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Harm Citay Fo Eva!
A Crackpot Mailbox Periscope: 3/16/22
© 2022 James LaFond
I can no longer view any kind of video on this small device with an outdated browser and no room to place a new browser upon. So, when you send videos, i'll just place them on a periscope article like this for others to view.

I saw this video of the man rescuing the hound from the roo and in retrospect think that this is what the first Tyson Fury Bronze Bomber fight would have been like if the referee, Uncle Rudy, had been bigger than Tyson and able to break up the clinch holds he kept putting his nephew in...
We need a coaching breakdown here
Tue, Mar 15, 3:34 PM (2 days ago)

The violence accelerator
Mon, Mar 14, 9:23 PM (3 days ago)
Hey James,
Check this knifing out that happened at the MoMA in NYC.
It appears some women that worked there shushed him and wouldn't let him into some movie they were showing. The video shows him hopping behind the counter and stabbing two women while the security guard remained on the opposite side of the counter. Here are some quotes from the stabber on social media:
“It wasn’t SCREAM 6 at MoMA it was poke poke poke wake-up call. y [sic] the frame job MoMA, get yer facts straight.”
“NYC has turned in to a bunch of MIND-YO-BIDNESS PUSSIES,” he wrote. “Not one person followed me as I run down 53td st (sic) with a bloody face from where the security hit me with a piece of lucite….”
["The security" suggests a speaker of ebonics. I must be wrong though. for I thought only Amish bandits did this kind of thing.]
I can't say he's wrong about the "mind yo bidness pussies in NYC."
In other news some dude walked around SOHO and shot two homeless that were sleeping, killing one. He has not been caught.
[Now that makes a hobo worry.]
In other news some redhead shoved an 87 year old, critically injuring her.
[Thracian wench!]
In other news some dude beat an asian woman in Yonkers.
Now that the unemployment bennies have ran out and the stay at home checks dried comes the violence accelerator. People are starting to lose it.
[Thanks for the updates Banjo!]

Watch "46 murders in Baltimore City in just 45 days" on YouTube
Sun, Mar 13, 9:55 AM (4 days ago)
Look at the Dindoos killing each other
-Door Dash Dan
[For shame's sake. Drop at lest two crackers so a sandwich can be made.]
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