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'The Need for Social Control'
Children of the Lie Part 1: The Willful Insanity of the Academic Mind
© 2021 James LaFond
For exactly a week I have resided in a conservative American household, a “Trump” household, a “back the blue” household, a place of sacred gun ownership where the owner watches Thunder Ranch training videos in which the most highly respected firearms instructor in the nation states that a gun owner whose home is invaded is legally bound to vacate his house and hide outside while his house is pillaged.
In other words, I have been living on the flip side of fantasy land.
The new news channel for people who believe in the liberating goodness of Civilization and simply rue the fact that evil people are temporarily at the helm 50% of the time hold the same exact view as the liberals they hate, that the system is great but its great gun is pointed at the wrong people for a tragic half of the nation's life.
All of these self-described media right wing conservatives constantly chant the core moral concepts, or lies of America:
-That only one race was ever enslaved,
-That only one race ever enslaved others,
-That men of my race are uniquely morally inferior to men of all other races,
-That men are all uniquely inferior to all women...
These hallowed beliefs are demonstrated on every commercial that finances this supposed right wing view of America. These commercials are exactly the same as I see on leftist liberal TV stations:
-13% of the population is represented in 100% of commercials,
-gender is shown to be a cosmetic-medical fashion statement not biological...
The POZ is strong in this one, and it masquerades as the foe of the POZ as part of America's perpetual false polarity, the deluded believers in two lies arguing over which one is the truth...
Then, as news that reparations are going to be paid to African Americans by the State of California, the POZ button gets pushed by the X-military news goon with the perfect suit, who claims that slavery was never legal and practiced in California. Of course, this media priest believes the holy creed that only a person of African descent can be held in bondage. The tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of Amerindian, Caucasian and Chinese slaves must be forgotten:
-The Chinese slave girls fucked for four years by mobs of dirty men and then strangled in their dungeon beds by a good doctor when they had reached 20 and become worn-out hags, perishing in droves from the 1850s through 1913, must be sacrificed on the altar of the black martyr god worshiped by fools who look at their beige skin and call themselves white.
-Indigenous domestic slaves vanish from the record as beloved servants, extinguished by the candle of unique and exclusive African suffering.
-The tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of poor Caucasian runts abducted and sold to ship's captains by mobs of armed goons never suffered and died above or below deck or overboard.
All of these many California slaves were held according to the will of local police and politicians who were at the center of such human trafficking. But as worshipers of our civic faith all that matters is the foundational documents of corruption that insured in their time the liberty to traffic in humans and the free hand to dominate those who resisted being owned enshrined in foundational documents written under a different interpretation of their key words.
In disgust, I retreated into the guest room and lie down next to this laptop, considerately stocked by my caring editor with hundreds of audio books to permit my ears to do the work my eyes are failing to. I began listening to a Great Courses lecture by a towering academic concerning ancient cities. He had three constant themes: “the need for social control” as a universal and unquestionable good, the total absence of slavery in the ancient world and the constant referral to slaves as “workers,” and most laughably, that military fortifications were intended to protect against the weather more than enemies. In this man's ancient world there was little war and slaves are only mentioned occasionally as trade items and apparently never do anything once purchased. Like all other current academics I have read, the lecturer refuses to correlate slavery and labor and only acknowledges a token slave presence in war and trade. This is the merchant view one should expect from a civilization based on money.
The fool turd of academia does step on his own dick when he calls a lecture on an internal Egyptian slave colony “Company town in the desert” asserting that even though these workers were locked behind walls at night that it was for their own protection and that since some “workers” were paid and they were fed, this was not slavery. He even goes so far as to say “stark” when describing the level “of social control.” But he used the standard academic filter installation by opening with the statement that there was no forced labor in ancient Egypt, which is an abject lie which he criticizes us for being tempted into disbelief of.
Interestingly, he reflects back to the classic American definition of slavery only being possible, by stating that all of these workers—contrary to some records—were Egyptian and not of other races, inferring that a state is not capable of enslaving a person born within, or brought into its boundaries. This is not rational, and can only make sense to the mind who has bought the lie that only a power of another race, who is not a state level actor or a state-sanctioned company, but holds chattel as individual property, may be an enslaving entity. In other words—so goes the inference in his lecture on Uruk as well—not only can slavery only be inflicted upon a member of a less technologically developed race, but only individuals can inflict slavery, with corporations and states immune from his deluded definition of slave master. This is utterly astounding, that entire systems of academic thought are literally based on the very same lies at the core of American civic myth.
There is no hope that reality will ever be understood by American academics—ever. Any person who has graduated from a college is rendered immune from seeing white and calling it white, for the church has previously decreed that it is black and it is therefor black despite its white cast.
Of course, company towns in Pennsylvania paid workers in a system that was nothing more than internal credit which kept the money within the company. Like the Egyptian overseers and police who beat and killed workers, the Coal and Mining police did the same to “impose social control” which this academic sees as non-coercive and a necessary component civil society.
And their I toss, my half-nap ruined by this towering intellectual, who must not have read the letter from the Queen of Egypt to the King of the Hittites [circa 1300 B.C.] who described every Egyptian other than her husband and her son as her “slaves.” Likewise, he must not have read a Pharaoh named Ramses boast [circa 1200 B.C.] of how he has enslaved enemies and was going to settle them within Egypt where they would be taxed as his “slaves.”
What is really telling, is that the desert town where these 'workers” built their owner's tomb, was described by this Professor of the Lie, to be built and organized and peopled almost exactly like a modern American prison, where some prisoners are paid slim wages for their work, wages that will be paid back into the prison system for noodles and sweet cakes at the prison store. Imagine if you will, some fool academic a thousand years from now describing the structure of American prisons as “company towns” worker paradises where the beloved charges of the benevolent system are locked in for their own protection, that prisons only exist to keep the Black Guerilla Family and the Mexican Mafia and The Аrуаn Brotherhood from harming each other?
Yes, and Andrews Air Force Base is a place of worship, Quantico is a book keeping facility to insure tranquility and, and the Pentagon is not part of a military hierarchy because there is not a single throne room where the ruler might sit and review his officer corps...
Children of the Lie, we have been programmed to be immune to the Truth, and we see that it is good and decide to people it with phantoms made in our own image.
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