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Crackpot Christmas
What they Are Stealing in Harm City
James, I saw this, had to send it. 
I have gauged petty crime levels for some time by checking if two products are locked up.... condoms and baby formula.
But this is a whole new level.
Don Quotays 

Advent America Link

Seans Gym
Tomorrow is the grand opening of the gym. Check out this short walk through. I'll have more videos soon.
You can link it if you want my friend. We will have a larger group and more videos from this Saturday. Send your derelicts my way!

Hey James, 
You might enjoy this podcast episode. 
The gist of it is that as heat generated by the muscles increases, this heat disrupts the ATP in the muscles.  This disruption causes both a decrease in strength and endurance and a decrease in willpower in order to prevent the person's body from overheating and damaging organ systems.  There are three main cooling areas in humans: the face, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.  Therefore if one cools one or more of these areas during rest whilst performing exercise one can increase the number of reps or increase distance if doing endurance work.  The cooling can't be too cold or it slows the blood returning back to the interior of the body.  
Huberman stated that in one study subjects were to do as many pullups as they could in as many sets as they could do.  The next day they came and did the same except they cooled their palms between sets.  The result was something like going from 100 total reps the first day to 180 the second day.  That is a huge increase especially for the day after doing max reps.  
He also states that it is more efficient to cool a person down using the palms, soles and face rather than cooling the neck or core.  Cooling the core after a workout may disrupt the potential gains from the session but I forgot the mechanism by which this happens.  

Hi James,
It would be great if you could interviewed by Tim Kelly (Our Interesting Times podcast). Unfortunately, I couldn't find any contact info except through Joe Atwill's page.
However, I just remembered he knows the Myth of 20th Century guys, so they know how to get in touch with him.  And you know the Myth guys.  So, Bingo!  If you can get his contact info from the Myth, then you or me or someone (Lynn?)  could broach it with Tim Kelly.  Your research on Plantation America (and other subject matter of yours, of course) is right in his wheelhouse. Or some better metaphor lol.
Here's links to episodes of interview between Tim and the Myth guys:
Here's Tim's podcast page:
Some better metaphor lol.
-British National

Thank you everyone. Here is to interesting times.

Last Minute Missive
Can you fkn believe this?
- VaxxZombie Chuck
7:49 PM (31 minutes ago)
Yes, VZC, I do believe this—its NEWSLAW.
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NCDec 21, 2021

happy YULE!
VCZDec 24, 2021

Merry Xmas everybody.
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