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'Our Compliant Status'
Three Guilty Ghosts Suffer the Ire of Karen Crow: 8/29/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Xerxes, King of Kings, at the head of the host more vast than any which had gone before, was advised that he had achieved more than any king before, and had, therefore, that much further to fall. From his throne on the mountain side where he could see his hundreds of thousands of slave soldiers and hundreds or warships, he was warned by the one advisor who he treasured enough to send back home and manage his affairs, as he broke his mighty teeth of empire upon the hard rocks of Hellas, that he had risen into, not above, peril.
The veil of success with which Fate clouds our individual and collective judgment is affixed upon the conqueror, clouding the reason of the conquering power and also its subject nations. The blindness is most complete among the subjects of the Fatherland, the Motherland, the core nation of an empire or the home of the conquering race.
In the past two weeks, I have been told by three pale friends in New York, Pennsylvania and California that they have been questioned as to their emotive state and mental health by retail employees, asked if authorities need to be called to “help them,” and in two cases have been bluntly told while entering a store, or waiting in line, to “leave.”
Once upon a time I was told that America was once a place where black folks could not gain entrance to retail establishments and eateries. Came a time when I doubted that this had been so, simply because the same news and academic institutions that had told me this had been found to have lied about almost every aspect of American history, and I had never seen such race-based white-on-black discrimination in my own half-century plus of life.
I believe it now. Because, in the span of less than a single year it has become a crime to stand in public as a man of European descent.
Johnny is a tall retired police officer, an upstanding guy who was one of the few police who were not corrupt in his department. He is an alpha male and walks with an easy confidence.
Danny is a short, muscular omega male, a “right wing nut” who prowls with an unconcealed hostility.
Eddy is a semi-autistic omega male, a Bernie-Bro with timid body language.
Recently, four other of my friends in Maryland have had similar instances of random social authority being aimed at them just “because.” As I look at the similarities between Rick, Brian, Nero the Pict, The Brick Mouse and these three men, I am moved to look for sub-textual cues:
What do these men have in common?
-They are all “white.” there is our text, our overt reason for discrimination and rejection.
-They all have a tendency to be deep in thought when in public. You can tell that these guys are thinking about something.
-4 in 7 were vaxxed against their better judgment due to workplace or family pressure. Of interest is that the three who have resisted vaxxing were challenged to confrontations by larger, younger men of their same race, and that the four compliant souls were bossed about rudely by three white women, a white man and a black man holding gate-keeper positions in public. So rather than discarding the final element of the three things that the latest three reporters have in common, I will retain it as fitting my hunch.
Throughout my life I have noticed that much of the inner life of our minds are displayed in our body language. I noted early on, that when I was walking to work at night planning my tasks on the way, that I would be threatened by men. But when I walked to work—paying as little heed to these as when planning—as I imagined killing the next man to lay a hand on me over and over and over again with the knife in my belt, the razor in my shirt pocket or the screwdriver in my pants pocket, they left me alone.
Of course, the thing that all of these men have in common all the time, is that they look “white.” Being white is a crime of social conscience as delineated constantly in diversity workshops in the workplace, and in every TV commercial, news spot, TV show, movie and public announcement.
The fact that all of these men are thoughtful, and that this is apparent to me at a glance, tells me that it is certainly apparent at a glance subconsciously by violent actors and Karen Crow. You see, the one thing that Karen Crow the white ¤▓unt has in common with Gib Me Yo Shit Yo the urban thug, is that both types of humans operate instinctively, with a subconscious sense of how low in the social hierarchy the target of their ire is. Most violence is top down, down through the ages and across races. But there is more to obvious racial guilt assignment here, as by far, the most common aggressors were white, with only 1 aggressor in the 8 incidents affecting the 7 individuals above, being black. Overwhelmingly the invalidating gate keepers are women and the physical attackers are larger, younger, white men.
The above suggests that this same race social sorting aggression has thoughtful people being targeted by thoughtless people who are also socially compliant on a compulsive level. All three of the physical male attackers upon the older smaller men, verbally cited the reasons for their assaults [all of these were assaults] as being based on their perception that Rick [who beat up his assaulter] Nero [who assaulted his assaulter] and The Brick Mouse [who accessed his knife] were being #1 an asshole, #2 not masked and #3 not neighborly. So all 7 of these petty power plays were, I suspect, instinctual aggression targeting the enemy mind within the enemy body.
Overt-Conscious-Textual Aggression Cue
In open source doctrine, across all media, the most evil type of person in all of America is the Whiteman. I have heard elementary school classes being taught on this by white women to white children and most of my friends have been taught this in continuing education courses in the workplace.
Covert-Unconscious-Subtextual Aggression Cue
Despite the constant lies that “following” the fear-based superstition of science equals thoughtfulness, it is a fact that all such hysteria is emotive and not rational. In such a gaslit world, ruled by a lie as preposterous as stating that a screen roof will keep out the rain, there is one greater crime than being born the colorless tone of original sin—to think. I suspect that appearing to be a thoughtful, rational, thinking person [which is to say an anti-social free radical in the hive of compliance inducing lies] will trigger the instinctive response of the irrational hysterics who make up roughly 90% of America, to develop a hostility towards you.
The zombie apocalypse is here—and the police and military are in the side of the zombies.
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