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Tweaker Paradise
More Ghost on Ghost Crime with Yeti Waters
© 2021 James LaFond
Dateline 9/17/21, Utah
Took a page out of your play book
Wed, Sep 15, 8:11 AM (2 days ago)
I'm back on the road, working 6 days a week lately, the land of easy living is but a distant speck in my truck mirror. Bills started stacking up a little and there's the possibility of a strike looming in the very near future.
Two days ago I was behind a grocery store, just backed into the dock and getting ready to go in the backdoor. A homeless paleface on a bicycle rolled up and started digging through a recycling bin about 10 feet away from me. About 2 seconds later, he threw the bin at me, and advanced with a loud threat of "FUCK YOU, PUNK!". The way he said 'punk' told me in an instant that he'd spent some time in prison.
He was probably 40 years old, pony tail, six feet tall and wiry, on the muscular side. Without saying a word, I very calmly looked him in the eye, adjusted my stance and slid the ballpoint pen from my clipboard to my right hand in an ice pick grip. He saw that and got back on his bike and rode away, much to my relief. I was cool as a cucumber on the outside, but inwardly, this motherfucker had me shook! I honestly can't remember the last time I felt even a little bit scared at the threat of violence.
[You guys sound well-matched physically and age wise, so it all came down to will.]
I want to thank you for being on my shoulder back there and whispering into my ear, "Stab him in the eye with your pen Yeti!". I never even would have considered the ballpoint pen if it wasn't for your evil ass.
I'll have a bottle of rum and steak here waiting for you on the 28th of next month.
Your pal,
Yeti Water

My Man, I am glad to be the evil voice on your shoulder, and proud of you for this resolution. In this case, his probable incarceration experience abetted the use of the casually held pen as a threat, where some hipster mask fanatic would not have noticed or would not have put two-and-two together.
Every second week, roughly for the past year, a paleface man has been telling me a story about a white man threatening him. The whites threatening the palefaces are usually younger, sometimes more affluent and often on the job. i only write on a small sampling of these [about a quarter]. The account above is an example of what currently stands as an anomaly among my circle of friends. Where most of the recent reports of white on paleface aggression have involved younger men on the job threatening older men shopping in retail outlets, and the balance have featured younger customers threatening older customers at retail outlets—which are more stressful areas than they used to be due to shamdemic conditions—in the above example it is the man off the job threatening the man on the job.
I think, that this will more and more be the case and that most ghost-on-ghost aggression will revolve around the workplace, especially the retail space, with aggression crossing the employee [tool] customer [eater] line. On one hand we will have shamdemic mob members as employees playing gatekeeper on impulse. Just like rape victims like to rape victims, people screwed by their thralldom to the system of employment and government control will continue to choose to point those control mechanics at others. On the other hand, the plight of the retail worker, public servant, service provider, will also make them continually more vulnerable to aggression on the part of customers. These customers might pull a race card or gender card, transgender card or mask card in order to get a worker fired.
As an employee and manager in retail food for 38 years, in an African American city, i noted that black folks were virtually addicted to getting people fired, either coworkers or employees in places they shopped. Although so-called race realists, who are actually fabulists, claim that blacks were never mistreated in the U.S., I remember when I was 18-25 that black workers were treated worse than white workers in the workplace, by their own and by whites. Now that we live in a world where most jobs go to blacks over guilts, we might forget that once upon a time these people were treated with less respect than guilts this is easy to forget for us and serves them as justification. [This is another reason for the doctrine of intergenerational guilt as a social control mechanism.]
The mythology that they are still treated that way, is believed by guilts and used by blacks to gain advantage. Now, in the same way, i suspect that guilts, as the designated second-class American race, who are mistreated by the system largely run by those of their own race, will behave just like the blacks always have, using the system to screw each other as much as possible. It is the beauty of our lie-based system of societal-control that those abused by it will, in keeping with their human nature, turn around and use the system to abuse others on instinct and through malice, and will thereby strengthen the evil matrix that has us all ensnared in its clutches.
In the example above, i suggest that this dynamic was in play. For the criminal would be confident in using Yeti Water's fear of losing his job to get his way. He would also know from experience that his risk of imprisonment is now much reduced and that he would have a chance to sue an employed man for damages in case of a defeat.
Excellent resolution.
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Jeremy Bentham     Dec 10, 2021

"Societies don't become more tolerant, they just change their targets."

Penn Gillett, Magician

“We won't have true social justice until everything is equal in everybody's house.”

-Al Sharpton, Thu, May 06, 2010

Yep, America has changed from 'Jim Crow’ to ‘Jim Snow’ alright. Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 it was legal to discriminate against blacks; since 1964 it has been legal to discriminate against whites. That discrimination of whites has increased almost geometrically in the 21st Century. Blacks got their civil rights demands recognized in the 1960’s because most of the whites in America supported it. However, what those American whites supported back in the day was leveling the playing field and removing the unfair obstacles placed in front of many people by society, so individuals of all races would have an equal opportunity to succeed and make the most of their natural talents. I wonder what those same whites would have said about it all if they could have peered into the future and could have seen that their progeny would be merely expected to trade places with the blacks? That their grandchildren and great-grandchildren would be blamed for the continuing lack of material success by the black community at large? Probably the same thing Americans said about Hillary Clinton’s proposed health care plan back in the 1990’s when it was revealed that they would NOT be able to keep their own doctor (No way!). Probably one of the biggest public policy failures in American history was expecting blacks to behave exactly like whites when placed in the same circumstances. At the same time all this Woke Equity nonsense is serving to make American whites develop a racial consciousness they did not possess for a long time, because they didn’t feel they needed it. Of course, whites can be tribal too, and America’s current ‘cold civil war’ is largely between the two major white tribes as John Derbyshire has identified them: the ‘Goodwhites’ (Liberals and Leftists) and the ‘Badwhites’ (Conservatives and ‘Deplorables’). With the blacks serving as proxy warriors for the Goodwhites, giving the present conflict all the appearance of a race war.
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