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Murder Nation
Mister Grey and Lynn Lockhart Cue the Crackpot on Greater Harm City: 9/30/21
© 2021 James LaFond
“2020 murders nation wide up 29.4% Wow, record breaking. Melanated share of murders also broke record, 56.5%.”
“NYC won't give a straight murder count. Philly, 404 as of today.”
-Mister Grey, 9/27/21
In May 2015, one month after the Baltimore Purge [which was concealed by the riots] which killed 12 people in a week [making it four times as deadly a week as previously normal and twice as deadly as since] violence patterns changed for good, according the following rough estimates denied by police and media and conformed by my experience and interviews:
-Murders increased x 1/3 [the only metric not denied by police-media]
-Pack attacks of lone employees busing and walking to work increased X 10
-Ebony-on-Ebony aggression increased X 5
-Ebony on Ivory murder increased X 2
-Male on Female Murder increased X 3
-Blue on Ebony aggression decreased X 5 [the only decrease]
-Blue on Ivory aggression increased X 3
-Ebony on Ivory aggression increased X 3
-Tobacco [1] on Ebony aggression increased X 5
-Tobacco on Ebony murder increased X 3
-Tobacco on Ivory aggression increased X 2
-Ivory on Ivory aggression increased X 3
Since, the only statistic that can not be lied about by police and media to a statistical significant degree, is murder, with roughly 5% of murders redacted, including the slaying of a Baltimore homicide detective, we can use murders as a general measure of increased violence. For, although only a small measure of violence involves murder or even firearms, and murders are increasingly being committed without firearms, I would suggest that the above information on increased aggression associated with increased murder may serve to provide a view behind the media-police curtain into the reality of human hunting in America.
The only decrease in aggression is by police on blacks. All other forms of aggression, with 13% of the population formerly gravely oppressed by police, committing over 50% of said aggression, have expanded.
The typical increase in ethnic and police aggression and aggression overall is X3, compared to the increase in murder of x 1/3. The 1/3 increase in Baltimore murders is roughly in line with national 2020 increases. Based on that, and reports from residents and travel in various cities since 2019, I suspect that relative increases in non-lethal violence should track along with murders in a similar ratio.
Okay, I am a math idiot, and readers with brains feel free to correct this conclusion...
If murders increase by 1/3rd and most other forms of violence increase by X3 across the same and adjacent urban space, then I suggest a base multiple of 3X3 or 9.
Time for my back of fist correction...
Checking the table of 10 types of sub-lethal aggression that increased
we have 10+5+2+3+5+3+3+5+3+2+3+2+3...
Equals: 49
Divided by 10
Fudge says X 5
So, if murders increase times 1/3rd
And other aggression increases X 5 [and is hidden by police and media]
Then a 29.4% increase in reported murders, corrected to 30% by adding the 5% of redacted murders, should indicate...
Come on Hamslice, your dumbass can do it...
5 x 3, eh, roughly, making the given area where murders have increased likely to be experiencing a 10-15-fold increase in other forms of aggression over the same time in the same space.
This is highly dependent on how many Blue and Ebony aggressors are present, as they are the main violent actors, I suspect, serving the same vile masters.
This estimate fits well with Portland, where murders that doubled from 30-to-60, roughly, are accompanied by a 10-15 fold increase in shootings and a zero-to uncountable incidence of random unprovoked Ebony on Ivory violence in a city only 4.4% Ebony.
Ironically, I have it on good authority that labor protesters of Ivory Guilt Hue are being beaten and brutalized by private security goons from outside of Portland and that these goons are urban Ebony men from other cities. I have seen the same thing happen in Baltimore in 2016. I have also noted that private cops in Chicongo, Denver and Oakland, tasked with making sure I wear a mask outside on the train platform are masked if Ivory and unmasked if Ebony, marking a clear moral hierarchy.
A new knightly order has arisen to serve the Postmodern Feudal Church of Modernity in its crusade against Thought.
If the six year Baltimore murder-aggression clinic is applicable to other cities that have experienced the same murder spike since their federally-managed BLM riots, then I suspect that an increase in murders of 30% will be indicative of an increase in lesser aggression of:
-300% to 500% depending on the virility and relative numbers of the Ebon Knights serving the Church of Modernity.
What is really thrilling is the prospect that Killadelphia might dethrone Chicongo as the heavyweight champion in the murder bowl.
Baltimore murders to date in the closing days of September are:
32 kills [18 “race unknown,” including poor Devin Turner] over the last 30 days
257 on the year
on pace to finish at 310-320, dependent on weather conditions
with blunt force being the second cause of death in winter and spring and stabbing the secondary cause in summer and autumn. This indicates that Tobacco Bandits own the warm months at close range and Ebony Kangs the colder months.
-1. Hosay, Miguel, Haysuse, etc.
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