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The Plantation Mindset Lives
Lynn Lockhart Prompts the Crackpot on the Bugperson Lineage: 4/10/2022, Missouri
© 2022 James LaFond
There is a certain breed of bugperson that has a boner for ruining one of the most beautiful places left on earth.  This person could never articulate WHY. WHY should millions of people live on this unspoiled coast in ugly buildings drinking filtered sewer water????  There is no reason other than an unconscious desire to rule over more serfs.
[Twatter statement about there should be 3-million-person high rise cities on the California Coast.]
This reflects a consumption-based view of paradise rather than a natural appreciation of life. These two views oppose each other in The Garden of Eden in Genesis and thence run down through time. I found that a visit to Canta Cruz with my driver, Vaxx Zombie De Gaulle, helped internally balance my stress. But for he who is only a mouth and a digestive tract, such a place is certainly a wasteland, stress fed rather than balanced or overome.
Lynn, historians have struggled with defining the logic behind the unprecedented drive to migrate westward into dangerous, enemy occupied and difficult to clear wilderness by Americans. This is covered in Advent America, and has to do with tribal people being materialistic enough to accept an invader bearing useful gifts, like steel and guns, even accepting the disease that comes with it, and that rich European Americans drove away their slaves in great numbers of discontent.
But there is a lesser understood form of migration, an isolation from the plague that is Western Civilization. I am in the Shadow of the Ozarks now and have seen where poor people fled to escape rich people: where the rich followed, built railroads, clear cut the forest that washed the mountains into the creeks, choking once navigable rivers. They did all this to get to hot springs for health treatments some 130 years ago, to feed their hunger to thrive and linger as Young Gods of flesh and blood.
The places where poor folk hid out are hollows, “hollers,” wooded creases in the mountains. I was driven by cliffs in Butler Hollow under which poor folk had built pueblo style houses, since abandoned as the erosion caused by the infrastructure development narrowed the valleys and choked the rivers and promoted flash floods, actually tumbling the mountaintops downward.
Then the rich went away as air travel made more distant paradises accessible, and the poor sought refuge from them again, flocking to the hollows to live in shacks and then campers.
Eventually, the cities and then the suburbs of the rich became violent and unlivable due to their very actions, and, having made a junkyard wasteland, they left it and returned. Now lakes where the rich might fish and boat fill the best farmland in the valleys and the poor are being driven forth by predacious tax rates as the rich fly back in and build mansions on the heights.
Yesterday, while walking around Springfield Arkansas, I saw a pack of three mop-headed Micronesians, Marshall Islanders, who have been imported to make certain that Americans cannot get laboring jobs for the big companies like Tyson in the area. They are not naturally good man hunters, and another three recently failed to mug my host after surrounding him, taken aback by his size it seems. But they will learn, drive away the poor into tweaker camps, and then make life miserable for the rich who brought them in to drive away the poor; and then the rich will hire military contractors to clear the poor from some other area and rename it paradise.
Human trafficking isn't always illicit.  Sometimes it's perfectly legal.  Three images are attached below.  One is a WSJ headline describing the trouble facing the "surrogacy" industry in Ukraine.  "Surrogacy" is the process by which homos acquire white babies.  It requires two women, only one of which strictly needs to be white, the egg donor.  A second woman must grow the baby in her womb.  When a woman serves as both the genetic and gestational mother of the child, she is much more likely to be unwilling to relinquish the baby at birth, causing unacceptable financial losses and delays.  
The other two photos are of prominent gay male couples, one includes a former Democratic presidential primary candidate and the other includes a "right wing" commentator.  Each is showing off his "husband" and a pair of trafficked babies.  
Coordinating twins shows further how this is a display of status and wealth.  They could space the children naturally but getting them both at once gets the messy business of childhood done sooner, and the usual burdens of feeding (VERY difficult to breastfeed more than one baby) and caring for infants will be done by hired staff (quite likely women) either way.  My disgust is too great to tell you anything more but I think you've got enough to get started.  
[Photos of pretty paired homos holding up ultra-sound images of their mail order demi-clones. One pair of sissies is even sitting together in hospital beds as if they just gave birth to their demi-clones, cradling their manufactured inheritors.]
Lynn, disgust is an obvious healthy womanly reaction to this playing of god and extraction of godling demi-clones from the wombs of women being paid for it, and who would seek such payment largely due to the destruction of traditional life pioneered by these disgusting faɡɡots and their forefathers: LBJ, FDR, John Jacob Astor, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Cotton Mather and the granddaddy of them all, Oliver Cromwell.
Cromwell pioneered the early modern introduction of foreign banking interests into a homeland, to be used to displace the lower class and send them forth into exile, where they would be followed by these same banking interests to despoil them through capitalistic means and drive them forth again, eventually into oblivion.
However, this oddly reproductive sterility, gives me hope as a man that this is an end phase, that such degeneracy will produce children so dysfunctional and dependent on the military and security contractors assigned to prop them up, that an age of warlords will emerge. In such an age these faɡɡots get fed to the pitbulls, and rather than being used as a planting bed for homos to breed human mini-mes, fertile women will be acquired by the dominant men to serve their timeless purpose of furthering a race rather than being rented as potting soil for a dystopian bug race.
The U.S. Will rename 660 racially offensive names.
This is a logical extension of the war on the past.
Squaw, which means nothing other than woman, and is an indigenous Amerindian term, will certainly be eradicated. Interestingly, the Algonkian term for woman, was used by the Iroquois [who had 1700 Norse loan words at “first” contact] as a slur meaning “vagina.” So, the corruption of this term for woman, no different than senorita in Spanish, has European origins going back 1,000 years.
Savage, which was a French term assigned to French poor living in the woods, meant nothing other than Sylvan, Sylvid, or “person of the woods.”
Negro meant nothing other than “black” and is still used by black men in Baltimore as an endearment, and yet white women and homos continue to outlaw it’s use.
I have had discussions with various people of the oppressed “non-white” races of America, who are confused and troubled by the fact that every new generation of white ϲunts must declare that the identity they grew up with must be changed.
To the cynical observer this is simply the progress of Civilization, that land-eating, soul-drinking monster that offers a new tool for living to a human community, and then demands in the fine print addendum to the social contract, that the purchaser of the new tool forsake his human community for membership in the anti-social money club that grants access to ever newer tools in a world of planned obsolescence.
Only Squaw men are left...
-Mister Grey
Darn, there goes Savage Mountain and Negro Mountain in Western Maryland
However, the oral tradition remains. Madison County, to the south of where I am writing right now, is still called Boogerman County by the locals. Hence, real names are likely to sustain in the shadows as the phony labels of this signified land of Satan continue to be changed like cartoon signposts by his sordid agents.
Eventually that signpost is going to be shotgunned by a redneck, run over by a drunk Mexican, used as a tweaker tent pole, or serve as a place where African immigrants tie up submissive and entitled Asians and whites before placing a car tire around their neck and lighting it on fire.
Reality will find a way through the fake labels we assign the world even as water finds the low point in the landscape and washes a path through to the sea.
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