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Pacific Coast League
Yeti Waters and the Crackpot Discuss West Coast Crime: 1/12/22
© 2022 James LaFond
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
By late October it was becoming clear to me that we would not break triple digits.  Demographics, you understand. 
[Bro, 4.5% Bantu population and you almost tripled the Pre Floydian Age murder rate! That is awesome.]
We finished the year with 90, which is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous record set in 1987, which was a mere 66.  
[The murders seem to involve a lot of California connections, both shooters and eaters of lead, as well as FBI operatives. I am convinced that many of the no-casualty, no brass shootings, are cops using training ammo to build support for refunding.]
Our snobby big sister up north, that rainy emerald bitch Seattle logged 43. 
[When I got off the train in Sheattle, it was exactly like Portland, but more dystopian with the big modern architecture soaring over the same shitty blue tarp tent cities. The cops will not arrest a thief unless it is $5,000-plus in stolen goods—so they are only interested in thieves with trucks! With the replacement of rednecks with other demographics in The Trades, the job site thievery is actually grinding big billion dollar [no million] projects to a halt, as tweakers are also invading the job sites and repelling down to ground level with bags of tools. As with Portland and California, car jacking victims almost exclusively women and Asian.]
The limp wristed city of San Francisco weren't ALL too busy putting flowers in their hair to chalk up 55, just barely keeping the local florists financially afloat it would seem.  
[This is pretty impressive for a city full of homos.]
And Boise.....oh Boise.  What is that, like French for "berry"? A quick online search tells me the berry bunch ain't nothing but a bunch of pacifists.  4 homicides.  4.  
[Okay, Idaho is an interesting case, crawling with feds and Ghost Guerillas as it is.]
  On a brighter note, here in the Rose City the gang is tightening up their game, taking no shit and keeping their ammo dry.  Two homicides by gun on January 1, and another one today.  Statistically, we are on track for 500 this year so far, but we all know numbers lie.
[I like your prediction. Weather in Portland permits more winter game hunting. I suspect that murders will not go below 90 in Portland until there is another paradigm shift.]
  I'm gonna go all in and make a prediction right here and now that we will lay exactly 106 souls to rest this year. If we're at 105 before the ball drops on new year's eve, I'll go shoot a fool myself before the clock strikes midnight.  A man has to stand for SOMETHING. 
[Glad to hear you found religion.]
Hope all is well up there.  It's been cold as hell down here.  Black ice all the way to the coast every night for me.  Hate that shit.  
We all miss you.
-Yeti Waters, January 2 2022
By the time this posts I will have spent March in Portland and be heading back East. Concern for self defense has had two men ask me about training right before heading up to Cascadia. I hope to leave a training group behind for Portland Joe to work with. I just ditched for 5 hours today on an old railroad bed and I feel about like I did after Rico knocked me out at the Maryland Open in 2006.
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