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‘Switching from Jefferson to Marx’
Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America by David Horowitz, 2018
© 2022 James LaFond
In 2018 agnostic journalist, David Horowitz, wrote a detailed and brief history of the American attack on Christianity. He did so from the naive perspective of a person who believes that this nation was founded with good intention rather than bad intentions, and is therefore scandalized that the machinery of society has been so easily turned against those people that inhabit it. Horowitz does an excellent job of showing how fiends like Margaret Sanger and Sal Alinksi worked with crusading zeal to dismantle the moral framework of a nominally Christian nation and turn it into a religious cult dedicated to worshiping the lowest human faults.
It is commendable that this man who was born and raised as a communist atheist has come to the defense of Christian theists under attack by secular theists, the cultists of the negative. Most Christians, even as they defend their belief, refuse to recognize atheism as a Faith, which is a grave mistake that Horowitz attempts to correct. The belief that there can be no power greater than humanity, must take deeper faith than the opposite proposition. Horowitz presents and excellent brief on how the universal urge within virtually all humans to worship a higher power, has been systematically reassigned to the worship of the Utopian Ideals of a man made paradise on earth.
He does not identify this as Transhuman. That is my assertion.
Of great interest to this reader is Horowitz’s story about why he left atheism and its sub-cults of Marxism, racism and feminism. He was friends with a lady who served as the bookeeper to The Black Panthers circa 1970. This honest woman found that the Black Panthers were stealing from each other, which, as a mud shark, should not have surprised her. She then disclosed the theft and was raped and butchered by the ebony objects of her worship.
To me, this was predictable and actually good, that this happened, for the simply reason that any time feral reality intrudes upon Utopian ideology, this is to the good and served the preservation of some shreds of truth within this vast American matrix of The Lie.
So, what would have caused a snicker from this ivory hoodrat, horrified the idealogue Horowitz into reversing positions. I do not know David, but after reading his book, regard him as a wonderful fool, a good intentioned writer engaged in defending others being attacked by his very kin.
The one thing that Horowitz brings clarity on, is the fact that Christianity—in all of its many warring forms—has served for some 2,000 years as a moral and ethical operating system that partners well with the power and exploitation systems of government to make life bearable for the slaves of government. Christianity needs more than just freedom to flourish, it has relied on government backing for ages and has evolved in that partnership role.
While an older faith has done very well partnering with Corporations instead of nations, Christianity has had very limited success partnering with business. I suspect that the new religion of Transhumanism, which has been raised upon the hateful fury of Atheists, has been introduced so ruthlessly as a way of ushering in a Corporate Age. Corporations, in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s tried to supercede nations, but were reigned in [1857 Indian for instance]. It was not until most first tier modern nations were shattered in 1918 that The Corporations [banks included] moved with a relentless fury to replace those religions that had partnered so well with nation states between 1648 and 1968.
Horowitz seems to have had no idea where this is headed, but he charts the mechanics of the process whereby ancient world religions are being gutted and replaced by global actors, largely via the reliance of the traditional religions on partnership with the Nation State.
This book was purchased for me to review by my host, a Christian who wondered at my opinion on this subject.
My overall opinion is that most major Christian denominations are dependent on Nation States, and are beholding to these secular governments for tax sanctuary, and that by changing or corrupting laws that originated with Christian ethics, Transhumanist NGOs and Corporations seek to raise their collective God of Things. This beastly deity shall feed upon the hopes and dreams of the religion-starved masses who would have once observed traditional religious practices, but are now being inducted into the global usurper religion.
Don’t forget, I’m a crackpot and should be read for entertainment purposes only.
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