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The Sick Man of Modernity
The Indo-Chinese & Sino-African Wars—Crux Cross & the Crackpot on the History of the Future: 8/8/21
© 2021 James LaFond
James, thanks, all is well here. 
I have India on my mind a bit when thinking of North American race/ethnicity and geopolitics. Like I wonder if they’re left out of some analysis because, as a group, they’ll be insignificant or if they’re just in a blind spot —just outside of the peripheral vision of the analyst.
In the US domestic situation, even in NJ they’re but 2-3% of the population —and in lots of states they’re not even at 1%. But the ones here, as far as I can see, are capable and thus might have influence disproportionate to their pop numbers. 
I mentioned them to you before. Iirc, you speculated they’ll do ok. 
I agree, and speculate they’ll do ok and that they’re smartest play as a group in any ethnic devolution in the US —or per your recent predictive-speculative essay, would be to basically avoid the limelight, lay low. Whether they will, or even can, is another question.
In terms of geopolitics, I’ve been reading this commenter ‘Malla’ on the site and he makes an argument, pretty strongly imo, that India would have a lot of incentive or desire to push north into the mountains and against China if anything went kinetic with regard to the US and China. So it would not just be the US and Japan and So. Korea (and maybe Australia and NZ and a few other small nations) mostly at sea, but a big Indian army might make a move.
Unz, comment filter ‘Malla’: 
Anyway, yes, all is basically good with family and friends, thank you. Good to hear you are well.
-Crux Cross

Crux, sir, I thank you for reminding me that I had noted on my pocket calendar and had since forgotten, to write on the Scramble for the Future.
As I write Ditcher and Last Whiteman two novels of a corporate American future, I am in need of charting in broad strokes a possible global situation:
-1. Mankind, counter to most science-fiction futures imagined in the past, will be marooned on earth. At this point, the grotesque failure to re-achieve what the mathematics of black janitorial staffers and Nazi scientists did to put “whitey on da moon” has me doubting that we ever landed on the moon. This means a scramble for the remaining resources and space on earth, until we end up like the Easter Islanders.
-2. That scramble, if successful, should follow the path of least resistance and of most potential gain. Never has an African nation resisted successfully against colonization. I do not see the Chinese breaking their teeth in the Himalayas, but doing business with the Afghans and North Koreans for their lithium, and using weaponized diseases [like the Ebola variants being experimented with by Chinese scientists in CuckCanada].
-3. Indians and Chinese alike are culturally better suited for globalism under high tech than are the wan scions of the post-masculine Anglophone world. Even Muslims, living in an iron age mind set, are better suited for inheriting the Anglophone wotrld than the scions of the Anglos themselves. English and American imperialism has always been about naked conquest clothed in the lie of “We are killing you in your hundreds of thousands for your own good and the spread of democracy.” Indians, and Chinese and Muslims have long histories of colonizing societies through passive invasions, very much like the English did in New England, which was an aberrant stroke of dissident religious genius. This fits well within the globalist model made possible by European technology and Anglo-American cultural erasure.
-4. American Wokeness ripping the guts out of the military culture, typified by all of the billboards I saw in Pennsylvania this week being of dismembered female veterans, and all of the MMA promotions pushing female main events, will continue the American reliance on the obsolete bully of the waves—the Nuclear Aircraft Carrier. If the Chinks send one of these fookers to the bottom of the Indian Ocean with a cruise missile, the U.S. Fleet will be repurposed to carry African refugees here to replace us as the Dark Continent is evacuated in the face of indigenous Islam and Chinese colonists.
I see these three factors gelling into an increasingly Chinese, Hindu, Muslim corporate anti-culturalism across the globe, with actual combat between the three in Central Asia, the mountains of the Indian Subcontinent, Italy, France, England, Southeast Asia and North America making for a high tech feudal style of WWIII.
At this point I see America as the Ottoman Turks of 1800, “the Sick Man of Modernity” whose increasingly rancid corpse will be fed upon and corrupted by powers internal and external.
Chinese, Latino, Turkish, Sikh and deracinated American military veterans will serve as muscle for multinational corporations operating in North America as African and American and Western European politicians and media sell-out their remaining folk for Almighty Dollar.
The wild card and future hope for an armed European identity will remain only in Eastern Europe.
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