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'What Do You Keep in Your Pockets?'
Miss Emm Wonders What a Hobo Keeps on His Mobile Person: 11/2/21
© 2022 James LaFond
“I'm sorry for thinking you were handicapped, sitting there with the eye patch on. You are clean and articulate so that I wouldn't take you for homeless. I'm so far in debt I'll never move from here. One wonders what a person would keep on them as the wandered.”
-Miss Emm
The following is my normal, current personal carry array in late autumn and early winter in Portland, beginning with attire, from top to bottom.
-Military Jump boots and long cotton socks
-Krav Maga or carpenter's pants, formerly jeans under cargo shorts
-jock strap—two if working or hiking or backpacking or taking the train
-briefs or boxers
-hooded sweat shirt
-ski cap
-rosary and/or Saint Christopher's medallion
-inside pocket over heart: pen and pocket callendar, spare mask
-left slot pocket: folded paper towel
-left front pocket: mini mag light, mask
-right slot pocket: folded paper towel
-left front pocket: empty, to keep knife hand warm
-left side: Leatherman multi-tool in case
-right front: 3-inch skinning knife suspended from belt on chord and butt down in front pants pocket
-front right slot pocket: keys
-back right pocket: small cash wallet
-back right pocket: big bill and I.D. Wallet
-right pocket: change under butt of skinning knife
-left front pocket: dumb phone
-right outside slot pocket: eye-patch & seizure medicine in plastic baggie
-right outside pleated snap pocket: potassium & salt in glass vile, earbuds, ear plugs and foil-wrapped memory stick in plastic baggie
-left outside pleated snap pocket: maps, train tickets, check book, motel receipts, enemy scalps...
That is pretty much it.
My three most important carry items are, in order of first importance:
-1. Knife
-2. Memory stick
-3. Big bill I.D. wallet
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