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The Bitter Logic of Steel
Viking Age barbarian Cues the Crackpot on Lockdown Home Invasions
© 2021 James LaFond
The bitter logic of steel
Sun, Aug 15, 3:16 PM (8 days ago)
Wallabies great Toutai Kefu fighting for life after stabbing rampage in his Brisbane home | 7NEWS
Wallabies legend Toutai Kefu is clinging to life after being stabbed in his Brisbane home while trying to defend his family. The former No. 8 was at home at 3am on Monday when three people broke into his family home in Coorparoo. A large brawl erupted and Kefu was stabbed in the stomach. His wife ...
From what I heard, this Kefu dude is huge and strong and probably made the mistake of going unarmed against the knives of the punks. It may be a fatal mistake as he is in hospital fighting for his life. If he had a decent stick, he probably would be eating kiwi fruit now instead of dying.
-Viking Age Barbarian

Sir, I could take out an NFL offensive line with a bowie knife, old small and beat-up as I am.
What is of most interest to me is how the Down Sunder media reports and police statements are ultra-protective of the "alleged" home invaders. It is no accident that this attack occurred during martial-medical lockdown. Based on the reporting language I would suspect that:
-1: the criminals are probably immigrants
-2: criminals are working under police sanction, possibly as military auxiliary forces
-2: if the football star had been successful by using a bat, or butcher knife or other weapon to overcome the home invaders, that he would be locked away for life and that his family would be sued into poverty to compensate the innocent alleged home invaders who were just making a wellness check.
This is, to my jaundiced eye, a certain case of applied anarcho-tyranny under Overlord Tranny.
For readers, as this is scheduled to post as American lockdown season swings into gear and the Oregon National Guard has already been conscripted for citizen suppression, know that all burglaries will now be home invasions, as you are forced to await the criminal gangs, and if you defend, the PIGs will call it a burglary and charge with with assaulting someone in the progress of their victimless property crime.
Do not call in the PIGs!
That will be calling in enemy reinforcements.
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Regeration of the Species

BuelahMan     Nov 11, 2021

I appreciate your blog very much.
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