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Bipolar Nation
Musings on Scam-11: Dateline 9/11/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Although the U.S. fed the Soviet Union to keep them afloat as a viable enemy with which to terrorize its own people, even under threat of accidental nuclear cataclysm, Americans liberal and conservatives think that Russia, the shrunken remnants of our straw man bad guy, is an existential threat to the U.S.
Although the U.S. treasury, Corporations and medical complexes have outsourced labor and technology, biological warfare and even debt to the Chinese in a bid to impoverish their American slaves, liberals and conservatives in this nation still see China as an existential threat to them.
Thus the #2 and #3 who serve the U.S. in its despoilation of and tyranny over its slaves, serves this diabolic apparatus as it implements our moral extinction event.
U.S. and French companies and government agencies, conspired to have the sloppy Chinese handle their illegal gain-of-function virus research, knowing that the virus would probably leak, and Americans see this slaughter of millions—mostly Chinese—as an attack by China on the U.S.!
Americans are not any less intelligent than the citizens of most African nations. So I would not lay the pathological ease by which we are mislead at the feet of our LOW-IQ. Rather, it seems to stem from our movie and TV conditioning to see the world as Good Guys versus Bad Guys.
For the first year in some while I have noted vigorous coverage of 9-11 on liberal and conservative news fronts.
Think, even though you are an American, think.
Yes, I know, we Americans are not supposed to think, but believe.
But think:
-In September 2001 the Feds released a number of Arab terrorists training in the U.S., affiliated with a former American operative in Afghanistan, so that they could blow up, or be blamed for blowing up certain Dollar Cult Temples. This caused the greatest increase in Government power since 1941.
-In September 2019 U.S. Creep State agents began putting into effect a plan for something that one called “An ice Age” that resulted in the low profile resignation of almost 30 fortune 500 CEOs.
-In September 20 the U.S. was locked down.
-In September, 10 million U.S. slaves lost unemployment incomes, 9 days later national mask and experimental medical mandates were enforced, and on the very eve of the Creep State attack on the U.S. mind in 2001, the defeat of the U.S. mind was finalized.
I have the widest circle of dissenting friends I know of. I do not know a single one of these people—none of whom believe in the shamdemic and most of whom rage against it in private—that is quitting their job rather than become a lab rat in a social control experiment.
We have been taught that conquest is killing.
So we did not recognize our defeat when we kneeled as a nation to the Ebony Master Race in 2020.
Likewise, this year, in 2021, thinking that conquest is about killing and gun play, having been educated to overlook submission to domination, which is actual conquest, we bend the knee again. Two wars have been waged against and won over the American People, and we do not even know it, because we have been taught that war is something other than domination of those who submit.
Oh, and a news flash you have not heard, I wager. The president of Haiti was murdered by a Jamaican hit squad—all of whom happen to be American citizens...
Please if you harbor some Civil War II fantasy, realize that you surrendered last year, and that this year you have kissed the ring of the Faceless King.
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