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Regeration of the Species
Marius Cues the Crackpot on Bottleneck Evolution in Humans
© 2021 James LaFond
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Thu, Aug 12, 2:59 AM (11 days ago)
to me
Hi James,
On a different note to the usual depressing commentary about the degeneration of the human race, I would like to get your opinion on something.
There is a company called Functional Patterns, founded by a man named Naudi Aguilar. He is an intelligent man, challenging the status quo in the fitness industry.
He posits that humans are evolved to stand upright, walk, run and throw. That our biology is based around those actions primarily and any activity that compromises those functions will have detrimental effects, namely dehydration and stress (leading to oxidation).
[All sports involve aiming or chasing, and most both. They are an unconscious masculine cultural catalogue, largely coopted and twisted by money but still containing activities from our barbaric past preserved in biomechanical detail.]
Since agriculture, we have been degenerating and decaying, yet there are still some specimens amongst the gen pop. Naudi has analysed the movements of the top athletes and reverse engineered that in order to apply it to others.
[This is a good approximation of normal paleolithic biomechanical potential as well as a useful sales platform in the money matrix.]
While traditional training is focussed on moving weight in simple linear motions, usually in the frontal plane, His methods are based around rotation. Every action in nature is three dimensional. There are multiple variables in taking a step or throwing a punch, which all must be taken into account.
[Rotational motion is key to activities as bland and hazardous as unloading trucks of mixed freight and as fun and relatively safe as boxing.]
This is a breath of fresh air from the retarded crossfit model of go until you break or the simplistic lift heavy to get big bodybuilding niche. It is in accordance with natural laws and gravity. That is the main point. Everyone is being crushed by gravity, and if you cannot move yourself properly, why would you add weight?
[Weight lifting is a a dramatic demonstrable feat, but is as dangerous as boxing and unloading trucks at the same time, and does not produce a man that can typically survive starvation, combat, long treks and especially not a blade fight. i could line up every one of the world's top 50 Metrex Strongest man stars and slay them each within 30 seconds in a knife fight, back to back, stacking up a trailer load of useless meat. Body building and weight lifting are most appealing to sedentary populations and permit the human feed steer in his media pen to feel vibrant and alive as he awaits slaughter and consumption.]
He has faced much ridicule from the fitness industry, and that is to be expected. No one wants a car to make their horse drawn buggy obsolete.
[Whatever his program is, it will, at some point, be corrupted by him or a successor or innovator at the behest of MONEY—our proximate god.]
He calls this "differential advantage" - in the sense that, everyone has a different value to society based on their lived reality. For example, beauty is scarce, which is why its idolised. Physical Strength on the level of professional fighters is also rare, which is why these people can climb to the top of the pyramid on these qualities alone, while the rest of the population has to scramble to make some value for themselves.
[Sorrow of the meat-puppets who fear to cut their own strings is thus monetized by the cult of the celebrity and its many sub-cults of athletic prowess.]
In this way, he is thinking outside the box and with his methods aims to correct the extreme inequality, which is not about money, but physiology. You cant buy good health, and in fact, its usually the opposite. There are a lot of wealthy people with the physiques of geriatrics.
[Why would a moral person want to provide a means by which Brill Yates could be physically fit? This trikes me as a high aim that is most likely to become a depraved result—actual physical fitness among the elite crypto-reptilian fiends that feast upon our every action and doom our every aspiration to commodification. Promote sloth for the many and the rich, with physical actionable bodies a goal for the few dissenting minds. Sorry, I'm becoming utopian here...]
He is a proponent of Jaques Fresco, whom i'm read your review of, and im inclined to agree. People with that attitude, do not survive the harsh world we live in. Naudi is also realistic about this, as he is operating a multinational company whilst building this framework of optimal physiology.
[It sounds like this guy will do well. Hopefully his activity will not increase the physical fitness of celebrity athletes—who are a pox upon our collective—and will not appeal to the arch fiends who rule us. Fresco was an adorably ingenious and hopelessly misguided soul. His ideal that civilization should serve to elevate humanity was beautifully terrifying and naively presented with an honest and jaundiced good will.]
Personally, I think this is the most undervalued company on the planet. Having been following this methodology for a year, I am moving better at 30 than at 20 and have no pain in my body. Additionally, I completed a Personal Training Certificate (at a reputable school) and learned practically nothing about biomechanics. The concepts in Functional Patterns has bridged this gap for me.
[Great for you. I hope you make money training the rich and that they fall into ill health anyhow. Functional motion learning in athletics, survival training and labor is one reason why Mike Tyson is more aware of reality than all Nobel prize winners combined and why construction workers resist shamdemic fraud more than academics and medical personnel—because touching reality has become magic in our phony world.]
I have not practiced martial arts much, asides from a few months of boxing, muay thai and jujitsu here and there. I have done much running and climbing, played soccer and lifted weights traditionally as well as working manual labour. Until doing this protocol, I was more or less in pain all the time. Additionally, I have not felt loose enough to deliver a strike with any power behind it, due to these restrictions.
[Marius, if this gets you loose in the kinetic sphere, then it is more valuable for survival than all of the boxing and martial arts training available to you.]
The premise of FP is both simple and complex, Areas of fascia that cannot move properly, develop adhesions that impede biomechanics. As stated earlier, this leads to dehydration, calcification and degeneration. Add to that a diet of seed oils and grains (which cause bloating and affect intra abdominal pressure) and a sedentary culture that needs to fuel its addictive personalities with all sorts of distractions and you get modern humans.
[Being relaxed in motion is the healthiest thing you can do and the best platform for learning any combat on a functional level.]
its a sad state from where we started.
[Its a seed bed, though. Most of our shit species is about to die on the vine of fright under the all-seeing eye of the Lie. Hope springs eternal!]
The remedy is to learn how to stand by engaging your glutes, your abdominals (specificially your Tranverse Abdonimus - which is coincidentally shaped like a prize fighters belt - do you have any history on this?) and expanding your ribs. Only once these things are in place, is your frame able to rotate effectively to take a step.
[I had to learn standing and walking over again after a crippling work injury when i was a year or two older than you. See what this guro has to say about the illio psoas muscle. In ancient times men going to battle "girded" themselves with belts and genital strapping to help reduce or sure up ruptures. I have to do this to carry my backpack.]
This is a lot of variables to correct before you throw a barbell over your head or run a marathon.
[At this point in social devolution and hive evolution, i think that any performance-based physical fitness is worse than useless. One should focus on preparedness and fitness. A marathon run is nothing but a way to make it easier for immigrant punks to mug you once your knees are shot from that running.]
Yet, this is what people must do if they wish to live long healthy lives. Naturally, most people wont do it, because its simply too hard and they're addicted to their dysfunctions. For those who are willing to put the work in, the results speak for themselves.
[I have a hard time wrapping my mind around being healthy and living a long time at the same time. To be healthy means only one thing, to be able to survive combat and impose will. Only in the fantasy realm does developing combat effectiveness bring about sedentary non-combat longevity.]
I've attached links to his instagram ( you don't need an account) and youtube for you to get a look at his movements.
As a historian and a boxing coach, you must have observed certain characteristics making some athletes superior. You must also have seen the degeneration that prevents people from even being able to throw a punch correctly.
[Most people cannot throw anything effectively. i have not been able to throw overhanded since age 16 when i tore my shoulder weight-lifting and throwing knives, sticks, stones, balls and spears too much. Fortunately, most punching is less reliant on the shoulder.]
Keen to hear your thoughts,

[Thanks, Marius, I'll check out the links and comment in brackets.]
["Sorry, page not available."]
[This is an excellent rotational exercise for developing centrifical body mechanics. However, much of the posture is not functional for actual combat as the elbow and knee leads and is exposed. A 125-pound khat chewing African teenager could lope his arm right off. A fat, flat-footed stick fighter could shatter his knee with the simplest stroke, the downward diagonal forehand. Note that the most functional part of his rotation is when he pulls his elbow in before his face—that is functional for theoretic body enhancement exercise and MMA fighting, but not for actually fighting with a blunt, one-handed extension weapon. Keep in mind, that in our feed pen life, that the use of hand weapons is not truly understood on a "functional" level. But, to modernity, combat outside of the celebrity venue or under ritual martial arts constraints is not "functional," because, fortunately, no one actually gets attacked with clubs, bats, machetes, knives and hatchets. Indeed, a hatchet attack video was sent to me from New York yesterday and the YouTube already decided that it didn't really happen and erased it.]
Training UFC fighter - John Eblen
[Wow, Eblen is a freak. It is interesting how the elite trainer points out that he only trains elite gifted men, not people with developmental issues. He is on the other side of the coaching planet from me. Losers like me are fated to help the guy that could never be champion learn the basics, while winners like him get to give tips to a guy that will win whether he does things optimally or not. That's a good gig and is why top fight coaches have one preeminent skill: disqualifying average men from their training program and selecting genetic freaks to groom and sponsor.]

This man is quite a stud, will be rich and seems to be an excellent source of training principles for physical health. Simply the pliability that you describe gaining is a means of multiplying your combat effectiveness, whether what you do is functional on an interactive level or not. Hitting while loose works better and getting hit while loose does not do nearly as much to you.
Thanks, Marius
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