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Sixteen Meat-Candles
Supply Side Wreckonomics Backdate: 10/7/21
© 2021 James LaFond
“Sixteen shootings the other day, half within a mile of my house. Not at all uncommon. Twice as many murders as Seattle [which has thrice the population] so I am feeling really good about that. We have a good chance to break 100 homicides this year, my fingers remain crossed.”
-Portlander, Thu, Sep 30
“My...friend works at a Walmart distribution warehouse and he says they have shipping containers piling up they are not allowed to unload... Despite costs of material skyrocketing we are super busy at work and most construction guys around here are at it and it doesn't make sense, in the past high prices caused a shutdown.”
-Chicagoan, Wed, October 6, 2021
“Fulfilling my civic duty today. Apparently having 2 separate convictions for assault on a police officer excludes me from jury duty.”
-Portlander, Wed, Oct 6, 2021
“Philly 422 [murders,] let's do this!”
-Philadelphian, Wed, Oct 6, 2021
“Do you know why Rusty's podcast disappeared? I really liked when you two did shows.”
-Virginian, Thur, Oct 7, 2021
As I reviewed these texts this morning and sorted juniper berries for the Colonel on Bob's couch, we were watching various counter-culture news reports: more record low temperatures, the Brits are out of petrol, the Dutch are out of natural gas and shutting down massive greenhouse production, the Chinks are out of coal and shutting down industrial production. All of which is not happening according to the Media priesthood as Jupiter begins to form part of a stronger magnetic field in the outer solar system to counterbalance the slumber of Helios, who its seems is going down for a 60 year nap. The Maunder Minimum from 1640 to 1710, saw the reshaping of China, Europe and the Americas. Jove was the God of Thunder for a reason when mankind emerged from the Bronze Age Collapse circa 750 B.C..
I don't know the big picture other than that we are headed into an Ice Age. Whether that age will herald the next major ice age or simply another 600-year little Ice Age God only knows.
However, as further proof that the elites, politicians and managerial class in general are smarter than we are, they are doing things that run counter to their stated goal of serving us. This might indicate duplicity. Last year BLM was repurposed as a paramilitary force for hood. The problem is, that with 13% of the population given the green light to hunt Whitey to extinction, they were only able to raise their murder rate from 53% to 56% with much of these killings of their own nightly [no typo] class. Reinforcements were needed.
Note, this is one way to mend a supply chain...
Six weeks ago our rulers murdered the president of Haiti. Since then at least 60,000 Haitians have mustered at the Texas border and the Border Patrol has been stood down. I would suggest that these worthies are ready for BLM duty and should be issued a machete and a case of rum each and granted asylum and amnesty. This would certainly make America a better place. You see, there is not just a supply chain problem with groceries, but for thuggery as well. How is 13% of the population going to transform every American city into Baltimore with out reinforcements?
Help a brutha out!
As for the construction continuing despite material prices that would have previously stopped it, and Walmart forbidding distribution of their own goods:
It sounds to me like these outfits are banking on hyperinflation, that perhaps they know that the destruction of the current monetary system is in progress or soon to be underway and that in the end only owners of real stuff: food, clothing, manufactured goods, the aptly named real estate will have real wealth.
As for groceries, since 2009 any grocer worth his salt has tried to convert money into stock [as money loses value in the bank and no longer earned interest as of 2008] that could be bought at current prices and sold later at risen current prices, incurring minimal loss.
I hope those containers hold machetes, for the season is nigh and one of the only things I can still do as well as a younger man, is fight with machetes and compatible weapons such as umbrellas and sticks.
As for Rusty, he just ghosted without a word to me and did not respond to my queries concerning his well being. This points up a shortage of real discussion, or the conversation about reality, the reality we are told is something other than what it is. Virtually everyone who ever contacted me about having such discussions between 2017 and 2020 has ghosted over this past year, with not a word in my direction indicating that they were breaking ties with me. This speaks to me as fear. I hope they are well.
This also speaks to me about another broken supply chain—reality-based information. For about 7 months of the year, I am either in too poor of health or not online, and unable to carry on such discussions. I am no longer willing to have a discussion with anyone who I do not know by their real name, except for women, who should be wearing veils and toiling behind curtained precincts anyhow. I have no problem with people I know using an alias. But in my experience, everyone who contacted me under an alias ended up ghosting. In the end this means the work we did together is lost and that you would have been better served by me writing among muses rather than rambling among ghosts.
Someone will step into the breach, as nature abhors a vacuum.
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nc     Dec 23, 2021

There is always the Myth of the 20c guys.....
Jackmaninov     Dec 23, 2021

That’s quite a shame about Rusty. I only noticed about a month ago, when I was listening through my old downloaded podcasts, and suddenly I couldn’t grab any episodes of his.

If you’re reading Rusty, or you are someone with an archive of his podcast, please consider making it available to download somehow.
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