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Back in the U.S.A.
Viking Age Barbarian and Andrew Webstar Metzger Cue the Crackpot on Lockdown Fever
© 2021 James LaFond
Fri, Aug 13, 6:51 PM (10 days ago) to Lynn, me
Pretty common here, like in old USSR.
Troops now going door-to-door in Western Australia, which is a state like your Kalifornication. Eldest son will have to be vaxed or sacked.
Man Forcibly Imprisoned in Mental Asylum For Different Opinion on COVID
An Australian man says he was forcibly imprisoned in a mental asylum for having a “different opinion” on COVID.

My dissident friends are being rounded up and vaxxed and fired across the face of Great Satan. This morning as a nurse friend is being held down and injected against her will back east, the medicare provider from the People's Republic of Maryland has informed me by text, as if i am still their patient, that I can qualify to get perscriptions filled for 90 days and that the summer picnic for the HMO is cancelled due to fictional Brovid Jiveteen increase. This shamdemic, as predicted by the crackpot in Beyond Rainbow Bridge, has become a direct attack on individual human mental health by the medical-Media-Police State.
U.S.A. The Great Satan, whore daughter of The Father of All Lies, is now devoted to the shattering of the mind of every rational American. National Parks require the wearing of a mask outdoors.
The Lie Rises wickedly well, hale and healthy, thirsting for the few thinking minds to devour like caviar smeared on the pollock of the compliantly addled masses.

Sun, Aug 22, 8:06 PM (15 hours ago) to me from A Metzger

In other news, Andrew has sent me a video of concerned African Americans in Oakland, CA being attacked by white Antifa brats. In the background may be seen at 49-seconds an observation drone, either used by the Antifa command or the police, as similar drones are used over shooting sites in Baltimore. This is being done to develop police-black solidarity in the future, staff police departments with mostly blacks, and use them to kick in the front door of your hobbit hole and hold you down while Nurse Cu’łthole injects you with the reality of your factory farming status as food for the greatest evil ever to straddle the sorrow-wracked World of Man.
Comically, my normal friends and family all believe that lockdown and hysteria are behind us, unable to see reality for the plush fabric of the American Lie.
May God Bless Your Souls as The Devil called the U.S.A. takes your body and mind.
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