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Are Viruses Real?
A Plague Journal Addendum: Cascadia, 2/14/22
© 2022 James LaFond
So many lies have attended the rise of laboratory-made cold viruses, that a persona t church actually wondered, in hush tones to me—as an outsider—if viruses were even real. I seem to have a reputation for having read enough to answer such questions.
So, hum, problem is, since my 9th grade biology teacher was not attractive, I paid no attention in her class.
Now, Increase Mather and other learned men of the 1600s, regarded cold and flu viruses as “the Avenging Angel of the Lord upon the heathen.”
This seems to be more in lien with current disease politics than what doctors and nurses and sewage managers have explained to me about how viruses actually work, according to “science.” Now, since science in its current form appears to be mostly lies and distortions, and, contrary to what the ancient thought, is no longer a tool of discovery but a deity to be followed, it seems clear that viruses are superstitions.
Now, something is killing people and making them sick.
This something is obviously being manufactured, spread and made more lethal by preventing treatment in favor of harmful vaϲϲines that do not fit the former definition of vaϲϲine and are therefore superstitions…
So, as an impartial observer who has never trusted science or religion, and who has further noted that most scientists and preachers are sissies, I am of the following suspicion, which falls short of opinion, but does appear to make more sense than what I am told is science, for instance the belief that a mask you can breath through will keep out something that you breathe in:
Viruses are in fact real.
Viruses are not active agents, but physical traces marking the activity of angels, demons and devils and assorted metaphysical malefactors.
Furthermore, since medical and military establishments are actively engaged in making, preserving, spreading and even worshipping these man-made diseases, I interpret this activity as the master class of humanity attempting to become an active divinity.
The parallels in the Epic of Gilgamesh and The Book of Exodus, are many.
Thinking back to the effects of plague in past ages, I do hold out some hope for those of us being attacked by angels and demons within the gaslit confines of this science-haunted world: the great plague of the mid 1300s did result in much of the Master Class of Europe losing power to the working class.
A caution would be, that since these archfiends know this, and knew it before they started plaguing us, then their advisors [1] have determined that work in the near future will be less valuable and/or less necessary than it is now.
Now, I have never had a microscope. But my sister had a kaliedescope that showed colors that were not there. Maybe microscopes show thing that are not there?
I trust that I have at laast earned the moniker crackpot, for this dissertation.
-1. There was once a rich field of scientifically literate science-fiction writers selling books and magazine stories. There no longer is, as the genre has been taken over by utopian and dystopian mavens. But these men still exist, working as futurists for medical and corporate and NGO and government planners who have only one use for us, as consumers. They want the actual work to be done by machines, as in times of crisis, men with the ability to work develop leverage against the Master Class that they do not hold in times of ease and prosperity.
For my part, as a likely future fatality of one of these man-made plagues, I hope for the eventual destruction of my killer: that is I pray for the death of Science.
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