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Hideous Facade
Mask Dynamics: Street, Store, Sports, Workplace and Podium: 9/1/21
We live in a bizarre world where losers like me and you often point at the billionaires and power players on this savage planet, and say that they are stupid. I listened to the best political analyst online yesterday who claimed that virtually all of American history can be explained as blunders, just because they were billed as blunders. This man, who does not live in Baltimore City, but alludes to living in Baltimore City because he can drive to Baltimore easily, who uses the same post office box in the suburban sprawl that the rich women I used to work for did, claimed in this monologue, that there was nothing unusual happening in Baltimore during the Baltimore riots.
He was not there. He is not a Baltimorean.
Interestingly, this self-described “right wing dissenter” agrees with my liberal democratic friends who also lived in Baltimore County, in his same zip-code, that the 2015 Baltimore riots were just a media show and that nothing unusual happened in Baltimore other than the media show around Mondawmin—where I had coworkers working!
I wrote an entire book in that ten day stretch about how Baltimore completed changed under cover of the riot at Mondawmin, as the Purge unfolded, killing 12, establishing a narcotic “mother load” that would claim 5,000 lives over the next five years in Maryland, doubling murders and tripling other types of violent crime perminently. In fact, the next 20 or so books I wrote in that genre established that the media riot of 2015 was a paradigm shift in urban blight patterns, which is currently forcing this commentator to ask listeners for money so that he can move out of the social blast area of those riots.
Just like my college educated and highly intelligent lefty friends who have never walked for a few miles by night on Baltimore City streets—let alone as I did out of daily necessity—this man, far smarter than I based on his education, is not capable of seeing reality. Interestingly, what radical liberals and right wingers in the U.S. have in common, is a denial of the American past, that it was founded on rich whites enslaving poor whites. This self-serving class delusion persists as upscale whites I know and don't know, deny that the streets upon which I was hunted by police and negroes for over 38 years are dangerous for anyone other than black drug dealers.
So factors the stillborn minds of the aspirational class, who think that nations serve rather than despoil people and only have a record of always despoiling their folk out of accident and folly.
These people might have masters degrees and nice sterile suburban lawns, they might be Covidians or not. But they are not the rich, not the elite.
The real rich folks pay people with my kind of knowledge base to tell them where to move their residence. If fir a moment we stop assuming that the rich are failing us, rather than serving themselves, and realizing that they are nailing us in the process of serving themselves, then we might grow a brain.
This morning I received this text from the woman that alerted the BPD that the Mondawmin Riots were kicking off, who continues to give me grocery store alerts from Harm City:
“Well the mask mandate is here. Any company with over 100 employees requires a jab or be tested weekly at a cost to? I'll let you know where this goes here. This all revealed in creepy speech.”
-Miss Ezz
This lady has often told me how frustrating it is to mask up and work with glasses on, as all clerking jobs require reading mixed with activity.
Today, when I was at a Park City grocery store, in one of the highest income zip-codes in the Utah Rockies, where all of the hipster elites were masked up, I stood in line waiting my turn. When the masked elitess queen walked away, I advanced to the cashier. She noted that I was not wearing a mask, and with a sigh of relief tore her mask off and took care of my order. She did her job selling me charity, asking for my number, asking if I wanted to join the rewards system, and I smiled, “Thanks, but I'm just passing through.”
She was certainly a working class girl, a 4.5, about 42, who had been serving one of the towering nordic beauties belonging to the golfing and ski-lodge set. She looked at me and asked, “Where are you headed?”
I answered, “California, Oregon and Washington.”
Her graying eyebrows knitted and she exclaimed, after assuring herself that I was a working class guy, looking me up and down, “That's funny, all of our knew customers over the past year—and there area a lot of them—are all coming from those places! Like we need that.”
I wished her a nice day and as Bob and I drove away, I noticed hundreds of McMansions being built all around, at 8,500 feet, above a high desert now blooming with the coming of the Ice Age that the people moving here told us was going to be a “Greenhouse” of heat and drought. In the meantime, genius commentators living on the outskirts of dozens of shithole American cities, scraping their ever-devaluing dollars together in hopes of moving to some better place, have no idea that the billionaires they accuse of folly, having fleeced us all, have already moved to the best places.
Current mask dynamics across five states seem to be unchanging:
-On the street Asians, Blacks and Upscale whites mask up.
-In stores and eateries managers mask all the time and staff mask up only when forced to or when serving a Mask Cultist.
-Rural areas of middle and low income have very little masking.
-In sports, athletes and media do not where masks and their trainers and servitors and officials all wear masks, making them anonymous functionaries and enhancing the celebration of the celebrity.
-Speeches by an always unmasked authority figure at a podium, are constantly emphasized and heroized by the fact that all of the functionaries behind him are masked like so many gargoyles.
-Police and teachers enforcing mask mandates are unmasked about half of the time, with the lowest mask compliance being among blacks.
I see the masking patterns as an effective social caste shorthand for dominance, submission and moral resistance.
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anonDec 6, 2021

Speaking of the unmasked/masked dynamic of Important People and their flunkies, does anyone know why the sign language interpreter is a thing? I still haven't figured that out, 1 3/4 years later.

Why do people even listen to that right wing dissentor? The only thing he seems to care about is the amount of paywall money he can get.
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