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Math Is Hard
A Look at Transhumanism Through Homos and Bimbos: 5/22/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
This blog post summarizes and links to Cochran's various posts on the German theory. I thought you might enjoy some of these. 
-Brick Mouse
I found this post interesting and my eye blew up trying to read the tiny colored print on the site. The magnifying glass thing with the mouse is a total distraction to me, like trying to read while eating. Sorry.
In any case, this concerns the work of Cochran, who has made some great points on such things as PTSD in the past. He is, I think, an actual learned educated academic, which is to say that he cannot be trusted because:
-He believes in Science, which is manifestly fake
-And, as an academic is part of the transhumanist construct, whether he knows it or not.
However, I trust his work for what it is. The use of a flawed fakery tool to get at the truth.
The subject is why all of the current rampant male homosexuality and butt fucking when there are plenty of yearning vaginas out there?
Cochran seems to crush the social sciences, which is easy, and then uses his scientific precepts to get at the truth while abiding by scientific convention, which is a near impossibility.
There are two examples in this brief piece:
First, an offhand claim that the HPV vaϲϲine is stopping cancer and is a huge success, when most clinical trials are falsified and my daughter-in-law personally knows three women, in the flesh, whose children have been crippled by the vaϲϲine—crippled. At this point, how can anyone trust any vaϲϲine that is advertised on TV constantly?
The other aspect is the fact that a slavish devotion to the precepts of evolution is present, with the judgment that homosex makes no evolutionary sense. Well, if we lived in a world where it was possible to have unlimited, exponential population growth of humans, homosex would make no sense in strict evolutionary biology terms. But if earth was as big as Jupiter, well, we’d weigh too much to fuck.
If evolution is real, something which Darwin was not convinced of, why not have a break on overpopulation by diverting the sexual impulse among the weakest and most disgusting male members of the species to engage in sterile degeneracy?
Also, these homos still want to procreate when they are at the upper economic strata and adopt and even construct babies using borrowed wombs. This is evolutionary, in that methheads getting banged in an alley will not have non-fecal births but that the richy rich faɡɡots will have inheritors.
Essentially, Cochran has a germ theory, that some unidentified bug is being transmitted from dick to ass and multiplying queers like crazy. This makes more sense than the idea that the cause is all psychological and it also supplies the same root cause for homosex, that most homos were fucked by older males when they were defenseless.
Now, I reject evolution and accept the Iliad. Since we are not getting off of earth, either because it cannot be done or because God Almighty has decided we have gone rancid and need a reduction in our worst elements before being permitted to infest another one of His planets, how about a Homeric scenario.
God awakens and sees Bruce Jenner, engaged in the perfect performance as a total branded slave to consumer economics [I remember the Wheaties boxes for decades] juiced up on illegal drugs, posing as a paragon of virtue, when he is naught but an eel. And, instead of whispering, “Bad dream, bad dream, go deliver Agamemnon my dire message,” God whispers, “Good dream, good dream, go deliver Economicman my sterile message:
And Bruce wakes up one day, saying to himself, “I need to start sucking dick! Even better, maybe I can have a vagina installed!”
And over the next few years the good dream spreads, and economicmen far and wide spread their...for decency’s sake, fill in the rest.
Look, a weakling gets raped by a bigger older weakling, just as English boarding schools and American Plantations and prisons have always been designed. He becomes a homo, who want to relive this or do it to others. Does it matter if it is a germ of biology or of idea?
Another aspect of this question came to me, when the Brick Mouse had never heard of how America was based on homosexual rape. This is a problem with people who have only read 20th century History, that they do not realize that things that supposedly did not happen in the past, like the enslavement of millions of European men on these muddy shores, with the few women belonging to the elite, resulted in the very same three art social action structure that Winston Churchill would credit as the reason for the remarkable cohesion of the British Navy, that that storied institution that literally straddled the world, owed its discipline to “rum, buggery and the lash.”
Buggery is ass fucking and is an English term that predates America and most explains the foundational mechanics of this county. We fools in this fish bowl have been nurtured on such falsehoods as the Founding Fathers were not homos, when they presided over a bachelor nation for some sixty years, with hardly a white vagina in North America that was not owned by a rich man. We are taught to focus on New England—which was 1 3rd slave, to the exclusion of the hell holes of Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and the Carolinas, which were prison plantations.
You know, two years ago, African American varsity players in a Washington D.C. area high school football locker room raped two to four [I forget the number] Caucasian freshman players; essentially men raping boys. What else can we expect when we are taught to submit to domination and confinement by police and medical staff from toddlerhood?
The Yeggs of a hundred years ago practiced much man-boy-rape and gang rape among lower class American men. See the biographies of Jack Dempsey, Jack Black, Jack London, Carl Panzram and look into the subtext of Bill Carlisle’s story. Some of these men avoided that and some did not. Dempsey was reputedly such a savage in the ring because he had ridden the rails as a youth, and to surrender to men as an early 20th century hobo was to be buggered in the old English fashion. Panzram used the term “broke to ride,” to designate a male-on-male rape target.
The early 20th century saw the elites using prison systems and chain gangs and plantations to shackle homeless men into unpaid labor. In the late 2oth century, with a switch from production to consumption economics, massive prison systems were built to house people mostly convicted of using drugs to escape the misery of a consumption based life.
And what happens to them?
They are made into prison consumers, by which the rich bill us free consumers for their various needs, each of which exceeds the expense of a nuclear family of the same social strata. Just as in hobo society without women, and plantation society before that, largely without women, the all-male postmodern prison system might be a seedbed for cultivating homosexuality as an Oversystem Ethos, a way by which men multiply not by their loins, but by their ideals. [1]
This would serve the same master as all academics, transhumanism, the development of pure godlike consciousness and superior purity of mind that is the goal of atheists, to become gods, either through medical longevity, collective identity or enhanced patrimony design. [3] It is no accident that Academics is a foundational atheistic institution of late antiquity. [4]
Without the ability to read more than a summary of Cochran’s thesis, I suspect that it is a more likely to hit nearer true than the social sciences, and that no academic or science-based explanation is likely to ever break free of the many lies that bind it’s designers forever in the darkness, of a world which is barely a hundred years old and has been mesmerized by a past that did not exist for its entire collective life.
-1. I mark the current world as having been born in 1919, after a roughly 20 year pregnancy. The astounding lack of knowledge as to what happened on this planet before 1913, even among dissident thinkers, suggests to this novelist, an installed backstory that rests largely on the lack of perspective and absence of comprehensive disbelief written into the cast of characters. If you only read 20th century history, than you have never read any history—none.
-2. Orphan Nation: A Plantation America Report
-3. Novels: Organa, Cube, Beyond Rainbow Bridge
-4. Edward Gibons, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter 2
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