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Will The Silverback Ivory Hoodrat Return to the Foe Den? 3/3/2020
© 2022 James LaFond
“Hey James, I heard you were in Portland. You still planning to come back to Baltimore sometime this spring/summer?”
-The Brick Mouse
It is nice to be wanted at this socially degradable age.
My Portland host’s oldest son turns 13 in mid March. So I plan on staying for his birthday. Mother’s day is in early May, so I have to be back east to visit Mom by then.
Yetison One’s younger brother just beat up a schoolmate who attacked him. The single mother of this kid has been asking Yeti Waters for compensation for the beating handed her son by my prize Portland boxing pupil, Yetison Two.
Yetison One then said, about the defeated foe, “What kind of wimp brags about his mother being a stripper?
“Ding-ding-ding!” went the hoodrat conflict resolution meter as Yeti Waters and I began hatching a plot to compensate Stripper Mom by way of man-making services rendered for Yetison One’s birthday party…
So it goes.
Social obligations never cease to rear their darling heads.
Provisionally, in hopes of being assassinated by postmodern anarcho-tranz militants and thence earning enough media credentials to sell some books for Madam Lockhart, the Eastward migratory route looks like:
-March: Portland, Oregon
-March, last week: Oakland-Emmeryville, California
-April, first week: Denver, Colorado
-April, mid: Rural Missouri
-April, last week: Pittsburgh, PA
-May, 1st week: Lancaster, PA
-Mother’s Day: Harford County, MD
-May, mid: Northeast and East Baltimore
-May, last week: T&A, New Jersey
-June: unplanned, in the MidAtlantic
-July: unplanned, in the MidAtlantic
-July: Last Week, Ocean Citay, MD with Mom
-August: to points west…
I trust this helps my friends and readers and Creep State handlers in some way.
Thanks for the interest.
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