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The Mouth of Uncle Sham
Maskland Morphology on Breathe Free Eve, 3/10-11/2022, Portland
© 2022 James LaFond
Yesterday I was at the bar checking emails when the news declared that midnight, tonight, Oregon indoor mask mandates and some government vaϲϲine mandates were being lifted. Then, the news declared that a super-duper-Domnicron melt your lungs brovid variant was on the horizon.
Last year, as mask mandates were lifted for warm weather, the same thing was said, and in the autumn masks came back. Indeed, masks never went away, with between 40% and 90% of humans in Maryland and New Jersey masking outside in July. This is the new agrarian seasonal cycle, where the cattle of the media farm have a season for masking and for basking. We are obviously seeing a hand-off to local and private maskland enclaving. That at least takes us away from gaslit mental monocroping in some form.
A reader texted me about something Doctor Evil said about America:
“I laughed out loud at Putin’s empire of lies remark. Maybe he is a secret reader of yours!”
Doctor Evil, if Your Roosky Majesty is truly a reader here, could you send me a Spetznaz babe for a body guard?
I think that the masters are worried about the severe split in their herd from the disease politics and that a story of a distant war is the best way to make sure that progressives and reactionaries, liberals and conservatives and ϲunts and cocks might agree at a plus 90% rate on something that Newslaw proclaims as holy writ. All of us agreeing according to Newslaw that Doctor Evil is, well, evil, will validate their future Newslaw and even the rebooting of Shamdemic Newslaw.
Of interest was news from a reader that at her supermarket, that fewer employees were masking then shoppers. This is a good gaslighting test, to see how persistent the reign of fear is even when the immediate threat has been withdrawn.
Of further interest was the commercial promoting vaϲϲines, a commercial for a private Big Pharma sales pitch, that named the U.S. Government as the sales representative! So, even as government pulls back on mandates, it is expanding support of private medical experimentation on its subjects.
The other Newlaw item was about many thousands of everyday American Patriots flocking to fight in the front lines in YouGotGrain against Doctor Evil. I am of the opinion that 95% of the news on this is 100% fabricated. I am also suspicious that Doctor Evil is just playing his assigned roll. If there are any U.S. persons over in YouGotGrain fighting, I suppose they will be used to machine gun YouGotGrain refugees to frame Doctor Evil for war crimes. At the bar people are talking about their friends dumping out vodka in protest and my editor is texting me that a Russian Composer of another age is being censored, his classical music seemingly against the Newslaw, a cracked pot wonders, how gullible can one nation be?
On the way home I see a billboard to support U.S. Military veterans. On the billboard is, in the foreground, vaginal world queen, the white woman. Behind her right shoulder is her black male sex slave and behind her left shoulder her Asian male accountant. Yet it is pale men who take over 90% of combat casualties and who are being depicted rescuing YouGotGrain…
I remembered that my host’s oldest boy had his birthday today as I noted that the Red Castle Game Store at Foster and 72nd, was once again open after being mail order for almost two years. As I get to the front door, I see that they have their own professionally printed, with graphics, full size sign on the front door mandating full face masking for entry—a fresh sign, already taking up the government slack!
I ducked in with mask on and was very helpfully served by four employees:
-A small gay manager, a sweet man
-A large malformed tranny [male to female] with deep knowledge of the product selection
-A small tranny, transition direction not apparent
-A beautiful [I mean a 9 on the international usery scale] tall, willowy, big-eyed babe with a smile so radiant her mask creased
In a just world I would lasso her, trample her fellows, drag her back to the tents, drop her before the feet of My Khan, and be rewarded with a fat Yakut woman to cook for me in return for stocking my Warlord’s seraglio—but alas… We are playing at adventure with books.
They were awed that I started playing the dragon game in 1978!
Their gaming area was roped off until shamdemicism permitted a reopening of the Sanctuary of Pretend.
It then occurred to me, recalling the Weick Brothers’ [Stewart and Steven, circa 1990] standout dark role playing game, Vampire: The Masquerade that masking is second nature to role playing people, as they live to play roles and that the mask helps them level up in the presence of this beauty who I would slaughter nine Bantu warriors to possess for a single night’s use. I then also recalled that very few real fighters and men of action can tolerate role playing games and it makes sense that in a world where people with penises pretend to be women at an exponentially increasing rate, that the mask itself is a sacral vestment and has real psychological value for both sober individuals and hysterical mobs.
Have we gotten to a place in our devolution that even our wars and plagues are fairy tales?
I’m fairly confident that the next version of laboratory-made plague will do me in, as I wheeze and rattle through my fifth case of bronchitis in 5 months. However, wherever the framers of our fake public life and purveyors of man-made plague manage to kill me in my sick bed, I will be able to grin and wonder, “Is croaking for real in a world of make believe, really a death?”
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vacks de g     Jul 26, 2022

vaginal world queen will be a prestigious award bestowed to caitlyn jenner early next year
Bedford     Jul 29, 2022

It's that wet weather giving you bronchitis!
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