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A Head in a Bucket
Jeremy Bentham Cues the Crackpot and Invokes the Khan
© 2022 James LaFond
Woman accused of decapitating man after drug-fueled sex act
Mar 2, 2022, 2:51 PM
to me,
Bitchez be Crazy! Update
"Ya, I liked it.'"
James! James!
This is a ‘Bitchez be Crazy’ Update for all time.
Is she a latter day Judith (cut off the head of the Assyrian general)? A human Praying Mantis (she mates and she kills)? Or is this “In the Realm of the Senses” redux comes to Green Bay (erotic asphyxiation gone bad)?
All with a healthy dose of meth-fueled rage thrown in?
Could even the Great and Mighty Khan tame this one?
Your thoughts James?
Jeremy Bentham
Woman accused of decapitating man after drug-fueled sex act

Jeremy, I understand that this bitch has killed a man, which does increase her desirability rating by 1 on the international wench scale.
The other question, is—well, there is only question—what does this bitch look like?
Wow, she is beautiful! Adding the 1 bonus point for being a killer, she is an 11 in my book. If she requests comfort visits I might have to amend my mid-west travel plans.
That said, she is one scary looking bitch. I do not hold it against her because some other man failed to properly wrangle her.
The question you ask, of The Mighty Khan...channeling, without rum—not easy...but inspired by the photo of the ink-haired vixen... YAAS!
The Khan has engaged Sir Captain Richard Francis Burton via the whirling dervish who danced the sword dance before the severed head of Vlad Dracula at Istanbul...
Yes, this woman will be given the job of Mother Superior over the harem or seraglio of lesser slave girls. Thus, her bloodthirst may be satiated by disciplining willful slave girls. Additionally, when the moon rises full and bright over the steppes and the wolves howl in their lonesome way, an ambassador from the Elven Republics, or perhaps a blubbery Oligarch of the Empire of Mammon, or a lying American Politician or skinny-legged Creep State Technocrat, will be summoned from the slave pens and dragged forth by warriors.
[I encourage the reader to click on the link and admire the woman for this visualization.]
The hetman and champions of the Crimson Horde would then attend The Khan about the margins of the yurt as he lounged on his yak-hide throne and our lovely executioner, properly attired, would be brought in to do battle with the sissy of civilization, her only weapon a garrote, his only weapon his velvet leash.
What an act of justice it would be.
Only after slaughtering such a sissy would My Lovely be permitted to attend me.
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