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What Enables Leviathan
Musings on Social Control
© 2021 James LaFond
What Enables Leviathan
Musings on Social Control :9/15/21
Writing Beyond the Pale has been challenging in part because characters must be placed in a setting of total social control and either embrace or reject it. Yes, one can take the middle road and subvert it, but that is an embrace, like a woman offering to cook a meal for the man who just raped her in hopes of poisoning him. Sure, one could runaway and not fight the system, but that is even more of a rejection than fighting, as the runaway is not bound by respect for the power of violence that is the means of control to wage a contest, but separates.
This morning as I proof His Augment of Truth, chapter 6 of the tale of The Seven Fantastic Heresies of Heshman Shew Mote, I wonder, what are the voluntary, willful opinions about right and wrong that have rendered us the most slavish and complaisant society since The Bronze Age, and further, to enable we its slaves to envision the system that hates us as our servant?
The overall mechanism is, I suspect, Remote Mass Empathy, something that the Roman Imperators used on two fronts in a doomed bid to sustain onward into the face of Time.
These were of four types:
-1. Mass spectator sports, chariot races in the Circus Maximus, combats in the Arena, which caused people to develop the compulsion to pick sides in a fight that was not there own. This is echoed today in sports and in the Good Guy Bad Guy mythology that underpins our society.
-2. Beast fighting was more popular than gladiator combat among the masses and served the purpose of demonstrating that the State was the Savior of the Masses, that the state intercedes between man and beast, man and nature, and chains nature to man's tiny passions. This is currently expressed in the sham Anthropomorphic Global Warming Cult as well as the Shamdemic mythology and it's subordinate Mask Cult.
-3. Bread and meat to eat were distributed by the giver of these public spectacles making the state the father and mother of the people. This is reflected today in the sciences of advertising and and just on time consumption. 2020 saw a crisis as the overuse of 2 threatened belief in 3. the system has corrected this in the short term. But just like the animals slain in the arena would eventually be driven to extinction, so will the businesses destroyed in the shamdemic eventually cease to provide the mothering security of the mass stomach necessary for near total slavish devotion to the State.
-4. Punishments were perhaps the greatest draw in Roman public life, in which the masses cheered the doom of “bad guys” burned, tortured, slain and eaten in the public space. This was so important to social control that it stands as the least unique Roman achievement. For public executions from Bronze Age stoning to modern American lynchings—no conducted via the media and social media as identity erasing rituals that go beyond biological death into the metaphysic—continue to obsess us. In many ways the cities burned in 2020 were collectively lynched by the media.
Below I list the key beliefs that the reader might hold that ensures his enslavement:
-1. That some third party must protect you from your neighbor.
-2. That some third party must control who is your neighbor.
-3. That some third party must control your neighbor's behavior, what he eats, drinks, smokes, injects and ultimately thinks and believes.
-4. That all the world belongs to you, that its timber, oil, uranium and such should be made available for your use by some great force in service to your mighty desires and boundless thirsts.
-5. That some third party treats the far reaches of the world as if they are your neighbors, enforcing civic and religious beliefs upon societies that you have no contact with.
This cascade of proxy aggression eventually results in someone singing in a church about peace and love everlasting cheering when his actual neighbor is sent around the world to murder an iron age goat herd for the crime of making his wife live as women lived in Scripture and Gospel, and feeling like the vast beast that owns him did not serve him dutifully enough after the result of his neighbor's dismemberment and drug addiction and the goatherd's annihilation and replacement by a tougher goatherd, failed to produce a world where every nation was not only enslaved to the Beast of State, but to the Bitch of Hate—the American Woman, who tells you what to believe and calls the cops to take you away when you fail to grovel with every word she says.
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