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Lie of the Feeble
The metaphysics of Trashcanistan with Marius: 1/13/22 and 2/10/22
© 2022 James LaFond
Lie of the Feeble
The metaphysics of Trashcanistan with Marius: 1/13/22 and 2/10/22
[Crackpot Comments in brackets.]
Hi James,
Hope you're keeping well. shouldn't be too long until the debt market cracks and the whole shit show crumbles.
[I think that the reason for political correctness ruling civics in America and the fact that most postmodern technology is dedicated to spying, is that material debt economics is in peril and the functionaries of Late Modernity are scrambling to establish a moral debt market in its place.]
Somewhat related to this, is my frustration with the losers who spew forth this everyone is equal nonsense.
[It is so interesting that a society addicted to sports and celebrity can believe in equality. Never in my working life have a seen any evidence that we humans are approximately equal in any general or specific sense.]
I'm willing to entertain the notion that on a spiritual level, everyone’s soul may be worth the same to the Great Inca. Whatever. It may be true.
[If God made us all in such variance, how could such an eternal designer apply the fiction of equality to our imperishable essence? In terms of creation, as a writer of over 200 books, how could I seriously opine or even emotively express that my creation Good Morning Dindustan is equal in any way to the Jericho Bone or Last Whiteman? It is interesting that we, as humans, are so inclined to deny that God might make inferior humans to test and improve superior ones. Our general tendency to deny God latitude, for us meat-sticks to insist that The Creator cannot change his mind, alter his designs, or himself expand, redact or amend His Laws, is an expression of our tendency towards slave thinking.]
From your writings I gather you believe we are being consumed by some greater entity as food, just as we farm livestock. This could likely be true, and in which case the narrative that everyone is equal would be a double lie.
[Caviar and circus peanuts are equal before the great taste tester? I doubt that. I do not hold many beliefs, rather mostly curiosities. I do believe in a Creator, God, the Unmoved Mover, the Cause Uncaused. I do not believe, as most who believe in Eternity, that Eternity plays strictly by our interpretations of its rules, and that the rules of the Cosmos must go unchanged. This is a contradiction, we within Time, holding that HE, beyond, above, before and after Time must abide by our interpretations of The Eternal.]
[Even within the great monotheistic religious traditions, there is a supreme lack of monotheism, but a very complex polytheism. Christians insist that there is “only one God” and in so doing utterly ignore Genesis and insist on mis-characterizing pre-Christian faiths. God says We and in Our image, prior to the creation of man. According to pre-Christian, pre-Judaic and pre-Muslim theology, angels, demons and devils are classed as gods that are not eternal and are subject to the one, Almighty, Time-Holding, Eternal Power. Just as Satan competes with God for influence over humanity, so did Prometheus afront “Zeus Almighty,” eternal “Sower and reaper of gods and Men” whose powers exceed all other supernatural beings combined. Just as an angry child might step on his father’s pet kitten, or even slay it, a lesser power may have direct, corrosive and even consumptive relationships with the living creations of a greater—even ultimate—power.]
incidentally, this concept is superbly told in a video game called Halo. 
The setting is brilliant. its about 500 years from now, where humans have colonised the galaxy and are in the midst of a war between the United Nations and those dastardly separatists who dont want to pay tax or whatever.
To win the war, children with the best genetics are conscripted into a super soldier program to become Spartans. Here they get treated like shit and augmented into giant juiced up commandos through drugs, gene therapies and sci fi stuff like putting metal into their bones and finally giving them power armour.
[I have seen this on Cheeze-it’s boxes under this brand, focusing on the supreme combat superiority of hot babes over hulking commandos.]
While this is going on, aliens begin wiping out colonies and military bases alike, leaving the humans on the back foot.
the Covenant are a collection of alien races united by worship of ancient technology by a previous civilisation and a genocidal jihad against humanity. The writers of this game really understand how power works. The leaders of the covenant (the Prophets) are a race of decrepit fiends who float around on flying couches and look like a cross between mr burns and your local taliban cleric. They are supported by bushido style lizard warriors (Elites) and gigantic barbarian ape/yetis (Brutes) who are engaged in their own power struggle for the privilege of guarding the Prophets. There are two other races of lesser creatures of Jackals and Grunts who are also engaged in power struggles against each other. The whole thing is brilliant, as it captures how physical inequality dictates heirarchy, yet at the top of the pyramid are the most degenerate and most cunning. 
[It sounds fascinating.]
One interesting thing about this series, is that unlike most media today, it manages to embody the heroic elements of humanity. Obviously it would take a war against Extra Terrestrials for us to unite, and try to make the BEST humans we possibly could, rather than extract the talent to put in an arena/stage/private mansion while degenerating and poisoning everyone else.
[I would think, having studied history, that the arrival of extraterrestrials would place man in separate warring camps, and that just like most Indians and Africans and Polynesians sided with the European invaders, that most humans would side with the aliens in hopes of getting alien goodies to be used against rival humans. In the absence of aliens, I suppose that the fact that most humans side with governments against their fellow humans being eaten by those same governments, is a current proof of this trend for us to abandon our pack to become the dogs in service to our hunters.]
Anyway, the Covenant are convinced that their destiny is to activate some artifacts left by the Forerunners - a long dead caretaker Civilisation. The Forerunners held  "The Mantle of Responsibility" - which was their self appointed mission to foster the development of consciousness in the universe.
They were master builders, who while adept at war, considered it to be beneath them. Their main aim was to observe species growth and bomb them back to the stone age if they got to uppity - which they did to humans at one stage.
[A nod to the Golden Age vision of civilization cycles?]
At some point though the Forerunners dropped the ball and created a monster called the Flood. This took the form of a parasite thats only aim was to consume the experiences of sentient life. Picture really bad mould that can take over bodies, machines and planets.
The Forerunner couldn't beat them using conventional means, as the Flood could replicate with just a single spore. The only way to stop the Flood was to starve them... so they built giant dyson spheres (hence the name Halo) that generate a gigantic energy pulse to kill all sentient life in the galaxy, including themselves.
Afterwards, their ARK reseeded the planets with DNA specimens and it all started again.
This correpsonds a lot to mythology i've been hearing related to the Nommo (not a video game alien but a real one). Supposedly the Nommo, who by the descriptions offered appear to be aquatic (possibly mermaids/poseidon type creatures) came from another planet to earth and tinkered with the early hominids to create a vessel in which to transfer the consciousness.
[It does sound that this halo fiction has extracted a lot of congruent elements from holy writ and mythology, especially The Book of Enoch. It would be fun to be a young guy slapping together one of these universes with other nerds while mining myth for fodder.]
This lines up with the concept of continuous reincarnation that can be understood through meditation such as vipassana. I don't know if you've heard of this practice, but it involves sitting still and shutting up for over a week - almost impossible for modern people.
[I have zero knowledge of meditation as a practice and have never been curious about it.]
This is what the Buddha figured out, and taught to his disciples. Its really quite simple - all sensations are either Craving or Aversion. if you can sit still and not react to these sensations, you can heal your traumas, access memories from past lives and eventually stop generating more karmic debts and allow yourself to die and move onto a higher plane of existence.
[I disagree with the Craving and Aversion polarity, only because it does not apply to me, not on any principle or theory, though it’s simplicity, like American Myth and politics, should hold mass appeal.]
From my understanding, Jesus was simply a buddhist monk, who travelled to burma and learned this technique and tried to bring it back. Obviously the Chosen People and the Romans did not want some carpenter causing a ruckus by teaching people they were actually equal. At least not until they had time to co-opt the message into favouring servitude and docility. 
[Well, this is way above my pay grade. Jason Jorjani has done a lot of work in this area. Based on how Jesus has been promoted so differently by so many religious denominations, based on the same holy writ, I would not be surprised to discover that he was, let’s say, a Scythian mystic, or an Apollonian savant or even a Jewish insurrectionist, whose message was co-opted by some devious mind dedicated to hunting down his followers. There was a lot of intercourse with Indian by Roman agents during this period.]
What do you think of this concept?  
You've said before, that you dont believe most peoples souls are robust enough to handle the destruction of the material body.
[Yes, I suspect that we are mostly food for devils, demons and angels who wait beyond the veil of life to devour us as we trundle up the meat-chute of souls. I also suspect that this feeding is against the will of what Wolfe called “the Outsider,” the Christ, the Savior, who attempts to guide human souls away from this metaphysical predation and onward to conjunction with The Eternal.]
This could be true. Could they simply be new souls who haven't got previous experience to draw upon, thus being easily manipulated?
[Sure, I’m working on Wake Christopher, as I read this, a novel about a Roman soldier sent into the future by Christ in thanks for a kindness while he was on the cross. I do not buy into the self-improvement reincarnation doctrines common today. I suspect that reincarnation is a targeted act by a higher power that serves as a blessing, a curse or a mission for a particular soul. I do entertain many alternative and contradictory notions because, not knowing, because I am not God, lives me the latitude to wonder, what if?]]
And where does this notion that we're all equal snowflakes come from?
[It ultimately comes from the conqueror’s notion that we, the conquered, are all equally in his power. This gets worked into slave metaphysics over time. The notion of humanity as a “flock” a “fold” a body of domesticated herd animals such as sheep, with goats being bad, even though scientists cannot tell the skeletons of ancient goats from those of sheep, might just be a metaphor held over from ancient pastoral societies. Or, this might be a reflection of the fact that our souls are just being cultivated to be devoured by a higher power. It might also be a way of making slaves more docile by equating them with their four-legged slave animals. It does remain, that specialized mono-cropping is the goal—with predictably identical behavior among certain breeds desirable for slave labor and consumption—explicit in the breeding domestic cattle and implicit in the civilization of humans.]
Clearly we're not, which is why we have professional athletes being idolised by human trash.
In my experience, it comes from two types of people. The first lot to pretend we're all equal so they can avoid having to acknowledge what a disgusting failure they are (thats called taking the black pill). The second are genetically privelaged people who have somehow escaped all this degeneration (to an extent anyway) and have an easier life, so they believe it must be the same for everyone. I despise these people, mostly because im not one of them if im honest. 
If i hadn't had all the illness I did, maybe I could have been good at something? most likely I would have had a fun active youth, joined the army and lost my legs in trashcanistan. I had a strange vision once showing exactly that. 
[So your illnesses became a reflected blessing out of the physical past into your metaphysical future?]
Would I be better off now? probably not. but as it stands, I have a lot of grinding ahead to reach my potential. maybe i never will. 
[I have not regarded myself as having measurable potential since age 15. I view my life as a struggle of will in the face of an ultimate failure of body, punctuated by constantly bodily failures.]
There is a lot of fluff about its not the destination, its the journey blah blah blah... but is it?
[I think in terms of destination and do not know why that is my inclination.]
it seems to be pretty clear that biology is destiny. That physiognomy determines how you will be percieved and treated. it has always been the case.
It also seems to be pretty obvious that physically weak men will conquer the world through manipulation. They will harvest the best masculine material to enforce this and castrate the rest. yet at the end of the day, they still cant obtain what strong men can. hence pizza parties. This was really well illustrated in your article about epstiens body guard.
[Thank you—thus the worst supranatural elements fallen from Eternity rule here in posterity.]
Of course this could all be dismissed as narcissism, but i think that these labels are nothing more than a way to categorise outliers and prescribe medication.
[One near ultimate goal among our meat-pupeteers, is to drug us into compliance.]
How did it affect you, realising that you were not going to make it professionally?
[As a fighter or a writer?]
[I knew I would never be a good fighter as of age 14. In both cases it made me suicidal. First, I did not run from black like every other member of my family and became noted among my bantu foes and yeti bros as something of a crazy, which solidified my alienation, but gave me some fractional autonomy, my little space where I can be something other than a slave.]
[As a writer, I also decided on suicide, social and biological suicide, as a writing method that has and will insure my failure as a writer. The only measurement of value in Modernity, is money. My earnings have already peaked and plummeted at a ceiling of 10% of what is regarded as minimal success in my Time and Nation. When money is replaced by social credit, then I will have earned infamy. In order to write what I know cannot sustain my life, I have made various choices not to have medical care for basic things that will very probably kill me. This has given me the only internal pleasure in my life, flipping the middle finger to Our Great God Mammon.]
And what do you think you're life would have been if you did?
[If I had made it as a pro fighter I would have been killed working as a doorman sometime in my 40s, after having enjoyed life rather than suffered it. It would have been a more meaningful life and I would have written nothing.]
[If I had made it as a pro writer, I would be undergoing the process of my young hot young wife divorcing me and taking all of my copyrights and placing me in a mental hospital to be disposed of.]
[In both cases, failure shone like Fortuna upon this wretched caricature of what a boy named Jimmy had once hoped to be.]
This has been a long email, with several threads, but i hope you understood my overall concept.
Marius, this has been fun. Thanks for your interesting observations and the chance to break my own ideas on the anvil of Fate.
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