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Drugs and Crime
Impressions Gleaned from Country and City Living: 1/24/22
“Why would someone legalize drugs? Our experience living here [Cascadia] is that burglaries and robberies are committed for money to get drugs.”
-The Captain’s Darling Wife over coffee as canine wizard Tobias snores on the floor, having been kicked out of the dog bed by the black cat…talk about black-on-black crime
Our conversation had begun on homeschooling and school taxes and centered on the fact that some years in the past 20, Baltimore City has had among the top ten municipal expenditures per student in all of the U.S.A., with only 15% of kids literate, and only 11% of children able to do math. I recalled to her when Kurt L. Schmoke, a highly intelligent mayor, was not reelected due to his stance on legalizing drugs. He was, however, the only mayor in my life time to investigate school corruption: 150 administrators in that building on North Avenue making 100K plus a year, with pallets of text-books still sitting in the stockroom decades after they were ordered…
I explained to her, roughly:
“I have noticed out West and in rural areas of the East, that drug related crime seems to be committed by people seeking money for drugs. I also noted, in viewing the recent Netflix series I Am A Killer, with the Colonel, that most of these mostly rural murderers were dope fiends. In the West there is a very dangerous homeless population. Not so in the East, where the homeless are older and less able and huddled in herds trying to avoid torture and murder by Bantu Yute tribesmen.
“In the West you have young, fit, feral, yeti homeless with IQs that are higher than the drug lords of the Bantu East. This makes them more industrious in committing property crimes. It is also well known that Yeti’s when bent on violence are—though less prone to torture and rape than Bantus—are more thorough and focused killers. This is why law enforcement since 1965 in the U.S. has focused more energy per criminal on Yeti than Bantu crooks—because Yetis’ pose a more consistent danger to police. Indeed, the mark of 70 IQ being regarded as the limit for mental competence in many court systems is ironically the average Baltimore Bantu IQ and higher than the average Somali IQ. Thus The System prejudice against Yetikin and preference for Bantukin criminals is reasonable, just as I prefer my fighters to be matched against an idiot rather than a wizardly ring general.
“Back East and increasingly in the urban West, there is an avalanche of Bantu-on-Bantu murder over the right to sell drugs to the decadent sons and daughters of the suburban Yeti middle class and upper class. During these murders, children are often killed, due largely to the low IQ character of the killers and limited skill and empathy. As a Bantu mayor, Kurt was accurately concerned with the killing of so many children of his race, essentially in service to the drug use of another race.
“I would also note that the most casualties are overdose deaths of Yetis. In this light, the ghetto mixing of deadly agents with heroin and cocaine by 70 IQ criminals using a credit card may also be regarded as mass murder of Yetis—assisted suicide or manslaughter at least.
“I see an American future were both of these drug paradigms will come together, with savage Yeti tweakers and Bantu gangbangers coexisting in a feral tribal twilight. These are the worlds of Longshank Cain and Ditcher I am currently working on.”
The lady was having trouble having her face recognized by her smartphone with her glasses on. This gave me the idea of a boxer of the future failing to be recognized by facial recognition after losing a fight, all of a sudden cast off the grid unable to engage in society or the economy, unable to even order a soda at the Mickee Dees Kiosk.
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Increase Mather XXIJun 4, 2022

Greetings Mr. LaFond. Intersting post. This reminds me of something I once heard you say, that (and I paraphrase of course) there is a sort of 'body language' of, not an attacker per se, but of one who has successfully defended himself and can do so again (so back off muthafuqqaz!). Can you describe what you feel that body language is? Maybe with and illustration or video if it is easier? Thanks and take care.
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