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March 2022 Writing Journal
© 2022 James LaFond
-1: storms yanking on the eye, coffee, coffee, 1517 [WC7], 784, 1221 [WC8], began arranging text for Wake Christopher
-2: Listened to The Song of Roland,1925 [WC9], 1056 [WC 10], arranged text for Wake Christopher, 14,880 words plus nonfiction appendices bringing the whole to 20,014 words, eye seizure and sleep
-3: eye seizure work me for medication, proofed 76 pages of Wonderfall, slept, coffee, coffee and coffee, 1070, began Hobo Journal, 124, 297, 734, 874
-4: bad eye seizure woke me up for medicine and kept me await waiting for the pressure to die down enough to lay back down, seems I overworked the eyes yesterday, 633, 943, eye seizure,
-5: woke by eye seizure, took meds, read all 241 pages of The Mystery Man of Europe Basil Zaharoff by Dr. Richard Lewinsohn, slept, awakened by eye, meds, coffee, coffee, trained with Portland Joe, coffee, 1047,
-6: bad eye seizures medicated
-7: eye seizures and bronchitis [loopy and tired from meds and antibiotics] started Porch, 917 [P0],
-8: Listened to Pontiac’s Rebellion, 1612, 1523, eye seizure medicated, listened to Pinnochio
-9: eye seizure, 1538, 1974, 424,
-10: listened to Little Turtle’s War, 1643, 1250, eye seizure, coffee
-11: Listened to Pinnochio, 647, seizure medicated
-12: sicker, more green slime coughing, antibiotics, steroids, constant ringing in ears have had for past two years is becoming deafening and disorienting, ran slave experiment…
-13: sicker still, listened to Life of Black Hawk, 1570, 1297
-14: dizzy, loopy, listened to Geronimo’s autobiography, lady at the pharmacy, Vanessa, is very kind and helpful, even willing to call my doctor to ask for a refill, 1835
-15: read Almuric giant print edition, head symptoms level off, 1065, 1167, coffee, coffee, coffee, 1259, wind roaring down from Mount Hood, ears ringing like fire alarms,
-16: seizure, medicated, vertigo, 16 emails, a crackpot mailbox post, cleaned a house for a friend, scheduled train trips and lodging, sent off novel drafts to Editor and Incognegro
-17: 787, 452 did 2 periscope posts, seizure, vertigo, medication, drank beer from 7 PM to 3 AM...seemed like a good idea…
-18: 724, 1324, eye seizure
-19: woke by seizure, medicated, 1401, trained with Joe, 1170, still wheezing, started another steroid pack,
-20: woke with seizure, medication, coffee, training with Joe and Big Tone, rested eye
-21: 694, 1026, gave up on Wonderfall and Red and placed them in a fragment document for posthumous publication, wrote writing planner for year, 723, spring sprang and the seizure stayed, the nerve burning in the head, but did not need medicine
22: rested eye, got drunk with the natives and the rednecks at the bar—yes, and the brazen lass as well…
-23: rested eye and play tested Feudal Estates, 348, began Cox and Swain, violating the writing planner two days in…
-24: picked up travel supplies from the pharmacy, packed for the 25th, 1356, 1360, backing up files for the move…
-25: travel, eye seized, medicated
-26: travel, eye seized, slept 14 hours instead of medicating
-27: 1200, 972, 1735, eye seized unmedicated, barely, storm building
-28: 1107, 1111, 1549, 1703, eye seized unmedicated, storm gave relief, 966, began framing King of Peers, drinking whiskey and tonic—you know how this ends, Hamslice, framed the first jest
-29: eye seize—no idea what could have stressed that last night, coffee, 1393, yep, eye tugging, will go for a walk, medicated, 715,
-30: wake with the pre-move gitters, seizure mild. This is rediculous. I never got this nervous before a fight that I knew I was going to lose, found a letter SaySay left in the hotel room when I was away in San Jose yesterday, pledging that she was “your girl forever” and was moved to amplify the article about our pillow talk, SaySay, Say, by 213 words, don’t have the spirit to do any more travel writing, will listen to Song of Roland again and work on adapting the narrative to prose summary: 157, 1348, eye popping, 687, packing it in to avoid medication.
-31: travel
Articles & Chapters = 52
Books Completed = 1, fiction
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