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Spring Writing Journals
April, May, June 2022
© 2022 James LaFond
April 2022 Writing Journal
-1. travel, arrive in Denver, had a nice lamb chop dinner in a surprisingly clean bachelor pad
-2. 886, 797, hiked up lookout mountain, outlined 10 articles to write while in Denver, make that 11, dinner and beer with Jon Grace, 1203, outline Jon’s article
-3. 1135, 1491, walked Colfax, 1183, boxed for 40 minutes of light sparring with Zeed
-4. 1039, 1764, eye seizure, coffee, 1119, went to the diner for breakfast and to the liquor store for beer and whiskey, 1179, 614, 1009, eye popping, Zeer is home, time to box, 875, meet a reader for dinner
-5. 301 amplified yesterday’s last rushed article, 577, arranged text for Sea to Citay See, at 40,772 words, framed Ranger?, 1010, eye seized, coffee lunch at diner, box with Zeer, drink some beer, whiskey and more beer—oh dear
-6. amplify Ranger?0, 201 words, frame the 23 chapters of Ranger? back up files, pack, go to the diner, travel to Chicago
-7. travel to Missouri, drunk in Chicago
-8. travel to Missouri, escape from Chicago
-9. In the shadow of the Ozarks, coffee, started Into the Gaslight, 537, did this without my screen glasses-eye blowing up, damned idiot…, walked with Chloe the terrier, coffee, 835, 1397, eye seizing, 52 emails, interviewed about Sorcerer!
-10: coffee, 10 emails, coffee, 1470, 1696, coffee, gathered wood, 787, seizure, bed
-11: coffee, 1400, toured the area for the topography of Ranger?, two video interviews
-12: coffee 1880, coffee, 1128, coffee, 1405, walked with Sheriff Chloe the dog, coffee, 1147 Ranger 0.5, interview,
-13: 1808, coffee, 1450, coffee, 1556, completed Into the Gaslight at 17,005 words,
-14: drove with Paul into Arkansas to study terrain and learn about horseshoeing,
-15: 1503, coffee, 1491, coffee, 1387, coffee,
-16: 174, crock potted beans, posted June, coffee, washed clothes, posted July, coffee, posted August, coffee, began posting September, recording session, aborted, 766 words, started In the Feedlot of Souls
-17: eye seizure, wind storm, rain, medicated, lots of coffee, toured The Boston Mountains, interviewed about Last Whiteman
-18: corrected R 0.1, 1413 [R 0.5], coffee, crockpotted cabbage ham & potatoes, 1387 [R 0.9], coffee, proofed and pasted R front matter, cleaned, 1519 [R Backmatter], arranged Ranger?, back matter, recorded interview or character composition
-19: select poetic lays for Ranger?, 1996 [R1], coffee, eat, walk, coffee, 1958 [R2], heavy lightning storms
-20: reduced oxygen, eye seizure, a storm cracking thunder outside the window, a lap dog wining for company beyond the door-back to sleep, coffee, firewood, writing 1753 [R3], editorial skype, coffee, proof and paste, coffee, 1987 [R4], interviews tonight
-21: eye seized, 1940 [R5], coffee, clean floor, 2126 [R5.1], cook, coffee, proof and paste, interviews tonight, warm front rolled in with more clouds
-22: eye seized to wake, medicated, nap, coffee, 1873 [R6], coffee, paste [Ranger? at 20,381 words], eye got worse, nap and listen to Roland, wind howling strong and constant, listened to Samson Agonistes thrice, walked the Sunken road to Shoal Creek Crossing, imagined Voodooist versus Militia battle
-23: eye seizure, travel to Oklahoma for horse auction 3:00 AM until 10:00 PM
-24: post-fertilizing pest abatement, asserts back story of The Knight Sepulture of the Knights Sepulcher, cleaned, corrected R6, rest eyes, 444 words in [R7], eye lit up, nap, interview 90 minutes on Cube
-25: coffee, 1571 [R 7.0], coffee, 2030 [R 7.5], eat, shopping, dominos, 1202 [R8.0], 1738 [R8.5], dinner and beers, proofed and pasted 8.5,
-26: 1725 [R9], coffee, lunch, 1315 [R10], 1584 [R10.5], Ranger? is at 30,000plus words
-27: 1375 [R appendix], coffee, paste, interviewed Pastor Linstett, 1820 [R 11], Interviewed by Paul on The Jericho Bone
-28: 1294 [R 11.5], coffee, 1591 [R 11.9], editorial call, 1744 [R 12], spoke with Incognegro about Hobo History project, 1601 [R 12.5], pasted, brought Ranger? to 41,025 words, last interview with Paul and Leanna, 662
-29: backing up files and packing
-30: travel to points east
Chapters: 60
Books: 2
Journalism: 2

May 2022 Writing Journal
-1. travel
-2. 14 emails, 587, 1260, 184, pasted into journal, Myth 20 interview at 7:30, eye seizure, need to nap,
-3. 5 emails, 2418 [R 13], 3 short history interviews
-4. 4 emails, 734, 806, interview on travel, travel to Maryland,
-5. 1561 [R 13.5] interview with Sam Finlay, meet Big Ron at the Shamrock, bought dinner at The Dollar General,
-6. travel to East Baltimore to visit Megan, outline resulting articles [ugh], 867,
-7. 2330 [R 14], 1026, 987, 775,
-8. bus back to Northeast Baltimore, 874, 12 emails, eye seize, nap, 980, coach-spar boxing, security assessment, eye got worse, listened to Roland, eye worse, meds, woke up with bad eye pain, more meds
-9. coffee, 1095, coffee, 1326, wash clothes, coffee, 1921, shower and shave, 1119, discussion about geopolitics, race, energy and demographics with The Brick Mouse, coffee, 5 emails, 980,
-10: seize, coffee, 2 emails, 1929, coffee, 1147, coffee, fixed a brick patio, 888, weeded, talked to editor,
-11: coffee, 1088, coffee, 1434, coffee, 557, completed In the Feedlot of Souls, at 24,100 words, begun on 4/16, email to editor and host, weed patio, reset 30 patio flagstones and canted them back, cleaned pint of wild pearl onions I uprooted in the yard, 10 emails, listen to Roland and transcript quotes for overtures for chapters 15 thru 21 of Ranger?, spoke with Richard about Pulp Fiction projects
-12: coffee, 891 [R 23], 322 [R22], lunch, 2133 [R15], coffee, visited with Doc Dread,
-13. amplified R15, 9 emails, visited with family
-14. eye seizure 375 [R back matter], visited with family, ranger stands at 45,678 words, twice as long as I wanted it
-15. 3071 [R16], sketched perspectives for R17 thru 2, eye seized, coffee, visit with family
-16. Back with the Brick Mouse in Baltimore, 1788 [R17], 2671 R 18],
-17. 2047 [R 19] coffee, 1401 [R 20], onion soup, 2737 [R 21] completed writing and arranging Ranger? At 62,935 words
-18. proofed, amplified Ranger 64,919 words,
-19. packing, backing up files, moving to East Baltimore,
-20. began Covidiocracy, 573, 562, dinner with a young fighter and his father,
-21. bussed to northern Baltimore County and got a ride to Harford County, planned some Hobo History videos with Incognegro, 732, eye seizure, slept
-22. 904, 1460, eye seized,
-23. 701, 1472, eye seized, 5 emails, 689,
-24. wakened by severe eye seizure medicated, awakened by escalation, more medicine, let the dog out and notice the storm clouds, travel to Jersey
-25. 11 emails, pick up Cox & Swain outline and amplify, 914 [C&S 0], outline all 16 chapters, begin draft, eye seize nap
-26. 1986 [C&S 0.1], 2369 [C&S 1.1], 2145 [C&S 1],
-27. 3500 [C&S 2], eye, nap, storm
-28. 1175 [C&S 1], 1393 [C&S 2],
-29. 1538 [C&S 3], 3 emails, sent patreon posts to editor, light old computer I used for email died, 1098, 8 hours of sin with the Loca Latinas, drank too much…
-30. 1230, 922,
-31. forgot there was a 31st day of the prematurely buried month, 1774 [C&S 4], bad eye seizure, coffee,
Chapters/Articles = 55
Books = 2
Nonfiction = 1
Fiction = 1

June Writing Journal
-1. read and reviewed book on 2nd Seminole War, 1530, 1457 [C&S 5], 1127, completed Covidocracy at 10,903 words,
-2. began Finding Juju Quartermaine, 897, 868, 132 amplified C&S 5], 1804 [C&S 6],
-3. woke with eye seizure, back to sleep, packed, 926, 1026
-4. trained with Banjo, had cops called on us, had lunch and conversation on dissident logistics,1277, 472,
-5. slept 12 hours, 893, 1421[C&S 7.0], formatted 4 sub-chapters for the Middle Passage
-6. 1590 [C&S 7.2], 1296 [C&S 7.3], eye seized, napped, talked with editor, pulled quotes to head chapters for C&S from Alsop’s Character of Mary-Land, 1310 [C&S 7.4], amplified to 1361…
-7. 1549 [C&S 7.5], Pack, buy train tickets at station, travel to Pennsylvania
-8: but tickets at train station, 907, pack for Tennessee
-9: travel from PA to Tennessee
-10: man weekend, live stock wrangling
-11: man weekend, training fighting
-12: man weekend travel from Tennessee to PA [lost 5 lbs]
-13: outline man weekend articles, 638, recorded 6 videos with Mister Grey, drank too much rum…found myself at 2 am digging meatballs out of out-of-date canned spaghetti...
-14: almost a hangover, lunch with Man of Mystery, four training videos with Mister Grey, eye seizure medicated
-15: Back to work, eye seizure, 566, cleaned kitchen, sorted pantry, began cooking in crockpot lentils and chicken, 1350, 923, soaked beans, scraped meat out of canned raviloli for soup, 1164, 1014, removed the lentils and chicken and refrigerated them, 907, clean crockpot and pot on chili
-16: 12:20 A.M., making chili, drinking beer and remembering meatheaded friends, 1351, finish beer and head to bed at 3:00, wake at 6 and stir chili, sleep through the endemic thunderstorms, wake at 10:30 to write, 1,136, inventory gear, charge computer, 1404,
-17: 634, outlined last 4 articles of Juju Quartermaine, 1195,
-18: 1228, wash clothes, 661, pack, move writing spot locally, moved locations, Lancaster, eye seizure medicated
-19: 1012, outline an article, move locations Ephretta, eye seizure medicated, hallucinations while awake
-20: 1008, eye seizure, medicated, move locations, Shrewsbury, MD, visited with fighter
-21: moved locations, Baltimore, Brick Mouse House, eye seizure, 771, 97, outlined Dystopia Now, 1654, bad eye seizure, medicated, nap coffee, coffee, espresso, talked with The Brick Mouse, 1017 words,
-22: 46 emails, left 14 to use for articles, lunch with The Operator, eye seizure medicated, dinner with Chris and Jason, rained at midnight as Jason drove me home
-23: 1345, eye seizure, 1208, 1086, completed Finding Juju Quartermaine at 37,517 words, boxed and the dined with The Brick Mouse, 11 emails
-24: 14 emails, 1379, Cards with the Brick Mouse, over to East Point to visit Emma and MumMum, snack shopping, hopscotch, coloring
-25: spelling with Emma, 777, went shopping with the ladies, 1127,
-26: back to Hamilton for boxing, packed, out to Harford County to Mom’s, Flip the Hero Phone is Retired, Flop the Zero phone, a pseudo smart phone which I strive not to snap in half every time I touch it builds a rage in me that prevents writing, paradigm life shift as I will now isolate more, should be good for writing
-27: 1128, 862, 1350, eye seize, overcast rain, lunch with mom, banking, 1176, 1424, 862,
-28: eye seize, 1158, 1317, coffee, 1185, coffee, 1190, coffee, 1052, 1175, weeded mom' s garden, dinner with Doc Dread, Cards with mom
-29: dropped off in Baltimore, finished reading The Law of Seriality, 826, bag drills with The Brick Mouse, dinner at the esoteric cafe with Jason and John until 2:00 a.m.
-30. 1659, 8 emails, 730, eye 609
Articles/Chapters = 60
Books = 2
Fiction = 0
Nonfiction = 2
Missouri Diggs
writing spots
Three Dogs and a Rabbit
song of the secret gardener
son of a lesser god
masculine axis
under the god of things
on the overton railroad
thriving in bad places
z-pill forever
barbarism versus civilization
honor among men
on combat
by the wine dark sea
your trojan whorse
advent america
let the world fend for itself
songs of aryas
the greatest lie ever sold
the lesser angels of our nature
dark, distant futures
the first boxers
broken dance
america the brutal
menthol rampage
the sunset saga complete
taboo you
when you're food
blue eyed daughter of zeus
the combat space
solo boxing
winter of a fighting life
night city
time & cosmos
the fighting edge
the year the world took the z-pill
fiction anthology one
logic of force
logic of steel
book of nightmares
the greatest boxer
the gods of boxing
orphan nation
into leviathan’s maw
within leviathan’s craw
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