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The Brovid Jiveteen Waxx Chronicide
Viking Age Barbarian and British National Cue the Crackpot on the Bogus Plague Cure: 4/11/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
There They Fall
Everyone around me has covid. Just saw a martial arts dude who services the computers, whole family, triple vaxxed all with covid. He is unvaxxed and walking through the fire, fit as a bull.
Never had a vax myself of anything. Had a bit of a snotty nose after one covid infected coughed over me. 
This video, which will surely be taken down before this article posts in late June, shows news clippings and videos of 58 athletes from high school to professional collapsing and in many cases dying on the field. The sports were basketball, swimming, tennis, football, soccer, rugby, cricket and running.
I coach one fighter whose friend, a professional athlete of 30 years, died as soon as he was injected. Marvin Hagler, Leon Spinx and Hank Aron all died on contact with the waxx. I have a fighter who was injured by this and is disabled.
Interestingly, those fat people, old people and diabetics I know who got waxxed have suffered no bad side effects. It seems as if the higher performing and healthier humans are being killed by a treatment for a disease for which they have zero risk of dying from in a cookie cutter one-size fits all hysteria.
I talked to a nurse about this waxx and she told me that the literature from the big pharma fiends who were indemnified from law suits over damages claimed the following:
That the then untested waxx provided 85% to 87% immunity to the effects of brovid jivetten.
In the fine print they assigned 83% to 84% of the “immunity” to “natural immunity.” This claim is that the product was only 40% to 60% of statistically insignificant, which is roughly 4.9%. in other words, just like a U.S. Government treaty with an Indian tribe, the unread terms of the written solution were the opposite of those verbally stated.
Yet most meat puppets begged for this magic cure.
From a system perspective, it is the perfect treatment for a disease made in the lab by the people selling the cure: it does not seem to harm the sick, who are highly valuable constant care customers, while killing people so healthy that the medical death factories get minimum business drugging them up and killing them.
Below, we have an example from Africa of why healthy and strong people need to be killed by modern medicine, so that they do not endanger wildlife.
This Uganda man killed a lion with his bare hands... And then ate it - Strange Sounds
I love lions. I am a Leo. My son’s name is Leo… And this guy from eastern Uganda is recovering after fighting a lion near his home which he killed with his bare hands… Before eating it with other villagers… An Ugandan man has reportedly killed a lion that invaded his home. The man, whose […]
Note here that the scientist [0] who did the statistical analysis of all cause death and brovid death for the peak Shamdemic year determined among many facts that:
-The U.S. had 1 million more deaths than predicted, almost all by medical neglect, not viral infections, but by failure to administer antibiotics to patients with secondary bacterial infections, that the U.S. medical establishment murdered a million persons and was rewarded with police powers for doing so.
-That this resulted in the poor and colored being overly dead and that this was used to name the disease as racist, when these people were being killed for a profit by hospitals and old age homes. [1]
-That Canada had no more deaths than normal, sharing the same economy and germs, and that respiratory distress deaths were lower and deaths among youths from accidents and overdoses went up.
'84% Excess Mortality in Millenials'
British National Prompts the Crackpot on the Chronocide: 4/10/2022, Missouri
Hi James,
Nice seeing you and thanks for coming over.
Here's a reference to the effect of νаϲсіոes on Millenials, as
we talked about. 
-British national
-0. I listened to a podcast given by the scientist and the facts were staggeringly the opposite of media, medical and political claims, which are all perfectly in sync.
-1. One Portland nurse was commanded by the Oregon Board of Nursing to mix infected elderly with uninfected. She refused and administrators mixed the patients, who died from neglect, as she was the only nurse reporting to work and could barely keep up with fluids and bed pans...this was institutional murder, exactly what modern western civilization has always done at a high rate of function.
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