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Mescaline Franklin Asks the Crackpot the VQ: 8/10/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Yesterday after Rick told us his fight story from the gas station, Mescaline asking me, “Do you think any less of me for getting the Vax—It was bend the knee or get fired.”
I responded, “Look, every baron in France bent the knee to the king at one time or another—yet they were not loyal, as old Nick pointed out in The Prince. You need money right now and had to bend the knee or become a hobo like me.”
He said, “But they are going for us. What if they bar you from the trains for not getting vaxxed?”
“They will have to kill me. One reason why I won't agree to medical care again is I do not want to be injected against my will with anything. I have a real problem with misused authority. If I am banned from travel I will hike, drive illegally or get a mo-ped and putt-putt across the evil land. I will not consent to ever go unarmed, which means I will not fly, will never appear in court, will never submit to arrest, will not submit to medical induction. This nation hates me with an officially proclaimed ire as a criminal on multiple levels, despite me never breaking any law but NEWSLAW. Also, I realize that at this point, that my job, the reason that people like you and Rick offer me a bed and buy my books, is that I am an autonomy avatar. So even if I believed in the holy plague, I would avoid vaxxing just to keep faith with my readership.”
This morning drinking coffee with Rick on the verge of another trip west, where I might remain, shamdemic permitting, we watch News Max, the ascendant controlled opposition network. News Max might disagree with CNN, but they play the same anti-masculine, pro-ebony, anti-ivory, tranny dancing commercial as the loyal media networks. This is a total media-warping of reality that even accommodates the dissenting mind.
In the background in each press conference, as the politician speaks bare-faced, his staff stands masked, just as the athletes unmasked are surrounded by masked officials and attendants. We are being trained to obey faces and done the mask, to become he who has no authority not even over his own life—not even in the mirror.
We are slated to become masked meat-puppets, NPCs in the dystopian role-playing zone known as America. The worst complaints this dissenting news organization can manage is to call for the Obama Clan to be chastized for not wearing masks in their We Izz Kangs big tent party. I know numerous people who have gotten νаϲсіոated by something that claims by its producers to increase immunity to Brovid Jiveteen death from 82% [natural immunity] to 87% boosted immunity, for a disease that claims less than 1% for Death who awaits us all in the end.
I do not suspect that The Jab is intended to do damage. Rather, I think this is a vast clinical trial for lowly meat-puppets for life-extension therapy for the elite. Once the kinks have been worked out, a booster round some years down the road—and I am thinking 2025, based on the Spars Pandemic Clinic run by Hopkins—will be a sterilization or death shot.
A key component of this herd culling in the face of gathering Winter and reduced planetary carrying capacity, is going to be to discredit conspiracy theories about a harmful mandatory νаϲсіոe. Then, after confidence in νаϲсіոation as not been as damaging as feared, buttressed by the lie machine manipulating and misreporting numbers [as has already been done] a special νаϲсіոe for the masses will be injected that will do the harm to humanity that The Self Aware System of Control desires.
In the meantime and beyond, we live in Maskland, where politicians, and celebrities will expose their faces as their attendants go masked. This will increase our obedience and reduce our empathy at the same time and make of us more easily manipulated meat-puppets in the dastard dance ahead.
So, for Mescaline and You, when you have been made to get the jab, remain aware that this is a behavioral and biological beachhead that will set your body and mind up for total conquest at some point in the future. If you see a massive food shortage or price increase, and a famine νаϲсіոe is put forth to buttress the starving body against the reduced diet, then that is likely to be the kill shot.
Note that the military will be νаϲсіոated despite only 2 Brovid deaths and 27 suicides. So, when doctors point out that forced social control and lockdowns are causing suicide, expect a νаϲсіոe against depression. This will probably be a sterilization shot. The ultimate goal of the coordinated and simultaneous mania for:
-Negro deification
-Police repurposing
-Medical heroization
Is control of human reproduction by corporations buttressed by the State.
Note that every head of state on earth, except for three African dictators who were killed immediately after they spoke against νаϲсіոation, is on board, including the traitorous Orange Usurper. The entire global ruling class wants the same thing, which should make the human being feel exactly like a hind who notes that every member of a wolf pack has turned their eyes hungrily upon her.
We are food.
I hope only to be of bitter taste and poor nutritional value.
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NC     Oct 26, 2021

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