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Plague Journal 1
December 19, 2021 thru January 6, 2022
© 2022 James LaFond
“Damn dude. You stomp through the shit hole of Baltimore, drink filthy beer in SE Portland, ride around the country on rolling germ boxes, and then end up catching the plague while doing your impression of clean country living. You really are a hoodrat. Glad you’re feeling better.”
-Yeti Waters
In January 2020, I was here, near the largest medical center in the Pacific Northwest, when the Dread Minus spread out from here as the epicenter. I was very sick, from what I don’t know, coughing up blood. I did have a history of severe bronchitus left over from working freezers overnight and breathing in sub zero forced air, and then working mold-filled mid-temp dairy cases on the next shift. I have bad lungs and never even get upper respiratory symptoms, but anything I catch goes right to my chest.
Over the next two years as the media plague raged and people who died of gunshots and medical neglect were listed as Brovid Deaths, I have not known a single person who died of The Dread Minus. I only knew five people who even had it, or knew that they had
On December 19 The Captain picked me up at the train station and said, “Bro, my son comes back from the military fully νаϲсіոated and sick as shit. The whole house has this shit. Sorry, but I gotta let you know. I think they shot him up with this shit and sent him home to infect us.”
I shook hands with the young man, who turned and coughed and covered his mouth and then washed his hands, and we played cards for hours. The morning after next I was coughing up yellow goo and getting hit by a fever. I spent the week from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve in bed with fever and alternately shoveling snow, ditching and walking dogs in the mountains. The activity seemed to help jar the chest gunk up. Shoveling roofs, The Captain flew off and landed on his back…a high-impact decongestant.
Everybody in this extended gathering got this shit, with four people testing positive. I then found out that two of my friends back east are deathly ill with it. As a medical tech who does Brovid testing told me, “This thing likes men, particularly middle aged men, and it really likes fat dudes.”
Perhaps it is just ironic that 2019-21 saw the surge in NGO-Medical-Government push for male-to-female gender reassignment, right as the disease that prefers men so much more than women hit the ground running.
So, as predicted, the Homocron Variant has brought massive sickness, which is now being down played by the media, blamed on the unvaxxed, who are said to be the people most sickened by it, when they are not. My reports over the past year from nurses and medical techs have been that the most common Dread Minus patient is νаϲсіոated, sometimes even survivors who got νаϲсіոated afterwards and got sick again.
My suspicion is that medical people who resisted vaxxing have been mega dosed with the minus to make examples of them and also:
-that testing is used to spread the minus,
-that νаϲсіոation is used to spread the minus,
-that the timing of January 7th supreme snort hearings on this are a sham that will set the stage for
-some big April scam.
People I know afflicted are 20 times more numerous and twice as sick as those I knew through 2020 and 21.
Of the ten people I shared this local version of the plague with I have the following information for the reader to sort.
-The two people who spread this, one from the hospital where he worked and one from the military base, were νаϲсіոated.
-These two spreaders were the most symptomatic and also physically the most robust and were able to continue normal activity despite severe symptoms. These were both strong alpha males, special operator military veterans, with the younger man recently placing in a 50-mile race.
-I am only alive because I had antibiotics. If I had been as hard hit as these men, even that would not have saved me. They blew through it.
-A super fit 16-year-old νаϲсіոated male was the next sickest, meaning symptomatic, virally overloaded, contagious and with a wracking depth of cough.
-The next sickest was a νаϲсіոated elderly woman.
-The next sickest was a middle aged man with a spleen missing from a work accident.
-The next sickest was me, a middle aged man with bad lungs.
-The next sickest was a healthy young νаϲсіոated man.
Those are the seven sickest people, with the only strong youthful males suffering badly having been vaxxed, the only female suffering badly having been vaxxed and the two unvaxxed suffering badly having compromised immune or breathing systems.
Now for the less sick, the 4 people that cared for us and went about their business normally with little or no symptoms. All of these people were not νаϲсіոated—all of them.
-A middle aged woman who caught it late and mild despite sleeping with the most symptomatic cave man.
-An 18-year-old stud, a beef cake who coughed and said, “Y’all are weak.”
-A middle aged woman who took care of all of the sickest of us and was mega-dosed and merely sneezed a few times.
-A young beauty in her 20s mated to the sixth sickest male who had mild cold symptoms for two days.
I think the fact that the two most beautiful woman were the least sick, places the blame squarely at the feet of asthetic-eyed Apollo, god of plague and art—the foremost masculine deity of Civilization whose amber-eyed sisters weep for fallen men.
To break out the numbers from this small rural clinic we have:
-subjects, 11
-debilitated, 1 elderly
-sick but active, 6
-not sick, 4
-of 7 sickened
-compromised = 2
-vaccinated = 4
-vaccinated & compromised = 1, the sickest, grandma
No young unvaxxed people were sickened.
This is the same west coast epicenter as 2020.
Of those people sickened and treated medically, only grandma received any course of treatment. The others were told to get νаϲсіոated or boosted.
I would guess that this version of the Dread Minus was released by a government, NGO or Corporation, in order to further terrorize the herd and increase profits, as Americans are immune to reality and fact and worship the Holy Lie of Civic Life.
I expect nothing less than annual bio-weapon attacks by Leviathan as the System tries to purge most of its subjects so that The Elites will have Ice Age Earth and its reduced carrying capacity to themselves, to pipe like Apollo upon their golden lyre’s across the green hills of earth fertilized by our billions of buried bodies. Before they finally kill me with their diseases, I seek only to shot more truth arrows into the Lying Eye of The God of Things.
God Damned the World of Man.
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