, because She, this great swooning nation, has been told by the Oracles of the Ever-Benign Gods, that the State and smaller scale criminal actors, such as muggers and rapists and flash-mobbers, only act according to the same desire that she does—the constant thirst for more money and/or nicer things.
Even the most common attack for monetary gain, the stick-up, typically involves two people, armed with an expensive weapon, very often involves taking less than a hundred dollars from a man who has drank most of his money before leaving the bar and entering their trap. This man has often been targeted with the use of two smart phones valued at over $500 each, before then being relieved of his pittance with a fire arm of perhaps $300.
In the drug war, the primary casualties, the people who are shot in the head while slinging dope, are teens and younger men, making low profits, slain by middle management hitters at the orders of the top earning shot-callers. Even the DEA, when it attacks a drug gang, is operating from a greater economic base and employing more assets than the drug gang they are attacking. Note how rare it is for drug gangs to raid DEA Head Quarters.
When a pimp beats one of is ten whores for holding back money, is he attacking up or down the economic ladder?
What about war?
Look at who attacks who to start a war, and one will see that most wars feature a stronger nation attacking a weaker nation, employing more money against less money.
But, unlike the ancient Persians, Americans do not, “Ride, shoot straight and speak the truth.”
In America we, hide, toot hate and repeat the untruth.
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