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Fire Kindles the Crackpot on Poleese Bootalidy Circa May 2021
“That female cop that was helping with the arrest of the old lady by the goon sadist cop in Colorado, you could tell she was repelled by the act... But she's still there, couldn't walk away. What is the social mechanism there that keeps people locked into this evil system.”

Religion, faith, the yearning of the meat-puppet dancing on the American stage before the phony backdrop of uplifting lies not to have her strings cut by the cruel puppeteer.
Imagine, if you were sitting in the pews of a church in New England, in 1701, listening to Cotton Mather give a sermon discussing how it was good that a Christian girl who had been sold to serve until age 21 to repay the debt accrued by her mother for the crime of being married to a man who died, not having been thrifty enough to put away enough money to see for her and her daughter, and hence fell into debt. Imagine further that Reverend Mather discusses that the woman locked in the stocks in the street outside the church had sinned doubly when she declined to be taken in marriage as a help meet for a worthy widower in town, and that she was then well-deserving of humiliation and her daughter of servitude. Imagine hearing about how the daughter who ran away had been recovered by Mohegan warriors and brought back to Boston, and that after church service it would be your duty as a member of the congregation to walk to the banks of the Mystic River and see the girl of 16 strapped in a chair and at the end of a long beam and dunked into the icy river.
You might want to leave the church and walk out.
But if you do, you might end up locked in the stocks or dunked in the river.
You might think about not walking to the river to view the girl's suffering.
But if you don't, then your loyalty to the faith, to the Congregation, to the Collective, to Higher Moral society, will be severed. You would then be cast adrift and held in suspicion by your peers.
This is the position that this bitch cop, this whore of the police state, found herself in as she reluctantly assisted the brute cop, the dog of the police state, joyed in tormenting the mentally damaged old lady.
The pastor in this roadside church revival, this worship of the plastic heel of the mammy state pinning the head of the uncompliant to the altar of negation, is best embodied in the words of the supervising officer who shows up, and then inquires in his cunt of a voice if all of the officers are safe and unhurt. This is the only concern of cops and is encoded for them in police doctrine. There are zero warrior ethics in American Law Enforcement. It is nothing but the worship of top-down predation upon the least successful humans.
Cops are trained to use lethal force when they are in fear of injury. Cops are further trained to gang up on individuals, intimidate individuals, gas-light individuals with lies in the pursuit of their various missions, such as making drug busts and issuing citations to motorists. Cop behavior does not type as cattle herding or sheep herding, in which one individual dog might shew around a flock, or a handful of cowboys will drive a vast heard. No, police operations type as extreme predation, with 2-1 odds regarded as minimal for interactions with suspects.
Two years ago in Baltimore County, in a nice neighborhood, I stood on my son's porch and watched the police handle an elderly black man whose wife had called the police on him. Five cops showed up to deal with this obviously unarmed, small, unfit and addled man on his porch, who appeared to have been beaten up and ejected from his house by his wife. One sissy cop, one bitch cops and three goon cops took care of him, flexing, posting, intimidating, holding hands to gun butts and surrounding this man whose crime seemed to be the lack of a place to cry alone about suddenly being homeless. He was suddenly against the law.
America has worshiped law enforcement largely through the priesthood of media. It has always been a faith, a civic nationalist sacrament to applaud the use of collective force against the obstinate individual. But how did the police develop into sharks that are worshiped like gods of death as they circle in the shark tank upon us fish, applauded by the watchers on the TV?
Just now, about half of Americans still “back the blue,” still don't get that the blue is coming for you.
It all happened on TV.
In the 1950s, what would be one of the two longest running TV shows in history began, Gunsmoke, featuring Marshal Matt Dillon, who was a peace maker in the main and used violence as a last resort, speaking calmly always, and taking extreme risk, always at 1-to-1 odds of less. This Old West Lawman character was not unrealistic. A lone law man must act with discretion.
Then came Cops, 10 years after Gunsmoke's run of some 25 years. In the 1980s we began sitting around the TV as the drug war kicked off listening to the, "Bad, bad boy, what you gonna do when they come for you” soundtrack to a cop show, depicting real cops dealing with the worst losers in our society, as aggressive gangs upon individuals. The shitty nature of most of the people cops dealt with gained mob support from all of us for cops ganging up on them in twos, and threes and fives. The faith in law enforcement developed remotely through TV placed in the minds of most people that their occasional interaction with a cop, which is usually abuse by a shitty person in uniform, was an anomaly, and that cops were justified in ganging up on bad boys for us.
With the martyrdom of Floyd Christ, Cops, the show has been discontinued. I think it is because most of the arrests are of poor whites and that as the focus of cops turns purely to poor whites in the near future, I don't think that pointing out who the target of police ire is would be beneficial. We do not want the TV parishioners of the Media Mega Church to leave their pews. But Pig Programming continues. The number of police dramas has held steady with the new ones conditioning us for the future, primarily featuring military style policing by women and men of color, whose targets are all Caucasians.
Our society is nothing but a creation of Hollywood, a dithering and deluded creature put into the hands of politicians and police to be managed as an under-funding liability. I think, that the main thing that turned TV and real policing from lone law men to squads of paramilitary police terrified and yelling when Marshall Dillon was always levelly speaking and confident, is the civic obsession with safety and the vilification of risk, the same thing powering the Shamdemic.
The religious element, expressed as the internal cultism of the police, is also all about feeling safe in a domestic space, the worship of “nothing” as sacred because it is safe, and the life goal of retiring with a pension to watch TV and get fat in safety, has actually irrationally supercharged police aggression, not as brutality, but as a raging fear of losing control and failing to dominate. The presentation of police work in media, the induction and training of police officers, and the operating guidelines of their human hunting trade, cultivates cowardice as the prime virtue.
In the religion of law enforcement Fear is God and failure to Dominate is the Devil.
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