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Blue & Yellow
A Sample of Feedlot Propaganda: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Spotted on a high volume corner in San Francisco.  Had no attribution or source I could locate.  
Gave me a pretty surreal feeling when I saw it, like playing one of those futuristic planet-colonizing shooters from my youth.  Those games had plenty of these types of cheesy propaganda posters. While captured by the display, I then wondered if the person who designed it, played the same games I played as a kid.  Small world, probably.
I don't think I've ever seen print-based propaganda in my life that was so obvious. 
Have things changed or have I?
Furthermore, what is my lesson?
-Vaxx Zombie DeGaulle

Things have changed.
You have changed.
Both have evolved and things have devolved.
The propaganda is a sequence of what looks like two rows of six posted affixed to a painted brick wall sign mount. Each of the 12 posters reads, in white lettering on black field:
Underneath is a blue and yellow Ukrainian flag crossed with U.S. Flag. The U.S. Flags on the top row have been violated by six signs, the last being a signature of the person tagging the U.S. Flag with an X among other things.
Next reads:
-President Zelensky

What I find interesting are the following points:
The sophisticated American advertising culture, which decisively defeated the crude ham-fisted Soviet might makes blight matrix, is now using Soviet style propaganda on its mind cattle against the Russians. This works because in the American mind the Soviets always were the Russians.
Americans have been told to care about Ukraine and hate Russia and 95? of them do, from arch conservative to radical progressive. This approach to command opinion was developed as the last stage of advertising influence culture and the first step in gaslit hysteria culture in 2020, with the Brovid Jiveteen Shamdemic. Back then the U.S. Gaslitariate proved to have a 95% herd immunity to reality. That herd immunity is now being used in a cartoonish opinion implantation procedure.
Every where I have been, from redneck ranches, to gun-nut homesteads, to VFW loyalists to auntqueefa and BLM strong holds of pink-haired sensibility, every cock and cunt—especially those who hate each other across the bipolar American cultural divide—are flying blue and yellow save the Ukraine flags. Two houses from where I know write, in the middle of Baltimore, where men and women buying and owning homes cannot safely walk two blocks away from here without being attacked by Gawdly Kangs in pack strength, flies an American stars and stripes flag with the Ukrainian flag occupying the front half except for the top 2 stripes.
The homeowner is permitted to, via the mercy of media church, to engage in the comforting delusion, that the Russians 12,000 miles away are his enemy and that the thugs I saw yesterday lurking five houses from him round the corner on the main street, are his neighbors rather than what they are, his hunters.
The legacy for this is really American Football, where most Americans have been trained to vehemently back teams of mercenary criminal millionaires to the point of watching a university gang rapist make a touchdown and then do a primate intercourse dance, and then tearfully worshiping that man who would otherwise mug or rape them if given the chance, as if he were an Olympian God out of antiquity.
In more subtly mundane observations:
I was at a bar in Portland where U.S. Veterans drank and demanded if the vodka on the rail was Russian. When the owner had to declare that it was, she was made to promise never to buy Russian vodka again and assured the New Ukrainians that she bought that bottle before the war.
Also, observing the stacked posters, they are made to look like book bindings on text books, with the same letter variation, density, and even an author's name imprinted on the spine. At first glance I actually thought that it was one poster made to look like shelved book bindings.
In conclusion:
-We have been taught to care fanatically, about distant threats, on command.
-The means of conditioning have been commercial advertising, news broadcasts and the NFL.
The most important contribution is the NFL, with its timed industrial segments of highly truncated, brief flurries of action, followed by official rulings by visible third party judges directing the spectators instead of the players as to what they saw, as well as mostly invisible color commentators interpreting and re-interpreting what the viewer has seen and is now taught to re-imagine. Thus, with Brovid Jiveteen, those who believed in the Shamdemic over the first month, flipped to who believed in it over the following two years.
Nothing has shaped our vulnerability to having our opinions and observations edited and reshaped in our mind by outside forces, then sports commentating. While the NFL is the most prominent, all sports do this, including boxing. For instance, in every Tyson Fury fight, commentary runs not only 100% against the Аrуаn champion in favor the the African media fighters, but also 100% counter to observed reality. This is the same in every fight pitting an Аrуаn verses an African I have recently seen.
As we are more isolated, prizefighting will become more important for our brainwashing, such as MMA and boxing promoting female fighters over males. Increasingly, Show Wrestling style scripting and hyperbole will infect these combat sports in order to further disable the spectator's interpretation of reality.
Note that the NFL has switched from pickup trucks as their most common advertisement to military and medical and racial opinion shaping. The most important thing about American Football, is that the referees act like lawyers and judges at the bench when they confer. The most prominent source of TV drama over my life time has been crime drams, which usually spend as much time in judgment scenes as action scenes, similar to football, which matches this time-delay judgment more closely than other ball sports, though baseball is being brought into more time-delay judgment from umpires.
The officiating in sports, including MMA fighters being trained to continue beating or choking an unconscious fighter unless pulled off by a referee, is a deep emotional media implantation that reinforces the American axiom that violent actors have no self-control and most be arrested, even if acting in obvious self-defense, most prominently expressed in the dictum of cuckdom, “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.”
See the novels Cube and Beyond Rainbow Bridge for more ideas about where this dualistic system of overt and subversive thought shaping is headed.
Thank you Oh, Vaxxlord
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Anonymous     Sep 19, 2022

"I was at a bar in Portland where U.S. Veterans drank and demanded if the vodka on the rail was Russian. When the owner had to declare that it was, she was made to promise never to buy Russian vodka again and assured the New Ukrainians that she bought that bottle before the war."

Bought as much St Pete Russian Standard as I could once the inflation boycott started in March. Ran out in may, in june found a locally owned chinese store that still stocked it.

Now they have my business. Large asian nation bad, but russian vodka good!
guest     Sep 20, 2022

We are fighting over a de-facto Russian area not becoming legally Russian.

Funniest conflict ever.
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