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The Bully
A Twitter Friend of Lynn Needs Advice: 3/9/22
© 2022 James LaFond
I spoke with my editor today and I learned that a reader needed bully advice for a son in school. I was not going to go to the bar and get online until next week. But I will go send this to her tomorrow.
I was bullied from age 5 to 12. My youngest son was bullied. My oldest son was bullied. This is what we did.
At age 12, I decided that bullying me was a capital crime and sentenced every bully thence to immediate death and attacked to kill. Bullies quickly disappeared. Humans know when you are trying to kill them as you snarl, and stab, and grab for their throat and quest for their nose with your teeth and claw at their tender eyes and try and rip off their nut sack.
My eldest son was being bullied and robbed and I handed him a razor to cut the negro throat. He looked at me in the hallway between the bathroom and his room and stepped away and said, “Sorry, I’m not you.”
I talked to the negro.
The negro sent four older cousins after me, who could not do me in, and after calling my wife and telling her I was dead, did not confront me again.
I talked to the negro.
His mother talked to me.
Realizing that the negro was moving drugs for his mother, I said, “Bitch, I will come down to your house with a gas can and a machete. Before you die, you will see me kill your boy, rape your daughter and eat your fucking dog!”
I headed for the machete and the negro had already begged my son to call me off—a bully no more. Some other negro killed him and I smiled.
If you are trash like me, you can do this.
My youngest son fought. I trained him and he beat up bullies at school. We then moved him to a nice area. I did do away with some negro bullies who chased him home once.
Psycho Dad helps.
Unfortunately, in the present state of things, your involvement will get you unemployed and legally persecuted. Unless you are willing to do time protecting your son, he will have to deal with it.
America is a bully nation, never fighting a nation its own size—ever.
America schools are geared to encourage and protect bullies and produce corporate and deep state bullies to bully the rest of us as adults.
If your son wants a good job and a university education, he will have to be a slave to bullies and get over it, doing what needs done to be a bully slave.
If your son wants a good education and job, and not be bullied, then he better be in the top 90% of physical specimens and devote himself to combat readiness and mind warfare against lesser creatures.
If he just wants not to be bullied, if that is indeed his priority, then he can fix it tomorrow.
Bully List
All who have bullied him are listed as mortal enemies, their crimes noted in a carry letter as serial and/or gang-stalking tormentors. These bullies should be pardoned in this letter, kept in duplicate at home and on his person. So long as these bullies do not strike again, he will not retaliate.
Retaliation is Punishment
One does not honor bullies by fighting them. All of their words are to be ignored. No word is to be spoken to them. If a bully insults or threatens, the list is amended by hand and also the master list at home and duplicated, pardoning verbal threats and insults until physical contact brings payment due. A bully is not punished unless he touches you.
If you do not have a weapon in hand and have no advantage against a larger bully or more numerous or dangerous party, differ punishment. The best time to punish is when the bully is seated in class. Stab him, bash him or gouge him in front of the teacher. I did this my first day of 9th grade, but did it standing as I was fit and large.
-a. Two sharpened pencils, one in the left hand held like an ice pick one in the right held in the hammer grip. Back fist to the face with the left hand and forehand stab to the face with the right hand—repeat.
-b. Walk to the teacher past the seated bully holding your heaviest book. Hand her the bully note out of the book. Turn and knock the bully teeth down their throat with two handed strokes of the book binding corner.
-c. Come up behind the seated bully and fish hook both eyes with fingers. Let the nails grow sharp for this. As he covers his eyes topple him over in between his chair and the next desk and chair. Hold onto the other chair and jump up and down on is head with your heels.
-d. Hand the note to the teacher then bend over the bully’s desk to face him and spit in his face. Then slap him and let the world know he is a bitch. Do not speak to him, ever, for any reason. He is a dog. He does not deserve your words. He is beneath even your insults. Attack his mind. Never stop staring at him. Stare at him all class long.
-e. Hunt the bully, following him and stalking him after school. Hide a screwdriver in the bushes and arm up and be ready to stab him in the guts over and over and over and gloriously over again! I did this to 16-year-olds when I was 12.
-f. Hand the teacher the note and do a running clothesline tackle of the seated bully.
-g. Climb onto the desk behind the bully and jump stomp his head face or neck, covering your head with your hands to keep from taking a head injury as you careen off of his head into other students and desks.
-h. With one piece desk chairs, if they still have them, tackle him from the side so he is pinned in the chair and then stomp his head.
-i. With two piece desk chairs, pick up your chair from the back of the classroom and come up behind him and beat his brains out with your chair.
-j. With table seating in class or at lunch, stand up on the table and walk up to him soccer kicking his teeth in.
Grab Defense
Have your dad grab you in various bully ways and you practice grabbing one of his fingers with both of your hands. Get dowel rods about as thick as adult fingers and practice breaking those rods between your hands. You can do this with bundled pencils and stacked popsicle sticks. When bigger people grab you or when grapplers grab you always break a finger—always! Work on your grip strength!
Sword and Shield
Always carry a sharp pencil in your dominant hand and as soon as you are slapped, hit, grabbed or otherwise violated by a bully stab his liver or spleen deeply and again. Use a book bag or book as a shield. If they take it from you, that is when they are stabbed, as they take the bully bait!
Day dream about stabbing and gouging and stomping. Kill the bully in your mind at least a hundred times a day. This will help prepare you.
Hammer Dagger
Keep multiple pens clipped to your shirt collar and pocket so that they can be reached while you are attacked and used to hammer fist into face and neck.
Meadhall Law
Sit alone. Do not sit with friends. If they have permitted you to be bullied, they are not worthy friends. Discard these people and keep your own company. Note that the bully sits with friends, a symptom of his mental weakness.
When the bully is seated among friends in the lunch room get your food tray, select a butter knife and fork, one for each hand. Carry the tray on the back of your hands over to the bully. Spill the tray on the bully and then stab his face over and over again with the fork and knife. Snarl and growl as you do this to keep from locking up. Never ever talk—strike the enemy!
Fill a sock full of pennies and jam it in your pants pocket. Go up to the seated bully and flail his head with the penny-filled sock.
Never stop attacking. Always attack until you are disabled.
Never threaten or speak.
Practice staring in the mirror, boring into the weak soul of the bully, and always eye the bully in person. Your eyes are weapons to a bully. Bullies are all mentally weak—all of them.
If a bully grabs you and pulls you into his face, head butt his nose with your forehead or just bite his nose off, tearing to the side.
Join a boxing gym and learn how to fight.
Never agree to fight, ever, outside of the gym.
You defend against and punish the bully, a subhuman creature who is unworthy of honorable combat.
Any person who threatens you harm and touches you, and who you then defeat, should have their thumb or trigger finger broken while they are in submission. Just grab it and break it.
The Bully Circle
When circled by bullies, you are screwed, so take one with you. Stab the smallest, weakest one first. Keep stabbing his ass! Even as they stomp and kick you keep stabbing his punk ass!
You can’t beat a bully circle, so mark them all on the list and punish them one at a time, always looking for the weaker ones first and getting them alone. Always attack the weak one, never the strong one. Save the strong one until you get better at dishing out punishment. He deserves your best efforts.
Stone Face
Practice not crying—never cry, ever, not even when your dad dies.
Stand in the mirror and hit your face as hard as you can with your fist and practice taking it and snarling back in the mirror.
Work on spitting large volumes of spit by saving it while you are being bullied and whenever a bully puts his face in yours spit full in it. Spit for the eyes and then punch for the chin or stab for the guts if you have your trusty sharp pencil. Spitting on people is a crime. That is one reason to do it, to sneer at the unjust laws that are dedicated to you being bullied.
Remember the enemies list. The greatest men in the world have kept enemies lists and exacted vengeance at their ease. When the bully is up for a fight and challenges you, ignore him. Then wait until he is lost in thought, thinking about how he’s going to have to listen to his whore mother get railed by her drug dealer again—then ruin what is left of his miserable day! The bully is a weak and miserable creature and it is your duty to torment and ruin and damn him upon the rocks of his own dismay. It is not always easy and you may wish to forgive and forget, but do not. Remember that it is your duty to break the bully, to render him into the kind of pathetic person that will turn to drugs to ease his pain and then die of an overdose.
Your goal is nothing short of making sure that the bully dies of a drug overdose before he fathers a child!
This is your sacred duty as an enemy of America the Bullyfull.
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