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White Man’s Burden
Part One of the Metaphysics of LaFond Writing as Howard: 11/29/21
© 2022 James LaFond
“I noticed there are some aspects of the White Man’s Burden in Last Whiteman. How did a man of your Darwinian misanthropy come to write from such a positive direction, if in a dark light.”
-NewMerican Unservative
Great moniker, Sir.
I was not writing as James LaFond, but as Robert E. Howard might have written, after spending time in 1968 Baltimore and Philadelphia, in an alternative future in which Howard did not put a bullet in his brain in 1936.
Clearly, from a reading of the many dozens of Howard stories in which a hero of European race battled on behalf of peoples of other races such as Solomon Kane, Kirby Buckner, El Borak, Conan the Barbarian, his ascent to the concept, at least as a literary device, is firm. Even with Bran Mak Morn, who is clearly of a different racial stock than his fellow Picts, and Kull, who became king of another race’s decaying civilization, Howard beams as a huge fan of the white man’s burden as an adventure trope. He also seemed to believe it as ordained by Fate—a dark fate, almost as if the doomed Norse Gods of Myth lived in his mind as decadent Americans being swallowed by their own material success, with pinstripe suited Loki’s rising on every city block and in every small town’s business center. Edgar Rice Burroughs, who he much admired, spent entire books having Tarzan battle slave trading Arabs on behalf of Africans. Such was half of Solomon Kane’s career spent in mystic alliance with a voodoo man.
However, it was obvious in all of Howard’s writings, that the very civilizations that European humanity raised would destroy their own martial, heroic character—would erode their Honor Culture. First, as a man who is not a Kipling fan, we should cite that famous author as the propagandist chiefly responsible for popularizing that notion that it was the European man’s responsibility, in the aggregate, to save the none-European world from itself. This notion had a specific origin and in my life time accounted almost entirely for the moral justification for: the Vietnam War [over a million dead, 50,000 Americans], the Iraqi, Afghan, Syrian, Libyan, Chad, Nigerian conflicts [accounting for over a million dead, among them some 10,000 and more Americans].
That piece of propaganda, I am told by a third party source [a video documentary] having not actually spoken to Kipling, was written in part or in the main to encourage Americans to support a war in the Philippines, by which tribes enslaved by the Spanish for lo those 400 years, who then revolted against their American oppressors at the dawn of The Bloodiest Human Century, needed to be conquered for their own good, as if they had not survived on those islands for thousands of years and needed some fucking redneck with a rifle to make it possible.
At least the Spanish and the Mongols were honest about their conquests, which is the rub about the white man’s burden, that it is a transposition of an honorable cause upon an honorless imperialistic undertaking and is thus a lie and in its basic nature is counter—in the very inception of its birth as a concept—to its stated higher nature.
In other words, the white man’s burden is 100% bullshit.
The simple American mind sees it as a less multifaceted deceit than it was and still is.
The simple conservative mind sees the white man’s burden as racial self sacrifice of white men giving up their lives in America and Europe so that brown men around the world can drink cleaner water, brown women will not have to wear veils, and brown children will be able to sing on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and conduct the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. Every service man I know tells me how lucky the nations upon which their boots tread were to be conquered by them, how lucky the local hookers were to be paid for sucking their cocks, etc.
The liberal progressive American sees the white man’s burden as a lie engineered to enrich all whites at the expense of all non-whites. This is just as retarded as the Conservative view, well, more so. At least the conservative Christian soldier paid LuLu for sucking his dick and thus contributed actual money and DNA to her society.
Above is the false polarity, the alternating current of the lie that is the heartbeat of the American Dream.
However, as a crackpot, high-school dropout and anti-science kook, who believes that civilization is toxic to the human soul and most toxic to the paleface soul, I do not have to consider the ideal, but simply the reality, the results, as experienced by people I knew, two Baltimore boxing coaches and a half dozen Escrima instructors.
First, are the Philipines a First World constitutional republic benefiting from all of the amenities of Western Civilization, as promised by The White Man’s Burden?
What did the U.S. citizenry gain from the war?
A War with Japan, and in Korea and in Vietnam, that took over an additional 150,000 Americans to an early grave. Entire families were not sired by those young men. We also got heroin addiction out of the deal, just peaking, with U.S. overdose deaths [mostly among the hated whites] at an all time high.
Frank Gilbert’s father fought in the Phillipine Insurrection as a U.S. Marine. Franks’ friend, Jimmy Hines fought in the marines in Korea, to save South Koreans from North Koreans.
Jimmy and Frank owned no businesses in Baltimore.
Hundreds of Koreans and Filipinos owned and still own businesses in Baltimore, despite having less than 1% of the population and thus obviously demonstrating that they were preferred by the government regulators as business owners.
What were the results?
Frank worked in sales and Mister Jimmy delivered autoparts, after giving up a promising pro boxing career to fight in Korea.
The Filipinos I knew all had medical jobs, including doctor, that permitted them a much higher standard of living than Frank and Jimmy and guaranteed their children preference in all educated fields over the grandchildren of these men. 2 of my 4 doctors were Filipino.
So, what the U.S. Government did in the Philippines was to send thousands of the types of combative young Americans most likely to vote against higher taxes and most able to revolt, most able to look out for themselves and their family, to a shithole 5,000 miles away, to slaughter tens of thousands of men, women and children [genociding entire tribes] so that, the most cooperative Filipino factions might have their children educated in Los Angeles and Virginia Beach and be favored in education, military service and employment over the descendants of the men who murdered their countrymen.
I suppose that there is a kind of justice there, if one looks at things macro-racially rather than morally and eschews any notion of honor.
By and by, the Insurrection is still ongoing, at least in Mindinoa and U.S. servicemen still die every few years or so in operations there, largely, in order to insure that Americans cannot get jobs at hospitals in the United States.
That is how I see the White Man’s Burden and how Howard, as a former Depression Era populist, would have seen it in 1968, as class warfare, waged by white war pigs via their white war slaves against all of mankind.
As to the honorless aspect of The White Man’s Burden, that will be discussed Part 2: White Man’s Coffin.
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NC     Feb 22, 2022

Join the contractor, travel to exotic places, rape their woman and generally reap the riches of an impoverished nation.
Terres Rouges     Nov 29, 2022

I'm probably the last person to realize that the white man's burden might simply be the anglo Saxon version of the liberal Chaldean's savior complex.
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