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‘Grinding Poverty’
Yeti Waters Wants to Know Why Violent Crime is the Kangly Way: 12/26/21
© 2022 James LaFond
My man asked this question while driving this old hoodrat to the train station a week ago today.
“James LaFond, the crime you describe in Baltimore, of four men beating up a teenager just to get a smart phone that they hock for fifty dollars, this makes no sense. I was homeless for eight years, in and out of the King County jail. If I committed a crime it was to get ahead, not just continue in grinding poverty. Help me understand this mentality because it seems like it might be coming my way.”
First, my man is twice as smart as the men he seeks to understand. These people that have been born and bred and forged in the crucible of hate fired by their elite white masters in their glassine towers of privilege to make of cities and suburbs wastelands, are just above retarded. They have excellent instincts for aggression and a feral cunning quenched in a life utterly devoid of any notion of justice. They have been raised in a world of pure power and predation punctuated by ease and privilege.
You see, the feral kangs of Baltimore and other eastern shithole cities do not live in grinding poverty, and have not lived in poverty for the entire span of my 58 years on earth. They have always had more than I, who worked multiple jobs, with the exception of the 4 years I managed a supermarket. Their motivation is not relief from poverty, for they live better than the Kings of Antiquity, do not work, have air conditioning and housing and medication.
In Baltimore City there are less than a thousand homeless people. They are mostly feral male palefaces, who make up only 10% of the population. Just like the old song said, “Poppa was a rolling stone” because he could always lay his hat and call it home.
The few homeless women pack up with rabid crackheads in huddles of ten and twenty. Some 300 homeless sleep on the porch of the main post office by night. Baltimore is too dangerous for homeless to survive in less than squad strength. Homeless couples move to bus stops and wooded highway medians in the suburbs. Panhandling palefaces clear the street before dark and huddle in camps by the railroad tracks or squat in vacant houses.
These are the few people who live in grinding poverty.
These are not the people that attack you.
These are not the lions [cops] or hyenas [thugs] that hunt the wasteland of Baltimore, but rather the jackals of Harm City.
As I proved definitively in 40,000 Years from Home, almost all violence is directed downward on the socio-economic scale, with those who have more attacking those who have less:
-4 cops, each making 100K or more a year beating to death my unemployed friend
-4 youths with $800 smart phones hunting me in new $200 dollar sneakers as I try and make it to my job making $10 an hour in a 30-year-old jacket and splitting boots
-a “trigger puller” near the top of a gang set killing a dope-slinger on a street corner who makes a quarter of the cash his killer makes.
In the phony academic would of poverty causing violence, where the peaceful monk, and nun and hermit embracing poverty are forgotten, and the fact that kings have sent poor boys to die in their wars of greed and ambition for ages blithely overlooked, gazelles hunt lions to get ahead in the world. But in Reality, lions hunt gazelles to maintain their place in the hierarchy of predation that is life on this cruel and unforgiving rock.
Below is the actual life cycle of urban predation in eastern cities. Note that the computer does not identify predation as a word, and underlines it in red. Our society is so distorted by utopian ideals that the state of predation is not recognized in much of our language.
The elite pay the poor mother not to marry the father of her children, eliminating the family structure.
The man is cast out and sleeps with various women to earn his rest, getting her with child so that she can maintain her hair style, extensive wardrobe, $500 purses, jewelry, SUV, manicure, most recent communication technology, cable TV, well-fed rounded figure and housing.
The man who seeks to get with this woman is not the mother of her other children, and can offer her 18 years of 2,000 a month income by impregnating her. She tops out at 5 children, that is $10,000 a month in housing, cash, medical and food. Her daughter, pregnant at 15 and collecting her own government money, is worth less than her son, who might also bring in drug income and if killed by cops, law suit money.
Weed night comes.
The man only has to supply weed and liquor and other drugs. All his crimes are typically aimed at wooing his quean, so that he can lay with the quean in urban dream. She does not take these risks, her kang does.
Once the Weed King arrives, the girls are put safely with the baby boys in a side room. The boys of vocal age, from ten and up, are set out on the street for the night. These weekly orphans form packs and begin working as lookouts and runners for gangs. When packed up these kids will hunt lone homeless men. Some such packs will be sent specifically to hunt white folks to get things for their mamma.
By age 16, such youths have become formidable hunters of humans and may be armed and deadly. They usually operate on foot and by mass transit, usually in threes.
By the time these youths become men they will begin to operate by car-jacked and borrowed and stolen vehicles hunting mostly loan pedestrians, most often of their own race, young men trying to make a modest living being beaten and stomped for their phone and bank card. Phones are sold for from $30 to $100. Back packs, coats, jackets, sneakers, taken from the prey are given to relatives. These men operate in groups of 2-5 and are usually outside of the drug hierarchy but might be employed by drug operators for muscle or transportation.
So, the man who has grown from weed night orphan, to youth man-hunter, to the very wolf of the streets [1] cruising with his mates in a chariot taken by force or fraud, shows up at some quean’s door and the sons of her other paramours are driven out into the streets to begin again that sacred cycle of strife without which the cities of America would remain infested with that scourge of capitalism that Western Civilization is dedicated to destroy: the family.
I see the intentional twisting of the kangly family into the queanly brood as the key element used by the Anglo elites to destroy and drive forth the hated working class American family from their cities of sterile dream out into the wasteland of the suburban feed lot of lost souls. Once housed in suburbia the enemy classes of the elite may be divided and subdued with media and drugs into an easily managed mass of addicts and didacts.
-1. Note that no one challenges the apex predators except in the federally mandated riots that come every third generation. If poverty was the cause of crime than these thugs would be carjacking cops and taking their stuff, holding them for ransom, cutting into the cops’ drug business and demanding protection they like the Mexican cartels do. Though these hyenas of the streets are dim of intellect, the have good instincts and seem to know that they and the cops serve the same masters.
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Shep     Feb 14, 2022

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