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What Books?
Mister Grey Wonders Which Crackpot Books Would Best Serve a Regular Site Reader
“Okay, if the internet is the library of Alexandria, I figure Caesar and his torches are not far away. Eventually this all goes away with a press of a button. So, if I'm going to buy a handful of your books that might help me with the state of the actual world, what would you suggest?”
-Mister Grey, 9/25/21
I see my history and fiction as priorities, partially because I am trying to stay out of trouble. In 2020 I did this by not posting 30% of my travel writing and social commentary and placing them in drafts. They are all about 3-7 years from being edited, meaning they will be post-apocalyptic editions if they ever come out, as our money system should be good and crashed by 2025.
At the link at the bottom of the page, are 30 unedited drafts of mine.
-5 of them, like Weak Devil, This Island of Broken Men, Winter in a Dying City, Dark Age, and Harm City to Chicongo are the last of the Harm City books.
-18 of these books were written in 2020 with about 30% of the articles not posted out of fear on my craven part. Each of these covers a week to 2-month period of 2020 listed on the subtitle. How God Saved Mars is my favorite.
-4 Overton Railroad books are made of articles that were not posted on this site outside of very few examples and are pure travel writing from 2018 thru February 2020.
-Solo Boxing is my final fighting manual.
-The book The Giver is not found on the list below and was 95% unposted:
[Amazon (9/29/21) reduced the price of this book so that I make zero money. But I will keep it listed since I think it is a useful book.]
-Good Book Bad Book also has no material that I posted.
[Amazon (9/29/21) reduced the price on this book so that I make zero dollars. But I will keep it listed since I think it is useful.]
-Soliloquoy 2020 is my closing social commentary for that year.
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