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Hannah Hatchet
Profiles of Frontier Women: 4/15/2022, Missouri
© 2022 James LaFond
An interesting hypothesis on why Hannah Dustin killed and scalped those injuns
Hannah Dustin and the Cycle of Violence in King William's War
There are two sides to every story.
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As you might know hannah dustin was the first wamen who was memoraded with a statue in north america.
I always found it laughable how everyone forgot that when these stupid debates came over the US about statues, colonialism, toxic masculinity and so on. Everyone forgot that wamens get statues too when they kill and mutilate heathen children. I would bring it up just to get a rise out of people and turn this dynamic against the white women who often side with merchants to prop up the ghetto trash, as they are in some cases the direct decendents of these psychotic new england puritan wenches.
-Teutonic Fist
I recall the story of Hannah as opposed to its depiction by English and later American literary grifters and political creatures. I cannot view this material being unable to access the media. Rather than discuss whatever view is posited, I leave the link here for the reader and will place Hannah in context with other New England women who were abducted.
[Editor, I am doing names from memory, please check.]
Interestingly, while Mary Rawlinson—every bit the pious Karen as Hanna—and Susanna Willard Johnson, wrote their own accounts, Hannah had hers written for her by political activists.
Hannah was the original Karen, in an age when feminine moral authority was harnessed in the Protestant way of extolling every woman of means and social credit as the surrogate Mother of Man. The same mechanism that the Spanish Conquistadors used to savage America’s southern reaches—an imaginary battle on behalf of Mary, Mother of God, or the Allmother against the heathen—was turned in New England to a battle on behalf of the Everymother, mother of man. This was a puritanical reflection of the cult of the Virgin Queen Elizabeth, for whom the entire nation had battled to maintain her nunnish virginity, as the enemy King of Spain declared that he would marry her as a war prize, [1] reparations more accurately, as the English Sea Dogs vying for her Favor and hopefully hand, had despoiled the Spanish in much the same way that the Spanish and later the English would despoil the Indians.
The congregationalists of New England supercharged this mommy metaphor as the actual foundation of political correct vaginal authority of Everywoman over the actions of men that would later come to dominate western movies and every aspect of postmodern American culture. [2]
In part, the cult built around Hannah, which had not been built around the feminine journalists Johnson, [3] Williamson or Knight [quite the Karen, though unfortunately not abducted by Indians and left free to lord it over lowly white trash] was raised on their plight.
Standard practice among eastern Tribes was to kill the men and abduct the children and women, either for adoption or ransom. Due to the fact that tribal warriors were all valued highly, being both few and free, few casualties were regarded as acceptable. So, operational security was paramount and any woman who did not permit quick movement or permitted her baby to wail, could expect to be killed or have her baby’s brain’s dashed out against a tree.
Williamson was warned that her shot and crying baby would have to be put down. This did not happen and the baby died of its wounds.
Johnson’s baby was sustained by the Indian abductors and her husband who was permitted to do all in his power to keep his wife and child alive. Indeed, her six-year-old boy was adopted. Mister Johnson had been taken for ransom, as he was a known slave holder and leader. His male slaves were left alone, neither killed nor valued enough for abduction.
I forget the circumstances of Dunston’s child’s death. Indeed, stories ranged from murder to neglect. Forgotten in her account is the plight of he slave woman, her maid, who I think was the wet nurse of the child, which, if I remember correctly, marks Hannah as an elite who was too good to nurse her own baby. Large breasts were considered ugly at the time. So, poor women like Juggy Landy back in Ireland in the same period, were employed as wet nurses.
The Indians that abducted Johnson were indigenous. The Indians that abducted Williamson were mixed with European runaways, as indicated by their diction. The Tribe that abducted Dunstin, the Abenaki, had bearded chiefs going back a hundred years! This was a war over land, not race, with both sides employing tribal warriors.
Dunstan, like Williamson [wife of a governor] where depicted fighting the tribesmen and killing some, though there is no evidence of this and it is unlikely.
Dunstan was well treated by their captors and left on an island with 8 Indian women and children [which demonstrates that she and hers were abducted by a tribe facing extermination and experiencing displacement, just as Williamson had, where Johnson had been taken by a dedicated war party.]
She enlisted the aid of a 13-year-old captive boy who would have been adopted by the tribe most likely, and butchered the women and children who had been assigned—not to guard her—but to feed her and serve her on that Island that it was not imagined that she, a civilized woman, would venture to escape from. The Indian captors of such women had quite a fear that they would die and become not only useless for ransom and exchange or marriage and adoption, but cause the invaders to seek vengeance. Tribes commonly went to war over slain women, and even feminine demands. [4]
Perhaps in revenge for her baby who had died due to her abduction, she murdered noncombatants, including children, instead of simply escaping. Her heroism here is overlooked, her escape by canoe and foot, which the tribesmen had regarded as impossible for her. Let us not forget that the 13-year-old boy, probably not a free person, likely did most of the work under her command. Looking into the account, if we find him named only as a boy, then he was an anonymous slave. If he is named “lad” or by name, then he was an unbound soul.
There is a fourth frontier woman who bears discussion: The Grenadier Squaw, a large female chief of a breakaway group of Shawnee in the late 1700s who, I suspect was of English ancestry. I will treat with her and other tribal females elsewhere. I mention her here as she used her feminine moral authority to turn her followers against her tribe in favor of the United States invaders.
Hannah Dunstan is a heroine in the pure ancient sense, striving against the overorder, breaking out of her assigned role and taking action [or credit for adolescent male action]. In this politically crafted account, which was so overlain with propaganda that I discarded it [it not being a journal]. If considering it again, I would be seeking for the identity, actions and fate of the Maid and the Boy, two slaves attached to Hannah, slaves of her race who were largely erased by their anonymous treatment by the secondary sources.
-1. As reflected by the white feather girls of WWI Britain, by American pinup art of WWII, and by USO events often featuring attractive American women like Barbara Eden flown halfway around the world to sing for the troops, and also ring card girls in between prize fights, the invocation of feminine justification for action is a core motivation for men of normal-none murderous mindset—to engage whole-heartedly in violence for a cause that exceeds their immediate circumstances, to include gain from pillage. This goes back to Enkidu’s seduction by he priestess Shamahat. The true psychopath needs no reminder that a woman at home or a women somewhere in peril will be succored by his action. Virtually every American movie treating with frontier living or war revolves on this axis.
-2. Hence, I would mark Hannah Dunstan as the Mother of American Ideology, of the post-Christian world of Modernity in which the ancient sacrifice of Jesus Christ is usurped by modern vagina—both of which bled or bleed for human continuation. This may explain why feminist authoritarians have such a hatred for Christianity over other faiths, which they largely tolerate.
-3. This woman had it the worst, was the most heroic, was in captivity longer than the other two combined, and, importantly, was treated far worse by the French than by the tribes. Yet she was not chosen as the Mother of American Man. Indeed, her husband had been a slave boy and would rise to warrior status and be shot in the head fighting for his King.
-4. Pontiac’s Rebellion, Sioux/Cheyenne/Ree alliance verses Crow instigated by a Sioux woman, and Geronimo’s depredations against the Mexicans.
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Terres Rouges     Jul 12, 2022

Reasonable evidence that Christianity contains the one true path is the simple observation that it has all the right enemies.
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