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Hunt the Rich
Banjo Sings the Song of Violence and Han Silo Heralds the Deserved Fall: 4/14/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Clapping Richsters
Hey James, 
When I moved to NYC I was out one night and found a pair of expensive Rayban sunglasses on the ground probably a result of drunk hipsters with cash to burn.  At the time I wondered why gangs of youngsters didn't just roll to Williamsburg and Bushwick and relieve people of their flair.  I have been telling people that when the money crunch happens from the impact of shutting down the economy and free money for every citizen and corporation that we will see an overnight exponential move in people getting run. 
[This has happened in Portland, mostly to Asians and hipsters.]
Mugging has seen a sharp decrease over the last 5 to 10 years with the advent of digital payment technologies.  Rapscallions are now adjusting to the new parameters.  For example there is more money involved in stealing a 1000 dollar pair of shoes, 300 dollar raybans and a leica camera than there is in even bothering with the wallet and cash.  These items can be turned around with no problem on sites like ebay and poshmark thus making everything untraceable. 
[In Baltimore, smartphones, fenced out of the country, have been a mainstay since 2008.]
Of course with things with serial numbers like cameras one can just send it to an accomplice in another city to sell on craiglist for cash.  I don't think mugging has ever been this easy nor this lucrative in American history.  
[Disarmament and emasculation have run parallel courses.]
With that in mind look what is happening in California
Gangs are running the "richsters" for their loot.  I for one am proud of these young men for their service in the redistribution of wealth.  These are the heroes we deserve.  
[Expect police, in places like Baltimore, Philly and Atlanta to go big into this practice. In Places like San Francisco, D.C. and New York I suspect the PIGs will mainly pillage the lower working class.]
I also recently read that there is an area of about 200 homes in Santa Monica California where the postal workers are refusing to deliver mail due to being attacked.  This area is both very rich and has a huge homeless population that has taken over.  At first blush one might think this is simply mentally unstable homeless people committing these acts of mail liberation.  I wonder if it isn't a way to quickly attain identity and credit card information from rich folk to sell or use.  If so, this is another simple and ingenious way to aid in the redistribution of wealth.  We really need to take a moment of silence for these entrepreneurs of the new economy.  
[Homeless tweakers out west work hard, are young, fit, hardy and use cunning first and force second, a very formidable population. The elites were hoping that all of the working whites they put out of work with their immigrants would commit alcohol and opium suicide. But these tweakers are like the high speed zombies in WWZ and not to be counted out.]
This new world is beginning to seems like a lot of fun, if of course one has enough food in coming days to maintain the energy to clap "richsters" and slap postal tipsters.  
Let's goooooooooooooooooo!  Hahahahaha!
Yours truly, 
Oh, Banjo-the-subduer, thank you for the uplifting news. As a man who has begun to look like a retired criminal in his dottage, I have experienced an upswing in interest from the fair sex—even young ones in Portland, who I did not entertain, but informed my more viral host as to their yearning whereabouts so that he might add them to his heard of cows. He is currently enjoying hipster company in their bars where they had previously kicked him out of. These are markers for the dark energy of sissy dystopia fueling the need for the very ape men it was crafted to deceive and then eliminate.
War after senseless war this nation’s men have fought, only to return, after being mishandled in the field, and told that they could not defend their homes, their women, their children and their own persons against the enemies brought in as ‘neighbors’ in their absence. This has caused a great reduction in masculine numbers and much dysfunction. But this rise of matriarchy, that has made of the feminine consciousness of America [who is a tranny, just look at the titless Stature of Liberty] a pit of despair whose contorting souls yearn for what a matriarch always lines for: a hero. Queen Isabella had Columbus; Elizabeth had Hawkins, Drake, Riliegh and Grenville, Catherine the Great had John Paul Jones, etc.
A queen among queens and princes, having murdered, succeeded or subverted the King, is like a full eunuch among women—and is in desperate need of masculine equipment. I have experienced this with various “dyke” lesbians seeking me as a partner for their lipstick lesbian partners, to provide that authentic aggression.
So, to the young men who write in to the barely sane crackpot, distraught about the fact that the world officially now hates them for the condition of their birth, recall the British Sergeant of Old, when in darkest Africa and being attacked by hordes of savages, soothed his panicked corporal with the words, “Do not worry, my Boy, for we have the Maxim Gun and they do not!”
Well, I say unto our young male readers here, “Do not worry, my Friend, for we have the Meat Gun and they do not!”
Numerous people have complained to me that the police are no longer there to protect them, and they will not be, as they will be reconstituted to stand on our necks for the rich. That leaves a need for men, able to act on behalf of the weak, the soft, the almost rich, and perhaps even, on behalf of some fine and soon-to-be grateful bitch.
The Аrуаn ennui has set in, as illustrated by the event below, as the shrinking demographic of men capable of fixing things, building places and enforcing their will in lonely spaces has come to realize that the very system they and their fathers built, has turned upon them. This can only bring good in barbaric terms, while all of the evil done civilization is likewise to the barbaric good.
The cycle is upon us. Below is a text from Han Silo from something like week ago, to illustrate the fact that the Wakandan Air Force will not be coming to save us:
So I’m on the Airbus A321 on the tarmac at Boston Logon. Flight’s already delayed 90 minutes due to lack of crew. They scrambled a crew and let us board. Now we’ve just been informed that both the pilot and co-pilot will go illegal during the flight. So they’re a no go. Airline is supposedly going to bring pilots up from Hartsfield (Atlanta)?
Some young (2-’s) people next to me are confused by “illegal.” An older woman is trying to explain about limitations in pilot flight hours. I’m unconfusing the issue by raising my fist and saying in a voice of outrage, “No Pilot is illegal! How can a human being be illegal? Let them all in!”
-Han Silo
On my trip from west to east by train I have encountered much more incompetence and insanity in general, an unwillingness of ghost men to act in their traditional socially dominant role and an overall grinding to a halt of that trundling monstrosity we call America.
In the dystopia we are entering, having permitted all of the lesser angels of our nature to create it in our moral absence, the patience of the stoic combined with the cunning of the cynic, will provide the antidote to the worship of the platonic and the demiurge of the academic.
The ancient schools finally have their battle at The End of Rational Time.
Be mindful though, that the battle has just begun, and that rural areas are building prisons, suburban and urban zones are honing the population control means by which every home will become a jail cell—revolts are never sure, particularly not if you discover yourself of or among the poor.
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