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Andrew Edwards Interviews the Crackpot
Warhorse Podcast #31: An Affair of Honor Part Two
© 2022 James LaFond
Below is Andy's work up for the podcast. I'd encourage you to go through his backlog, especially the James Bowery interview. Andy and I might be doing a written collaboration in the future. I can see my his graphic that i need to lose another 20 pounds.

Back for episode two of the James LaFond series. The Harm City Travel Guide, Urban Shaman and survival expert—not to mention noted historian, novelist, fighter, and coach returns. We open with another piece of speculative endophysics where we ask: can an out-of-tune CNS truly find concert/resonance with others? You can feel it around dogs. You can feel it when you vibe, jive, or otherwise sync with someone. So what are the real parameters besides "reasons?" And how does Castaneda harmonize with Rupert Sheldrake in theory or practice?
We cover the Ancient Greek etiquette of—xenia—in the context of The Odyssey and explore what all might have been lost, missed, or overlooked in terms of the deep mesh underlying western civilization, strangers, and the creation of a hero. The Odysseus Conversion is underway.
In our interview segment, James and I discuss his fiction, street experience, the Affair of Honor Appalachian Fightfest of 2022, and a great deal more. Once again, as your lawyer, I advise you to immediately, in earnest, visit for daily output and to shop his innumerable books.
Also in this episode/outro: the powerful daily practice (these are building blocks of ritual, the components for Building Into Time) of the Slav Squat and the deadhang. We pay tribute to the quiet passing of one of the world's greatest artists—Kelly Joe Phelps, and tie back to The Polytropos, The Wounded King, and—of course—spin to drop a meal-size addition into The Criminal of Purpose conversation by expanding into agility, dry-fire practice and how to make it much more interesting and applicable.
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