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The One in One Journal
A Free-Thinking Combat Arts Thread in Gloriana's Gaudy Tapestry: 12/29/21
© 2021 James LaFond
[A Fellow fighter from oversees who has been corresponding for some time now has a print journal out. As the world goes full Bantu his work may be of some practical use. Most combat arts folks have stopped training, but some keep going. I wish Jeth and his crew the best. Check out the stat block at the bottom of the page for reasons to work on survival skills...]
Hi James,
thank you for this message. Apologies for the late response but I'll combine it with wishing you Yuletide greetings and all the best for 2022.
Looks like our overlords here on devil's island are gearing up to imprison us again from next week, so all training will be shut down again - we're going to try and carry on in private if it's workable. We have a small circle of trustworthy people now who don't fear the common cold...even before the latest edicts, most people had the "fear" and wouldn't even show up any more. Keeping going is just an act of defiance at this point.
I've been writing a lot for my students on Substack, some now published in print too and I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to do this - thank you James.
Take care and warmest regards to you and yours,
Evening James,
thanks so much for the message.
You can find my writing here:
Archive - The One In One Journal
Full archive of all the posts from The One In One Journal.
It's a familiar mix of free and paywalled content.
I use it as a way of writing about subjects and also drills etc that I share with students in training sessions. All of my social media accounts were censored - FB, IG etc so the print copies are just to create backups of work done.
A print book of all of selected articles is available here:
Self Defence: Articles and conversations from The One In One Journal - Vol. 1: Randolph, Jeth: 9798785168398: Books
Self Defence: Articles and conversations from The One In One Journal - Vol. 1 [Randolph, Jeth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Self Defence: Articles and conversations from The One In One Journal - Vol. 1
If you have a physical address somewhere that I could ship to for you to pick up from I could mail you over a copy...?
Warmest regards,
Full Bantu!
"I'm Not F***King Around" - Pickaxe-Weilding Woman Robs LA Rite Aid | ZeroHedge
A pickaxe-yielding woman in broad daylight casually walked into an LA-based Rite Aid, stole merchandise and then threatened store employees and customers with her large weapon, video footage shows.
Kilt to Date for 2021
Chicago = 767
Philly = 521
NYC = 443
LA = 352
Memphis = 333 [maybe unseating Baltimore as Middleweight Champ]
Milwaukee = 178
Baton Rogue = 137
Columbus Ohio = 179 [Little Somalia on deck!]
As the world stops messing around and goes full Bantu training against the odd pickaxe attack or hobgoblin abduction event is recommended.
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